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You Ask- We Answer – April Podcasts and Videos

tt_and_victoria_video_image_facebookHey mate,

Victoria and I love reading your emails and answering your questions. This month, we are trying something new, answering them live on the air on Facebook live video.

And what’s cool is, you can watch the replays below, anytime – anywhere.

Let’s dive in and have good fun manifesting!

Big blessings and love to you!

TT and V and Emmett and Bruce!

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April 30, 2016

In today’s Feel It Real Fun video, we dive deep into WHAT you should imagine….   And WHERE not to get stuck.

PS: Sorry this video ends so suddenly. We lost internet connection due to storms.

April 28, 2016

Here’s our OFFICIAL REPLY to an email saying “I quit”.

Hint: If you THINK you can quit Feeling It Real, you’ve got another thing coming.

Dive in Dive DEEPER!


April 27, 2016

Thank you very much for your site! I’ve truly have seen the light. Thank you again. I have a question. Almost a year ago I was struck with nerve damage by Gillian Barr disease.

It made extremely weak, and even though I’m better today, I’m not even close to my regular health.

I’m a track and field sprinter in the 100/ 200 meters events, and I’m about 60 away from tryouts for the USA team. If Neville says to image the end results of what I desire, would I simply imagIne winner a gold metal at Rio or first starting off with training again at optimal health?


When you have a big goal that includes several stages (like creating an international business or having your own family when you’re currently single), what’s the best thing to do? To focus on the last end result we want or to focus on one step at a time? Or maybe combine both? Luz

April 26, 2016

Feel It Real Fun Episode #19 was such fun!

How to manifest when you can’t visualise, how to manifest faster and how to know it is done and dusted! Enjoy the replay and SHARE! Blessings and big love to you!

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April 25, 2016

Hi Mr. 2020,

I bought the feel it real Power Pack a few weeks ago.

What I´m heavily struggling with is, to accept that my Illness, I have manifested chronic Lyme disease after a tick bite in my childhood.

Have I really manifested this myself trough my thoughts as a child?

I find it now really difficult to follow Neville in feeling it real how a healthy and wealthy life would feel like because I never had it.

Maybe if you have the time you could give me a hint how to feel something I never felt before?

Many thanks for your great video series Feel it Real over the last weeks. I enjoy them very much and sorry for my bad english.
Kind Regards,

Go to:  The Single Act – How To Feel It Real

Go to: How To Imagine a Congratulatory Conversation VIDEO

April 24, 2016

Today’s Feel It Real Fun video – was mostly the softer side of Mr Twenty Twenty, along with a short goodie rant, and a very candid peek inside the world of…

Enjoy this tiny little article – inspired by the Video –
I Miss Victoria – Upsets – Urges and unDuality with Mr Twenty Twenty

April 23, 2016

Quick question..I had a rough day today. How do you 2 get out of a funk fast? Just wondering….thanks 


April 23, 2016

I’m OK at revising my day, but if past hurts crop up, I’m almost reluctant to revise.

I think it’s because I’m scared of confronting the hurt I attached to the events, even though I know I will make things better if I just apply it.

Any guidance on how to approach it from a more pro-active stance would be great.


RESOURCE:  How To Make Manifesting Easier

April 22, 2016

I am a person who wants to lose weight and I take meds for bp, cholesterol, and diabetes. Do I focus on the feeling of being lean and healthy? Do I imagine people congratulating me or complimenting me? Is there a lecture that pertains to this issue?


April 22, 2016

Hi Mr 2020 and Victoria,

Basically I have been trying to manifest my perfect body while still being able to eat whatever i want (or the food i enjoy) for a long time now.

Its been such a massive desire of mine to be able to eat whatever i want, whenever i want and still have my dream body, i also go on holiday in a month and 2 weeks and was wondering is it possible to achieve this desire by then?

Neville says we can have any desire we want, so does this include even something such as having your perfect body while eating whatever you want?


Go to: How To Bury The Old You

Go to:  Neville Goddard’s Secrets of Speed

UPDATE FROM CHELSEA – APRIL 23 – After watching the video above.

Hi Mr Twenty Twenty & Victoria!
I just watched the video there it was great thank you for doing that! I realised that as you said I was focusing so much on the body I wanted and the food that I forgot about why I wanted the body I desire in the first place.

The reason I want a body that I desire is truthfully to look and feel beautiful and attractive and confident.

I’ve always been a person who never had much confidence about how I look body wise, in the past I was made fun of for being overweight by boys in school and even one time by a group of boys I didn’t know on Facebook, they did it for everyone to see online which was terrible.

I guess I want to be seen by boys I fancy as attractive and beautiful and be confident around them and not feel insecure around them. I’m not shy but just insecure.

I was thinking of maybe revising these events to make them as I would like them to be. I think I might do that too.

I think il just focus on feeling beautiful attractive and confident in myself and I have a feeling that if I do that then everything else I want with my body will come too eventually.

And I also realised I was trying to force my body to want to eat fatty foods all the time just to prove a point that I could manifest eating whatever I want and loose weight.

I’m glad your video has helped me realise this and from now on il give my body what it wants even if it is healthy food !   Again thank you very much for helping me. Many thanks hope you’s have a good weekend!

April 21, 2016

Dear TT and Victoria,

From time to time I experience insomnia.  Once in a while I’ll get a restful night of sleep however, that hasn’t happened for a while.

Today, I put myself in an alpha state and began seeing myself waking up from a good night’s rest, stretching and exclaiming what a beautiful day it is! 

I watched myself walking into my bedroom, looking at my watch to check the time and removing my watch. 

I even saw myself waking up in the middle of the night, heading for the bathroom, returning to my bedroom, climbing into bed and then waking up hours later having had a restful sleep.


Resource: Feel Yourself Actually Climbing it!

April 20, 2016

Hello Mr Twenty Twenty,

I am wondering what the best way to honor my imagination with regards to my son being freed from prison.  What immediate steps do you suggest, for a more effective manifestation?


April 20, 2016

Hey TT and V,

My only problem is how patient I have to be ? I’m so worry that they won’t work for me! I’ve written letters to the Universe and affirmations nothing worked! My questions to use is how fast will it really work for me ?

J. D.

April 18, 2016

The Special Manifesting Marriage Episode

Go to:  Manifesting Love Success Story

April 17, 2016

Today we explored REVISION TO THE MAX

Did you catch the three time frames we mentioned revising?

Primacy – Recency – Significant Feeling

And “the missing link” in Dave’s original message.

“I find it okay to hear for other people and to see them well, but I’m afraid to do it for myself.”

And the power of Precise Vagueness.

April 15, 2016

Today’s video: How to eliminate more sneaky ways you delay your blessings, and how to manifest….

April 14, 2016

“Can you do a video on Letting Go and Trusting and not trying so hard?”

Kathy on Facebook

Hello TT and V!  I am a basketball player who wants to play in the NBA.
When you had a white belt, did you imagine a black belt or a blue belt?
Should I imagine double higher league or NBA?
BTW I don’t know how it feels to play in the NBA.


Go To:  Neville Goddard’s Toolbox

April 13, 2016

How would one go about Nevillising giving up smoking cigarettes not being addicted and simply being more energetic toward life?

Kind regards,

I have many things (about 5 or 6) that I want to manifest. Do you recommend that I just focus on one at a time or should I do sessions that include all of them. Thank you for your time.



Go to:  How To Feel It Real For Many Things At Once

April 12, 2016

“If its a certain lifestyle we want to live (and i know it isn’t the money we want but the feeling of freedom it gives us) is ok to believe for a certain yearly salary?”

Orenthal on Facebook

“If your income had just been increased to say $30,000 a year from your present income of less than $10,000, how would you feel? How would your present circle of friends see you? Would they know it? Would they discuss it? Would they speak of the change in your life?” – Neville Goddard

Go To: Neville Goddard Manifesting Money Quotes

April 11, 2016

Today’s show was all about 3 way cool lessons from Manifesting Mastery, by request.  Enjoy!

Join Us In Manifesting Mastery – Click Here

April 10, 2016

Hi TT and V

I’d like to create wealth so that Its easy to afford a nice comfy lifestyle while in school full time. Meaning, I would prefer to not work or manage a business. How would I imagine for that if I’m not focusing on getting my bills paid?


April 10, 2016

Why is it you can manifest from your fears and you are not in a state akin to sleep – but if you want something it needs to be in a state akin to sleep?


April 9, 2016

Hi TT,

I bought the Healing program and other programmes from you. I had high blood sugar so I listened to the healing programme and did the session assuming that the doctor is telling me that my reading was normal.

It was when I did the first blood test but after it was not normal anymore. I walked more and follow a diet as I was on holiday before I had the first test,  but after I was not able to do the exercises that much and the second reading was high.

I am not too sure if it was because I was not assuming anymore the reading to be normal and I would like to know where did I go wrong ?

What did you do for your blood pressure to keep it normal if you don’t mind me asking?

Kind regards,



Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty,

No matter how hard I try to remain faithful to my desire which I want to manifest, I tend to get fearful about what if it will not happen.

Please suggest me how can I specifically remain faithful. This is my only problem. I want to remain faithful. But I just cannot at times.


April 8, 2016

Hello TT, V and Doggies!

I only DESIRE two things; creating a family and creating wealth (Have gorgeous partner and have great health).

So why is it my friends can just say, we are trying for a baby – invariably within 3 months it happens and for me it is years and hasn’t?

And my lovely partner says you believe in manifesting but can’t seem to ever create anything you want?

Where am I going wrong?



RESOURCE: How To Feel It Real For Money #5

You can play any part if you…

April 7, 2017

You can play any part if you…

Go To: How To Feel It Real Quote #6

The First EVER – Feel It Real Fun Video!

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