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“If imagining creates reality, and you practice repentance by radically changing your mind, you can take anything that displeases you and change it.”

“Then persuade yourself that the change is real. Expect it to mold itself in harmony with what you are thinking, and the man, woman, or room, will bear witness to your repentance.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_quote_acceptance_feelingHey mate,

Victoria and I do HEAPS of 90 day experiments. Experiments with eating (and not eating) specific kinds of food. Experiments with specific kinds of activity and exercise. Experiments in the garden with different kinds of soil mixes, composting methods, watering schemes. Experiments with manifesting, meditation, and other kinds of experiments to help us discover what we are truly capable of.

This site – became what it is now, as a 90 day experiment several years ago. And Manifesting Mastery – that was based on our personal experimentation for 90 days – on Mastering Manifesting.

Now think about this….

Either way – the next 90 days of your life are going to slip by, like it or not. You will be 90 days older. You will have eaten 90 days worth of food, thought 90 days worth of thoughts, felt 90 days worth of feelings and told 90 days worth of stories to yourself and those around you.

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_repentanceAnd 90 days from now – you will either have something big time different happening in your life – because you’ve been doing something different – or you will have the same old same old – because you’ve been doing the same old same old.

So for the next 90 days – do something different.

Personal Update from Mr Twenty Twenty:

I am on day 45 of ONE of my current personal 90 Day Experiments. This one has me getting up between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM everyday – and doing a very challenging chinese exercise.

Why would I do this? (That’s early mate.)

I’ve been imagining my Kung Fu experience having gone up a few levels – and because I have imagined that it HAS already, I find my BODY (part of the universe) behaving differently. I’m reading some relatively hard to find stuff that fits in nicely with where I am exploring. I’m doing those very challenging drills at the best time of the day to do them (according to one of my old instructors), and I am noticing – lots of really good changes all around me. (I’m also wondering when my next teacher gets to show up, that should be good fun.)

Note: None of the physical changes that I am noticing in my Kung Fu (and in my life in general) is being caused by the physical practice. It’s all caused by the imaginal act. If I didn’t have the imaginal work done – the physical wouldn’t matter. In fact, it would be TOUGH to get out of bed in the morning and DO IT, if I didn’t already imagine the results.

Fully Feeling-It-Real means fully feeling the results of it all, right now. Since I already feel my kung fu / tai ji having gone up a few levels I am literally PULLED out of bed every morning – looking forward to the day ahead.



The physical can’t change without the imaginal.

The physical drills and the reading (both done by the body – part of the universe) are led by the imagination. They are part of the most natural way for what I want to happen.

The exercises and the reading in this current 90 day experiment – are part of the bridges of incident for it to happen.   The IMAGINING of the kung fu / tai ji going to a new level was going on 6 months ago.  This experiment – is inspired by that.


So at day 45 of this 90 day 4:00 in the morning Chinese Exercise experiment, I’ve got to say – this one is a winner.

Here are the five most powerful 90 Day Experiments we have done in our lives.

Manifesting Mastery:   That program WAS developed from a 90 Day Experiment of ours.   And it worked so amazingly well for us, it became the course that it is today.  Read the testimonials – it works.

State Akin To Sleep: Having 3 sessions of JUST the state akin to sleep scheduled in every day for 30 days – no exceptions.  (At the end of 90 days – you’ll have 270 State Akin To Sleep Sessions done.   Or you’ll have 90 days of excuses as to why that’s too much.   One will serve you, the other will enslave you.)

Attitude Money: This one is from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack. Every time I do this one hard core for 90 days, everything financially in my life amps up – big time. We share how to do that here: Attitude Money Video

Standing Chi Kung Practice: My current experiment – which is only on day 45. This one is totally optimizing my body, amping up my tai ji and kung fu, and freeing up TONS of energy for me.

Shifting to Low Carb – Good Fat Diet:  We’ve tried a few different approaches to this, a few different 90 day diet experiments – and we find that we feel, think and have much more energy and clarity – when we stay away from the carbs that 90% of people eat regularly – and eat a limited amount of legumes, lots of yummy veg and meat – all with good fats.

(We imagined being healthier and having more energy. THEN, we came across several variations on this way of eating – so we did them as 90 day experiments.)

If you really want change in your life, my question for you is, what will you do differently for the Next 90 Days?

Really nail this.  Don’t be vague.   And if you are like us – do a few experiments at once.

There isn’t “a law” that states you can only do one change at a time, you have to wait.   And if the experiment is physical in nature (like the diet or exercise drills), make sure it’s supported by and driven by your imaginal acts.

Power Point:  This is a great way to bury the old you.   Most every uber successful person I know – does something like this.    90 day experiments take you on an adventure.  

They help you repent – to turn your back on the old you – your old habits – and explore the new you that you have chosen to be.   They help you notice “resistance” – because if you choose to live the next 90 days – as an experiment – in being who you choose to be in the world – you will be tempted to turn back – like Lot’s wife and “remember the old”.

Dive in, you are so worth it.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. lisa says:

    I am (re) inspired. Today. Pat and I made a decision about something that we “officially” begin together tomorrow. And in the interim, I have been on a dedicated gratitude meditation, to keep my self, my thoughts in deeper and deeper gratitude for….everything.
    It is powerful. Let’s see what January brings me as, brings to me, has in store for me…on my 59th birthday.
    Thank you Twenty and Victoria.