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Free Neville Goddard – The Single Act

“My mind just wonders all over the place when I am doing my sessions. This can’t be good. Can you help people like me Mr Twenty Twenty?” – Karen J.

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_double_minded_2Hey mate,

If you have ever found your imagination wondering onto things that have NOTHING to do with your session, today’s lesson is a great one for you.

Today’s Free Neville Goddard Quote and lesson will help you learn how to focus your mind, direct your imagination and get results with what Neville calls, “The Single Act”.

Let’s dive in with the words of Neville.

“For instance, if I single out as an event, shaking a man’s hand, then that is the only thing I do. I do not shake it, then light a cigarette and do a thousand other things.”

“I simply imagine that I am actually shaking hands and keep the act going over and over and over again until the imaginary act has all the feeling of reality. The event must always imply fulfillment of the wish. Always construct an event which you believe you would naturally encounter following the fulfillment of your desire.” – Neville Goddard

Free Nevile Goddard - Gardening HandsWhen you discipline the mind,learn how to focus the imagination and fully SURRENDER – to the state of your wish fulfilled – it is easy to see how the untrained imagination bounces from possibility to possibility – often stuff  you DO NOT want to happen.

In the physical world, this often shows up being scattered, having clutter, and never getting anything done.

Use what Neville shares today.  Before you do your Feel It Real sessions, decide EXACTLY what that SINGLE ACT will be.

And if you find the vine of your mind growing wild – prune it.  Return to “the handshake” and only the handshake.  This the beginning in how to Feel It Real fast!

learn_how_to_feel_it_realBONUS POINTS:  Focus on that SINGLE ACT that matters – make it one that implies the wish fulfilled – and buckle up – this is where it gets good.

For more on this, and a special recording – read this article too:   Segment Intending – Click Here

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

PS:  I used this when I was in sales, imagining the boss slapping me on the back, congratulating me when I returned to the office, breaking another sales record.  I had a friend use this when he raced cars in the US, he shook hands with the judges. AFTER winning the race, in his imagination – BEFORE even ENTERING the rase.


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  1. There are times where I spontaneously imagine all kinds of scenes – that imply the wish fulfilled. But always, I keep returning to the Single Act – the one that anchors them all together. Feel it. Be it.

  2. Angel Light says:

    This one is very good TT!

    I am now getting this SINGLE ACT thingy even better… Your article made it ever so much more clear to me now…

    I had the handshake, etc. but I was also adding a bit more around the handshake, such as: the door bell rings and the person -who will congratulate me to the celebration invite – walks in and we have an exciting welcome/how are you, etc. and then we pop a bottle of champagne and he/she raises a toast to my success/acquiring the objective, we do cheers and then there’s hugging and high-fives, etc. in the end and the beginning also… All extremely positive, high-energy, congratulatory, festive, celebrate, etc. BUT… I felt that this might be too busy now reading this article… Even though my extra details are totally celebration-focused … I now question if it’s over-done and I should further boil it down to a SINGLE ACT… handshake or RAISING A TOAST & the person saying CHEERS & CONGRATULATIONS as we toast.. …

  3. Angel Light says:

    oooohhhh…. got it now!!!

    I just read your above bottom note:

    There are times where I spontaneously imagine all kinds of scenes – that imply the wish fulfilled. But always, I keep returning to the Single Act – the one that anchors them all together. Feel it. Be it.

    So, I can do my extra details as I outlined above but always go back to and focus on the SINGLE ACT as the anchor…