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Manifesting Love Success Story

“But I’ll tell you one thing, do not concern yourself with the means. Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one. But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up…. You want to be happily married.  All right, go to the end. You are happily married.” – Neville Goddard

Free Neville GoddardHi Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

Ok, I bought your love program at midnight last night and its crazy how fast it worked!

I spent a lot of time seeing him happy last night and today he reaches out to me.

He reached out to me after I had ignored his previous apology from two days ago since I didn’t know what to say to that. Well I didn’t need to focus on how things would work out after all!

I did some heavy duty Revisioning of the events of the last week, did my feel it real using three times using the anchors you suggest in your feel it real course and wow!

Thank you so much for creating a love course that doesn’t involve manipulation of any kind- that never felt right to me. You were right, this technique works crazy well.

manifesting_love_neville_goddardYou are about to get a new Manifesting Mastery student!


UPDATE:  The day after I wrote this (so two days after imagining him happy) when I got home it was like a completely different experience.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of me.  He drove me to the airport, parked and walked me in (who does that anymore??) and just waited for me to get my ticket, walked me to the gate, kissed me and just stood there and waved me as I walked through security.
A nice change from my pre love program plan, which was going to be to me sneaking home before he got up, get my things and take a taxi to the airport.

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