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Dawn’s Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Good Morning! I am just sending along my profound gratitude for your 90 day program! Lots and lots of events happened during my dip into the practical waters of Neville Goddard. I had been studying him for a few years but missed so many subtle and practical details. It took me longer than the 90 […]

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Inner Reflects Outer

The Secret of The Senses – Free Neville Goddard

“Here’s what I am doing, please help me.   I am imagining what it’s like to hold $5,000 in my hands.   I see the money, I see the look on my partners face, and a feel the stack of $50 banknotes in my hands.   Then suddenly, part of me says this is all […]

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Neville Goddard 7 Day Success Story

Hey mate, This one is a goodie. It’s from Grant, who is on day 7 of Manifesting Mastery. In that week, we dive in with tiny seeming insights and exercises that free up the two currencies that all Master Manifesters need – attention and energy. That all begins with noticing what “triggers” your upsets and […]

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How To Keep The Faith When Tragedy Strikes – Free Neville Goddard

“Tragedy stuck again. I feel like I was sucker punched. How do you and Victoria keep the faith when bad things happen?” – M.A. Hey mate, Today Neville is going to share with you and M.A. how to make it much much easier to not get knocked out of your state, when challenges show up […]

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Neville Goddard Success Story – I Found My Kitty!

Hi Twenty Twenty and Victoria, I wanted to share a success story that happened a couple of years ago, before I even knew about Neville or Feeling it Real. One morning, one of my cats (his name is Moose) had not come home when it was time for me to leave for work. He has […]

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The Secret of The Bread – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate, Notice the STAGES that Neville has us move through – so you don’t get stuck at the wanting phase. Let’s dive in: “Now, another rule is said in this manner: “Cast your bread upon the water and you will find it after many days.” In other words, do not be concerned as to […]

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Neville Goddard Coffee Club – Your Questions Answered Today – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate! Welcome to today’s Neville Goddard Coffee Club – where Neville and Mr Twenty Twenty answer your questions.   Let’s dive in: If you love our work and would like to show your appreciation – Buy Us A Coffee – Click Here. Question #1 “I have a question for you: I have a very […]

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The Couple In The Candle

It’s Easy to Manifest When You Know, What You REALLY Want! – Free Neville Goddard

“I’d love to get a phone call (a forgiving) phone call from my girlfriend. Haven’t had physical contact with her or heard anything like an email to a phone call from her in over a month.  I’d like to get a phone call from her or an email or a text message, but I feel […]

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How To Stop Getting Close and Start Getting What you Want – Free Neville Goddard

“Remember the lady who ALMOST got her SUV?   But instead her neighbor got it?  That’s happening to me TT and V.   I keep reading the secret, and studying what you and what others say to do – but I am tired of seeing my goodies show up for other people.” – Tara Hey […]

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How Can I Stay in The State When My Daily Job… – Free Neville Goddard

“I recently purchased Manifesting Mastery and the Feel it Real Power Pack. It hasn’t been that long that I encountered Neville, so I think I’m doing pretty good following his principles. There have been several financial miracles that I received over the summer and now I would like to manifest a new job, a better […]

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