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Are you Feeling It Good or Feeling It Real? UPDATING – The May Neville Goddard Mastermind Intro

feel_it_real_imagination_is_foundationAnd welcome to the Feel It Real – Are You Feeling It Good Or Feeling It Real – The Neville Goddard Super States Mastermind.

Today we’re going to explore 2 differences..

…that will make all the difference between your failure and frustration, and success and happiness.

And we’re going to cover 7 steps to make sure that you are definitely doing it right, so that you get the results that you want.

So let’s dive in with the difference between feeling good, and feeling it real.

(We also call this the difference between success and feel good failure.)

One of the biggest things that we notice with people, is if you’re seeing your body in the movies that you’re making. If you’re seeing your body when you’re being congratulated, when your on a congratulatory conversation, that feels good.

People put there bodies in movies because it feels good. The problem is that it doesn’t feel real. And the reason it doesn’t feel real is this.

If I were to reach my hand out to you right now and congratulate you on making a good decision, you would see my body getting closer to you, you would see my hand, you might see your hand, but you’re not going to see your body.

If you construct a congratulatory conversation where you see your body, it’s going to feel good, but it’s not going to feel real.

How are you ACTUALLY constructing your scenes?

So the take away to begin with, between feeling good and feeling real, is how you’re constructing your scenes. Do not make movies with your body in them. Those will only feel good. But if you do your sessions, if you’re making movies in your mind that feel real, and that impacts you in a real way, you wont include your body.

But you will include mine if I’m the one reaching toward you to give you a congratulatory handshake or high five. So, let’s dive into the second difference, that makes all the difference.

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_i_amKEY SUCCESS QUESTION:  

What is the difference between an emotion and a state?

What is it? What’s the difference between an emotion and a state?

Do you FULLY KNOW the difference between the two?

Are you ABSOLUTELY CLEAR clear on the difference (between emotions and state)?

(Answer truthfully because your happiness and your success at this is going to depend on it.)

So, by the way…

When people are not totally clear on the difference between an emotion and a state, they tend to do one of out two things.

One, they really struggle.   (KEY POINT) They try to make themselves feel good (and be positive) all the time.

Even when they’ve been overwhelmed, tired or had a bad experience. They’re focused on oh I’ve got to make myself feel good right now (so that my wish becomes fulfilled). That’s not what Neville says to do.

Here is why so many people FORCE their dreams to come true…..

The other thing that people do when ever they don’t know the difference between an emotion and a state, is they have a feeling that their sessions and their life, they’re trying to force things to happen. And we want to eliminate both of those problems for you today. And we’re going to do that by helping you get the difference between a state and an emotion. And giving you the 7 steps that we take to make sure that we always keep all that perfectly lined up.

So a state, let’s say the state is “best selling author”.

An emotion could be being confident, or being afraid. There’s a huge difference. You see it’s like if we were to go out in the garden right now, and if I were to toss a basketball towards you okay, nice sunny day, I toss a basketball towards you, it’s easy for you to catch it. We’re going to compare the basketball to a state. It’s east to describe a state and to really get immersed into a state.

On the other hand, if we’re trying to control our emotions, that’s like trying to catch a marble (that has been shot at you with a slingshot). If you were out in the garden and I whizzed a marble at you, it would be almost impossible to catch. Because emotions are tiny little things. I really, to me they’re the demons in the bible. They’re hard to catch, they’re hard to spot, they’re little tiny things. Happy, sad. Fearful, comfort.

On the other hand a state is something that you can construct.

  • A state has scope.
  • A state has depth.

And so we want to explore, and we want to notice the difference between emotions and state. Remember, emotions are things like fear, anger, desire, pride. They’re like marbles. You drop them in a little thing of water and they ripple all through your mind and through your life.

And again that state on the other hand, the state is like a basketball.

It’s easier for you to see, it’s easier to get a grip on, and you can start defining your own state. The state of the amazing speaker. Now, I want you to think about this. I have created the state of the amazing speaker.

That state contains emotions, both “good ones” and “bad ones”.

And so the state of the amazing speaker, is what decides how those good and how those bad emotions fit into my life. Because the amazing speaker does have confidence, the amazing speaker does experience fear, the amazing speaker is curios. He experiences all these emotions.

But the state of the amazing speaker determines how they’re going to show up in my life. How long they’re going to be in my life. How big they are, how long I feel them, the impact that they have. And the state of the amazing speaker is going to determine, to a very high degree, what those emotions inspire me to do. The state of the amazing speaker changes how I relate, and if you adopt the state, how you relate to specific emotions, and how you relate to the world.

And so…

feel_it_real_quote_acceptance_feelingThere are three mistakes that people make because they get stuck on emotions.

The first one is they try to shift (control every single) emotion.

They try to shift from negatives to positives. So they’re noticing, am I in a negative state or am I in a positive state. And if I’m on a negative one, I want to shift to a positive one.

Remember Neville wasn’t a positive speaker. Neville talked about creating states. He wasn’t all that big into (endlessly)managing emotions.  (I want clams…. This isn’t charity…. )

The second mistake is people try to eliminate emotions.

They try to eliminate negative ones. Oh I’m going to be positive all the time. No, I’m not positive all the time. But if a fear shows up or anger or frustration show up, the state that I’ve developed, the amazing speaker, the loving husband, the best selling author, those determine how I’m going to relate to those emotions. So I don’t have to try to eliminate negative ones, you can’t do it.

And the third one…

Which sort of sums up the first two, if you don’t have a distinction between emotions and states, you get fixated on controlling emotions. Instead of, constructing and creating with amazing states.

And so, we’ve discovered the difference between feeling it good and feeling it real, that’s the first one.

Feeling it good is making a movie with your body in it, that feels good but it’s mostly distractive. But feeling it real, experiencing that congratulations through your own eyes, as I reach my hand towards you, you don’t see your body, you see my body. That’s feeling it real.

You’re learning the difference between emotions and states, and we’ll be exploring that in the 7 special steps.

As we explore the 7 special steps, we’ll be exploring again the further differences between emotions and states, and how to make sure that you’re focused on constructing with emotions and not trying to, I’m sorry, trying to construct with states and not control emotions.

And as you get how important this is, even right now, is what you’ve learned so far will change your life. Because you’re getting what most people, they’ve no clarity around the difference between emotions and states and feeling good and feeling real.

neville_goddard_quote_image_candleSo let’s dive into the 7 steps.

Number one. Always ask yourself, am I constructing states that are experienced as real and not just movies that are about feeling good.

Remember, it feels good to see your body being congratulated, but it feels real to see your hand only being shook, or a high five when you’re congratulated.

The whole idea remember, is to create scenes that feel real. Not just feel good. Now as you do that, notice, here’s a couple more distinctions here for you.

It feels good to make affirmations because they lead to emotions. I am the best. Yeah that feels good, but it feels real to hear congratulations.

(When someone says to you) You are the best. You’re amazing. It’s totally different (than affirming it for yourself.).

Who is it that you want to hear congratulations from, and hear them congratulate you? That feels real. Walking around, I am, yeah having to say it all the time is forcing it. Hearing it being said to you, feels real. END OF THE FIRST 10 MINUTES – Neville Goddard Super States – May 2013 MASTERMIND TRANSCRIPTS

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Thank you and have an amazing day! TT and V

“Your tiny distinctions (which are truly amazing – why didn’t I notice this before) in this recording have huge impact in my life. Thank you.”

“Discovering the difference between emotion and state has been the #1 difference in my life. Many blessings to you and Victoria.”

“I’m diving in.   The first two blew my mind.   The next 7 are sure to change my world.”

Enjoy and be blessed!

November 26, 2016
Hi Twenty and Victoria,
I trust all is well – please say hi to the gorgeous Emmett.
You say often that Neville is “pure genius.”
You also use the term “pure gold”….
Well , this is BEYOND both – I’d say YOUR work is pure genius and pure gold because you do a brilliant job at unravelling Neville’s sometimes hard to decipher genius.
This alone  has brought a massive shift to my application of Neville’s teachings.
I feel that this has taken me from inconsistent results (but dramatic when they happen) to frequent and predictable results.
You guys do work that is beyond price !
Please use this (with as many tweaks as you need) for any marketing purposes.
All the very best,
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  1. Andrew W. Lynn says:

    My inner conversations sometimes become outer conversations by me talking to myself out loud while performing a task. " say while cutting grass or doing dishes"..etc, when I'm alone is that a no, no. Besides the fact that I may looks nuts? Was listening to Mental Diets again x10 to get that right.

  2. Ebby Eyz says:

    Oh, this was very clear!! And makes total sense. What a wonderful article, Twenty!! I love the distinction and it makes it so much easier to deal with the negatives that sometimes fly in my personal space. Thanks!

  3. Aravind says:

    Dear Mr 2020, You are a GENIUS and a blessing to all of us.