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I Need Help Visualizing – Making Manifesting Easy

“I do have a question that perhaps you can shed some light on. I’m finally getting to understand what the sessions are and how to do them, but I’m having a huge problem visualizing the scene from my own eyes.”

“I always see myself in the scene. Can you suggest a trick or technique that may help? I have difficulties visualizing anyway as I’m much more of a kinesthetic (physical sensation based) person.” – Susan

Hi Susan,

Great question, all it takes is a little practice – and an absolute dedication to FOLLOWING THE FORMULA.

Wrong - I see me in the car.

Wrong – I see me in the car.

Let’s start with the words of Neville…

…and then explore what we can do to Feel It Real most effectively for you.

“You do not visualize yourself at a distance in point of space and at a distance in point of time being congratulated on your good fortune.

“Instead, you MAKE elsewhere HERE and the future NOW.”

“The difference between FEELING yourself in action, here and now , and visualizing yourself in action, as though you were on a motion-picture screen, is the difference between success and failure.”

“The difference will be appreciated if you will now visualize yourself climbing a ladder. Then, with eyelids closed imagine that a ladder is right in front of you and FEEL YOURSELF ACTUALLY CLIMBING IT.” – Neville Goddard

(NOTE:  If you are still making movies of YOUR BODY (like me seeing my body in the car in the photo), you really might want to get the Feel It Real Power Pack today….

It helps KILL ALL the bad habits people have when Feeling It Real, and often when people have one they notice – they also have a few they don’t notice. So let’s fix those too.)

Notice that Neville says the difference is:

  • FEELING yourself in the action is SUCCESS.
  • And SEEING yourself as if you are on a motion picture screen is FAILURE.


Feeling yourself in the action involves seeing through your own eyes, BECAUSE you are using your imaginal eyes EXACTLY as you do your physical eyes.

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So here is a tiny drill we teach…

…to make it more real – to Feel It Real with your vision.

First, what I want you to do is simply make a picture of “your body” in “your car”, like the one of me above.

This teaches you to NOTICE – the wrong way – to “visualize”.

neville_goddard_quote_the_ladder_lessonNow, let’s FEEL IT REAL!

What I want you to do now, is “see through your own eyes” what being in your car is like – seeing out your windshield.

WHILE feeling the steering wheel – in your hands….

Did you notice EXACTLY what we did here?

We started with you “seeing your body”, and then end with “seeing through your own eyes”.   Once THAT becomes your habit, your feeling it real will be ROCK SOLID and SUPER EASY.

NOTE:  Manifesting Mastery members, did you notice how we AMPED this up BIG TIME with the Electric Slide in Week 3?  GOLD!

POWER POINT:  This way cool little drill…

…is training YOUR brain to automatically go into seeing through your own eyes, and experiencing it as real (eyes do).

For example, you can do this looking at your dining room table, imagine seeing a movie of your body sitting at the table – then move your attention so you now see the table through your own eyes – SEEING exactly what you would see – if you were actually sitting there..

BONUS SOLID GOLD NUGGET: Then while seeing the table through your own eyes, see your fork.  Then see your hand (through your own eyes) reaching for and holding the fork.

Feel it’s weight. Move it around.

Stick it into something yummy and see it getting bigger as it gets closer to your face, notice how it goes under your sight plane, and enjoy a nibble.  Feel something yummy inside your mouth and enjoy.

Note: We are including this to END with an action, that has FEELING in it.

Have fun experimenting with this one!

Remember, it’s all about being in the PARTICIPANT STATE – not the SPECTATOR STATE.

feel_it_realLike playing ball. If you see the player’s bodies from a distance, you are a spectator.

But if you see FROM the field, and see the ball coming closer to you – getting bigger and bigger – and feel your hand actually catching it, that’s PARTICIPATING.

And THAT is your FIRST cornerstone of FEELING IT REAL!

Dive in, dive deeper.  These are the tiny differences that create huge successes!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hello to you both,

I have loved the last two weeks of MM 63-77, with your techniques of awareness of self and easy to do homework to feel the real me has been fantastic.

So much has happened its unreal lol

I’ve become more aware of myself and the things I’m constantly noticing is so much fun, I feel more alive and free. 

I love it.

In the last two weeks my sister and my parents both received large sums of money, over $350000 which is fantastic!

I love that I feel apart of that happening.

I am in love with this course, I dont know how to put in words.

Thank you for everything and I sooo look forward to what’s next.

Love always

Sarah xo

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  1. Dr. John Michael Christian says:

    I had the same problem because I’m very kinesthetic also, and the way I overcame it was to apply kinesthetic, or active principles to the visualization. That way I was able to make a link between my mind and what I was trying to visualize, and my body.

    For example, I would imagine that I was actually touching the steering wheel in my new car and feeling myself sitting on the leather and looking out the windshield as I was driving and I also imagined the sun on me and the wind blowing all around me because I wanted a convertible. I got the car too, and in a most remarkable way.

    I also did the same thing when I was looking for a home. I first imagined that I was sleeping on a queen size bed with a pillow top mattress and two feather pillows under my head. I FELT the bed underneath me. Then I imagined myself cooking in a kitchen with granite counter tops and tile floors, and even working in the organic garden. I am now living in that house. It has tile floors, granite counter tops, and 15 raised bed organic gardens!

    If you use this technique I guarantee you will be able to shift into what you want quickly.. IF you feel it as real at the same time you visualize it. It also helps immensely to feel excited about it when you are doing the exercise. This implies completion and ads an element of joy to your creations.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Great share mate.

    It’s such a simple shift, yet a profound one.

    That’s why we love your comments, and keep sharing the good oil.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    UPGRADE: If you touch the steering wheel, and see through your eyes your hand touching it, very cool. Now AMP it up with your best mate giving you a high five as you two go down the road. Again, seeing it through your own eyes.

    When we include another person, in a Congratulatory way, it brings in what we call a “tribal” energy, and eliminates any fears that might be lurking about they won’t approve, or believe or….

  4. Matt Sharpe says:

    This REALLY works! Neville Goddard is a genius!

  5. Matt Sharpe says:

    try looking and seeing FROM, your own inner eye!

  6. I often take the crosstown bus to do early laundry in a locale some distance from home. As I get off the bus, I always see a vacant storefront, ground floor Washington Street, very large, one of those big, yawning artsy NYC spaces. It is softly lit, with the ceiling lamps on low, and when I go by in the dawn mornings, I often stand and look in. The other day, I did the “jump in/electric slide”..and felt it real INSIDE the space. We were holding an event there. There were large tables with elegant white cloths, against three of the walls. A bandstand with a four piece music group, decorations with stunning flowers and potted palms, a gorgeous buffet filling the lovely center table, wine bar off to the side. I felt it real : imagining the entire scene. I imagined the doors opening, people kept coming in, the sounds of conversation, soft jazz music, cute, attentive waiters happily bustling about taking care of the glittery, delighted crowd. I stood off to the side, as people went by, nodding hello, whispering “Congrats, Cindy, great news!!” Oh, they were of course celebrating the release of my new book – just sold to a major studio for a feature film!

  7. Mark says:

    Yes That’s The Difference,Ring The Bell In Your Skull,Be A Participant Not A Spectator! Heroes Can We Join You?