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Are You Making The Spectator Mistake? Free Neville Goddard Quote

Hey mate,

Neville Goddard's DoorI want you to imagine, that there are two doors in front of you. Enter the first one, and you may get close to what you want. The other opens the way to guaranteed fulfillment. Let’s dive into the words of Neville, so you can choose wisely what door you wish to open and walk through. First let’s look at Door #1.

“Think of a state and you are its spectator. And the state will remain dead relative to you until you penetrate it, until you approach it on your fiery chariot of imaginative power. An egg, whether it be human or that of a chicken, is dead and will remain so forever until the sperm penetrates it. The sperm must penetrate and occupy the egg in order to fertilize it, and then in its own given time the shell is broken and out comes that which was the sperm that penetrated it.” – Neville Goddard

Door number one is the the home of the spectator state. Where you think about what you want. Where you even imagine it – but you see your BODY in the movie. Remember, this creates emotional distance from the scene – you are watching you in it – not truly experiencing it. Neville says you must occupy and penetrate the state. And one of the ways we do that is to see the world THROUGH your own eyes – so you can fully feel the wish fulfilled. Let’s continue onward to explore Door #2

“A state is penetrated through the act of assumption. Assuming you are now in the state you want to externalize, you think from it and no longer of it. Thinking from, you have penetrated the state. This penetration is still the mystery of all mysteries. Man has discovered how to go to the moon, place cameras in space, yet no matter what he knows concerning the mysteries of the universe, man cannot understand how an egg can be penetrated without a hole either before or after penetration. Well, your imagination is that sperm.”

“You do not have to open doors to get into any room; you simply enter by assuming you are in it. Look at the world from it and feel what you want to feel, and the room has been penetrated. Now remain there until you feel relief. Of all the pleasures of the world, relief is the most keenly felt. So when you enter into (penetrate) a desire, remain there until satisfaction is felt, until you have expelled the sperm right into the state.” – Neville Goddard

Neville shares you must feel FROM the state. Here are the three keys to Door Number 2

  • Part of that is seeing through your own eyes.
  • Another part is having conversations that imply that it is real now.
  • And the biggest part is knowing – with all your being – that imagination is reality – and what you imagine tends to manifest in the physical world.

The physical world is what Neville calls the world of the shadow. What mystics call the world of the dream. Remember consciousness is the only reality, and consciousness determines what shows up in the physical world around you.

How will you apply this teaching today?

Will you do a session, and make sure that you see through your own eyes?

Will you remember the Secret of The Sperm?

Will you have a conversation inside your mind that implies that it has already happened – to the point that you know it has?

Have faith, follow the formula, and remember – you are one with all that is – you are the kingdom of God within.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Dennis says:

    This was one of those gold nugget lessons! Which of his lectures was it from?

    Note from TT: Here you go mate – Neville Goddard Lecture – Conception

  2. Thank you! Love your work =).

  3. leonard worthem says:

    thanks for this lesson today. this point cannot be reiterated enough.

  4. Cliff says:

    Good analogy, but I believe there is only one door to one room. Thinking OF the state, you are looking at the door to the room (state) you want to enter. Thinking FROM the state, you’re already IN the room (state). Think of it like a house – are you in the hallway or the bedroom concerning your desire? If you’re in the bedroom, you are at rest in the state of the wish fulfilled. If you’re in the hallway looking into the bedroom, you are not at rest. You would LIKE to be, but you haven’t yet entered the bedroom to attain that rest. It is only after you enter the bedroom that you rest on the bed. Simple as that.

    Thank you for reading.