Your Neville Goddard Week in Review – Plus Bonus Photo Lessons

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Here is your Neville Goddard Week In Review – and a Bonus Lesson on now to Feel It Real – that answers one reader’s question, “How do I make my visualizing feel more real?  How do I make sure I am doing it correctly?”

Let’s do your week in review first, your emails about the lessons have been amazing.

  • First, we shared how to get Nevillizing to work in your daily life.   How to use your imagination to LEAD – and how not to be led by the gloom and doomers in the world.   Click the link to read Power – The Saving Grace
  • Next, we shared Neville’s Lost and Found technique. You can use this to find something you have lost – like we did with our camera battery charger, and what’s really cool – you can use this to find love – opportunity – a new way of life – that you haven’t ever found before. Click this link to read – Neville’s Lost and Found Technique.

And finally, below are 6 simple photographs to help you guarantee your success, we took them this morning for you around our home and garden.

They will help you learn how to effectively SEE through your own eyes – when you do your Feel It Real sessions – so that your sessions FEEL even more real – and so that your imagination TREATS them as real.  (The most effective manifestors we know, all do what you are about to learn.)

Here is how it works.  There are two primary ways you can see when you envision – one will help you actually manifest – create and generate change in your life. The other, will actually distance you from what you want. (Both are useful. The second SPECTATOR STATE way, helps you when you need to create emotional distance – so you STOP feeling something as real.   So you can learn from what you see RATIONALLY. We use this way of seeing to help professional athletes learn about (but not get overwhelmed by) new skillsets, and to help people who have traumatic flashbacks – to distance themselves from the trauma – so they STOP creating the feeling of it in their lives.

Note: The first photo is from the DISTANT – SPECTATOR STATE perspective – the one you can learn from – the one with emotional distance.  Create images like these in your mind – of yourself – when you need emotional distance.

Note:  The second photo in each example is how you want to see in your sessionsTHE PARTICIPANT STATE what you choose to feel real and create in your life.

The second photo in each set is how you want to SEE WHAT YOU ARE MANIFESTING.  Notice those photos are all through your own eyes – with you directly experiencing the action.

Get this distinction today, and your whole life will change, often more rapidly than you think.  (SIX more powerful distinctions like this one are in the December Mastermind Recording Package – Click Here.

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Anytime you see yourself – instead of just your hands – that’s removing you from the action. And Neville always taught for the action of self – your action – to be dominant in the scene.

Have an amazing day, and look for articles and stories next week, on how we manifested 2 amazing paper bags (yes, that is a BIG deal for us), 3 top of the line – handcrafted cuban cigars, the perfect campsites for our holiday trip, and more.   And keep your emails coming, we greatly appreciate them, and you.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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