Neville Goddard Mastermind – January 2013


Welcome to the January Neville Goddard Mastermind.

Today, you are going to learn in detail – what you need to know to make sure your sessions are in fact FEEL IT REAL – and not just Feel Good distractions.

Because Feel Good imagining is just that, a Feel Good Distraction.  (You’ll know you have been doing that if you have felt good while doing a session, but you are still having some sort of “they don’t feel entirely real” feeling too.

For example, it’s easy for us to give you on the Free Neville site a common universal lesson – one that helps everyone.  Like how you don’t want to make a movie of you -you want to SEE through your own eyes – so that you can feel it real.

  • Note:  Seeing a movie with you in it makes you a spectator, and gives feel good spectator feelings BUT it won’t make your dreams come true.  On the other hand,  seeing through your own eyes in your session – gives you a 70% chance of FEELING IT REAL.

So seeing THROUGH YOUR OWN EYES, gives you 70% of feeling it totally as real. (Like how a flight simulator works). But what about the other 30% that you need?  How can you stake the deck in your favor, and FULLY feel your session as real?

To do that, we’ve got to get into the world of SOUND.  Let’s begin to explore that with the wedding experience:

The Wedding Experience. You look into the eyes of your now life partner, feel your hand in theirs, and feel the joy and excitement – as you are pronounced “husband and wife”.

You don’t watch it as a movie of you two – from a distance. That might feel good, but it doesn’t feel fully real.

What feels real begins with VISUAL first person experience – through your own eyes. Then add in feeling with your own hand.

Here is where most people STOP – and where you must continue on if you are going to FEEL YOUR IDEAL AS REAL

Remember there are many many ways, we experience the world of sound – in the physical world, and it’s the same inside your mind

  1. You speak – to yourself and to other people. You say the vows.
  2. You converse – listening to what you are told directly by another. You hear your partner, saying the vows to you.
  3. You listen – eavesdropping. Overhearing what other people are saying. You hear the guests saying, “Aren’t they a beautiful couple together.”

And then later – you are involved in many different kinds of conversations:

  • Conversations with elders give guidance. They have strength, experience, wisdom. “Always go to sleep, holding hands, looking forward.”
  • Conversations with youth who give innocence, trust and energy. Their energy and willingness to explore is a tremendous gift. “Will you have a baby?”

NOTE:  There are 4 more kind of conversations that we cover in the recordings – that will help you develop what you need to FEEL IT REAL


Some combination of these specific ways of experiencing and using AUDITORY – sound – is what is REAL for you.

So let’s have some great fun, and explore them all in detail, so that in your sessions – you are using the combination that makes your session – more real – more powerful – more effective.

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