Our Books





Dear TT and Victoria,

Here you have my opinion about why your books work:

a) I am not english mother tongue but you write in a simple and clear way using simple words. I understand them so I encourage not english mother tongue people to buy them. They will understand every single word and sentence.

b) You goes directly to “the point” with simple exercises to do that will change people lives. Example: the idea of having internal conversations where you talk about your success, the “miracle”, about how beautiful you look, how healthy you are. That is powerfull and, even if I know that at the begining is hard, once that you get used to it then you do it every day and you feel super good.

c) You are very kind answering to all the questions or doubts about the excercises of the book.

d) It is “crystal clear” you do it with love and not trying to “make money” with people’s problems, i feel, every time I write you and you answer, that you care and not because I could be a “potential customer” but just because I am an human being and you want to help- My sensation is that when you start applying Neville following your exercises and explanations things get easy…the road becomes smooth… I hope I am clear enough… Thanks,