Update: The Most Amazing Neville Goddard Success Story Ever – Get’s Even Better

Hey mate,

Today’s letter is a special one from Michal…

…who has joined us in Manifesting Mastery.  We invite you to imagine that his successes are now your successes, so you can dive deeper and live your dreams more fully and faster. Let’s dive in with this quote of Neville’s.

“Remember, creative power will not operate itself. Knowing what to do is not enough. You, imagination’s operant power, must be willing to assume that things are as you desire them to be before they can ever come to pass.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_quote_feel_it_realDear TT and Victoria,

This is going to be awesome!

I have been your big fan for couple of years now but only recently I got back into applying what you teach and the results have been incredible so it’s time to share them with you and your beautiful community!

As I started writing I realised that..

…it’s all flowing and it’s going to be rather large story so I split it already into 2 stories that are interconnected 🙂

All that happened in the last few weeks…

…has been the biggest manifestation using Neville’s teachings since our family trip around the world in 2013 that my wife Marlena has already written to you about (You called it The Most Amazing Neville Goddard Story Ever) Remember ?

I’ve had the dream that one day I am going to write an equally amazing testimony of what we have manifested since so here it is.

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_quote_dareMichal’s story Part 1

“Manifesting my dream job , Doubling my income and Finding Direction in Life with Neville Goddard”

After our trip around the world in 2013 (video below) there were some difficult times that I had to face . I didn’t have a job for a good while and was struggling to find my own direction in life let alone the job that would bring an income .

At some stage I managed to find a temporary job at a health store when I was working for a minimum wage but I wasn’t satisfied with it fully . Then one day I came across your article about why is it easier doubling your income than to manifest one million dollars.

It made a lot of sense to me and for next couple of days I was walking around the shop asking myself ” how would it feel to double my income , how would it feel to have twice as much fun at work , how would it feel like if time at work was flying ( at the time shop was empty and staying there for 8 hours was simply boring ) .

Then a week or two later…

….suddenly I was told that the shop would shut down for good in the next 24 hours and I would be without work again.

But I kept asking these questions…

as I was looking for a new job and I also came up with one that got me even more excited : what if I had the best job in the world ?

“What if I had the best job in the world?”

I couldn’t possibly imagine what kind of a job it would be , didn’t even know in which area the job would manifest but I kept asking the questions that were giving me the great feeling of happiness, joy and excitement.

A few weeks later a job offer showed up..

…in my email box that said ” 5 star luxury airlines Qatar Airways are looking for a customer service agent ( with English ) ” . Remember that since our trip 3 years ago we have lived in Poland after a decade in Ireland.

“Hm… that sounds like something for me “

– I thought and applied immediately for that job. One week later after a series of interviews I was told I got the job!!!

The most amazing thing though was that my new income would be exactly TWICE as much as in the health store!! Not even close to double but exactly twice the amount I was earning before 🙂

The great thing about that job is…

…that it is in the customer service area. ( I love working with people and only now I realised that in all my previous jobs that were very all different there was one thing in common : serving people ) . The other thing about my new job is that we get huge discounts and even free flights to any destination in the world we want so … there will be a lot of traveling soon taking place 🙂

  • I Don’t have to tell you how happy I am that :
  • I found a new job and doubled my income
  • Proved to myself yet again that Neville’s teaching are powerful and they do work

It is the best job in the world…

…for someone who loves helping people and loves traveling ( because as a customer service agent what you do all day long…? You help people to travel. And I am sure it’s not boring:) Full stop.

P.S: I forgot to mention that Marlena (my wife) has also manifested perfect job recently so we ALL are very grateful! Thank you life . Thank you Neville. Thank you TT & Victoria! Thank you all!

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Michal’s story Part 2

Free Nevile Goddard - Gardening Hands”Relationship saved and falling in love again”

The other story is rather personal but if it’s going to help someone in trouble I am happy to share it here .

Because I couldn’t find work…

…for a number of months my relationship with my wife started shaking and things were getting out of control. I was very sad for a number of weeks and knew i had to do something about it to change it. I reminded myself of the great power that we all possess and that is our “wonderful human imagination “like Neville says.

One method that I used that Neville teaches was Revision.

Every day as I was dropping my child to the kindergarten…

…and then my wife to work she would leave the car without a word or just saying cold “till later ” and I was very sad seeing it happening . One day after I drove back home I stayed in the car and revised that morning scene .

My wish was to fix our relationship and to…

…bring back the love that we had to each other . So in my mind I imagined the scene that would imply that my wish ( getting my wife back ) was fulfilled and which also would be a revised version of what I was experiencing every morning and I didn’t like before.

So I imagined my wife sitting next to me in the car , then turning towards me and kissing me goodbye just before leaving the car and going to her office building . I could SEE her smiling , I could FEEL great joy and relief inside of me , I could TASTE her lips TOUCHING my lips , I could SMELL her perfume too.

Additionally every night in bed I would…

…close my eyes and imagine she was next to me as we were falling asleep together ( in ”so called” reality I was on my own in bed ).

That was giving me such peace that I almost didn’t need her to come to me (she slept in the second room) because the feeling was so REAL! Talk about feel it real session every night 🙂

After about 10 days (it didn’t happen overnight) things changed completely.

To make a long story short this morning I drove my wife to work and she kissed me goodbye, smiled like only she can smile and waved goodbye after leaving the car! And last night we were falling asleep together being the happiest people on the planet 🙂

And even more importantly I now not only feel that I got my wife back but that we are on a completely new level , stronger , wiser , happier and more in love then ever!!!

I also wanted to mention one thing that I did before…

….i started doing my feel it real sessions. I wrote down the whole scene with details in my notebook only to read it again today and discover that I even put there a following sentence ” I fell in love with my wife again:-)” And this is exactly how I feel now!

Simple yet powerful stuff . My takeaway from both of my stories is : don’t just read Neville or simply think about what you want. Just DO your sessions . DECIDE what you want and then FEEL it REAL! It will come about in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine but it WILL COME!

Thank you TT & Victoria for this opportunity…

…that we can share this story with the world . Thank you for your willingness to make Neville’s teachings simple.

Thank you Neville. It’s beyond words!!!

Love you & greetings from Poland

Michal (with Marlena and little Ola) in Manifesting Mastery

PS : I forgot to mention that at the very beginning before i started doing any feel it real session on the subjects mentioned above I imagined writing this success story to You :-)))

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You have obviously my permission to share:-)

PS III:  Just checked the time in Australia where you are and it looks like you are going to receive this email on Sat morning which will surely make your day:-)

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