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The Most Amazing Neville Goddard Success Story Ever? – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,


Today’s Neville Goddard Lesson and Success story shows what can happen – if you Follow The Formula – and walk in faith and in love. Neville says, “There is no creative power comparable to love!” And when you see the gift of love that this lovely couple gave their daughter – by walking in faith and love – and by Following The Formula – you can’t help but be inspired. Let’s dive in.

Dear TT and Victoria!

I love your teachings and emails and I am so grateful we got to know Neville’s teaching and your website. We got your program ( Prosperity Pack) as well and we are on our way to manifest our new dreams :)))

In June 2012 our daughter Ola was born. I was on maternity leave and my husband decided to close his business as he wanted to spent time only with us. I was a bit worried but I said ok and we started our family life all together. It was absolutely wonderful, we were going on day trips and having beautiful family time.

I was relaxed as Michal my husband was helping me with everything at home and with Ola, so having her it was great joy. We started thinking how wonderful it would be to go to Spain as our summer in Ireland was finishing and we still wanted to be somewhere warm.

I was walking with the pram on my walks with Ola and started saying to myself ,,as far as I am concerned I am already in Spain,, this is after reading Neville’s story about his trip to Barbados, I really was feeling it real.

A few days later my husband got big lump sum of money which enabled us to go to Spain for 3 weeks in the luxurious apartment where we only had to pay the maintenance costs anyway.

After this trip and seeing how Ola was behaving while we travel, we started to think how wonderful it would be to travel longer. Our long time dream was going for a trip around the world but now we had a baby too:)

We were wondering how to do it and it was overwhelming for us. Every time we were thinking about money, it was too hard as we didn’t have enough savings or passive income to finance this.

Every night we were reading Neville’s lectures or your website and I was going with pram for my daily walks imagining that instead of being in Ireland I was already in California this time…

Few more weeks passed and I had to go back to work as my maternity leave finished. It was very hard but I went back to work, every day at work I was doing feel it real sessions imagining that I am traveling. One month later I decided to quit my job as being with my little girl was more important.

We packed our house and sent our belongings to our parents home in Poland. Having only one way ticket to Portugal where our friends invited us for 3 weeks off we went. Every day we were doing our feeling it real sessions and all things needed for our world travel started to manifest.

We got a very good price for our tickets. Then our friend in California confirmed that he would host us for the first few days in San Francisco and we got the confirmation from our organic farm where we wanted to stay a bit longer and travel from there. Our ticket was from London to San Francisco, San Francisco to Vancouver, Vancouver to Auckland, Auckland to Sydney and Sydney to London. We didn’t have all the arrangements or plans in place but we trusted that life will take care of us and we will be safe all the time.

All the time during our travels we were doing feeling it real sessions and I was imaging how I walk with Ola in her pram at the new place we were going too, and saying to my self ,, as far as I am concerned I am already in …,,,

Miracles were happening every day for us. People were opening their homes for us, taking us to places of great interest and giving us food as well. As we were planing our next weeks of travels life was always showing us that we just needed to trust and feel good.

More money was coming to us while we were traveling, some tax returns and other incomes which we didn’t even consider before. This was a true blessing for us and we will never forget it.

For me the biggest challenge was to trust all the time that life will take care of us and to feel gratitude, joy and have fun all the time. This wasn’t easy sometimes as we were with a little baby. Once I really trusted and let go all the fears it was amazing how easy we were getting all and even more things we needed during the trip with our growing baby Ola. She was 10 months when we started and 20 months when we finished :))) As far as I know this is unheard of.

I would like to thank to my husband who has great vision for our life and he never doubts that great things are coming to us!!! Thank you Neville and thank you TT and Victoria!


Note:   Stop putting your life on hold.   Remember…   This is what happens when you make a decision – and commit to it.   This is what happens when you Follow The Formula.  This is what happens when you choose to live life – as love – as a loving gift to all around you.   Blessings to you today.  TT and V


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  1. June says:

    TT and V,

    I am blown away by this. Thank you for sharing this success story with us today. How beautiful.


  2. Edward says:

    Thank you beautiful family for the wonderful imagination tour. So that’s how it’s done!

  3. LM says:

    TT and V – Lovely Post! As someone who has had some manifesting stories to share in this forum, I wanted to say this expanded me even more because…. it RE minded me to not “stop” at the perceived end of my imagining…. and that indeed, I can create seamlessly into the next dream, desire, story, event. I have successfully created many “things” or events – and they had a specific beginning and end.

    I am sure you had days where something must have felt complete – like arriving to the next imagined location…. but you remind me…yes, it can be a total flow. Cool! Thanks for sharing and TT and V thank you, deeply, for hosting a place where this can all play out for us.

  4. Kris says:

    I really enjoyed your story…what an awesome trip! Truely inspiring 🙂

  5. Snigdha says:

    Awesometacious!!! 🙂

  6. Innocent Ezeokeke says:

    Hi 20 20, Thanks for reminding us what we are capable of. I bought both ''Feel it Real Pack'' and ''Manifesting Mastery Last Week''. Please what are the suggestive use of these materials? How to get the best out of them?

  7. Pooja says:

    Dear Marlena
    Thanks for inspiring us all….It is so beautiful

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Shooting you an email mate.


  9. Michal&Marlena says:

    Thank you dear Mr TT and Victoria for sharing
    our story with the world and including our slideshow
    at the end of the post because it made it even more
    real I guess . Thank you all for wonderful comments
    and we are very grateful that such great site exists and we
    can all benefit from it on a daily basis.
    Happy Manifesting to all of you!

  10. wow amazing story, i loved it

  11. Anne says:

    This is so wonderful! Your “as far as I am concerned” statements are very powerful. We are meant to live and be sustained doing the things that bring us joy.

  12. Nat says:

    This has blown me away! Thank you Marlena and Michal, and of course TT and V for planting all these seeds of possibility. Prune, Prune, Prune!

  13. Great story 20/20 and Victoria. 🙂

  14. Paul says:

    You people are awesome! You rock! Your slideshow made your story even more powerful, even though it was already amazing! Thank you so very much for sharing your real faith. I can taste it! Write a book! Do seminars! You are awesome powerful real people with an amazing gift to share with the world! Love you all and of course TT and V for making this REAL!

  15. Dennis says:

    Great story! Trust yourself.

  16. yulanda says:

    Awesome?. I will do this as well. I am on lesson 5 of manifesting mastery.

  17. Ranjitham says:

    Great testimony. I will start practice the same as I love to travel.Thank you very much.

  18. Samuel Pagan says:

    That is wild to know. Thanks for sharing this to me.

  19. Llisa says:

    AH YES
    I am re-reading today too, as it comes back through my mail. Lovely lovely – Live Now.
    I feel like I do – and I feel it because…I feel happy, where I am AND what is coming next…and knowing I have this within my control, as “operant power”.
    What til you see the reports from THIS YEAR,,,chubby bird ranch here we come.

    Love you guys so much.

  20. PGB says:

    OLA I imagine you and your parents enjoying a summer in my Country- SOUTH AFRICA soon. Thank you for sharing! STAY BLESSED