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Massive Money Revision Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Twenty and V…

Wow… I have to say that even after 20 years of metaphysical and neurolinguistic experience, I had to roll my eyes at the thought of the Revision technique.

I thought it had to be hogwash that you could go back into the past, mentally rework some situations that did not end as you wanted, and then have that impact the current situation… But here I am with my head bowed in humility and yet raised in faith, affirming, IT WORKS!

So I had a wonderful corporate contract recently that was paying well and, without getting into the details, just vanished when the client had an upset about some situation at her work and stopped responding to me – calls, emails… nothing. She wouldn’t respond.

kitchen_windowI was sitting there watching about $2000 a month drain off my desk!! So rather than whining and complaining about my ill fate, I recognized a pattern… that often when I land on an AMAZING opportunity in business, something happens that it goes away.

The examples of this are HUGE in my life, and seem to have a theme.

So I used Revision and saw each of those situations in my mind ending exactly as I hoped they would, … and low and behold… today, I not only heard from the client, but we scheduled our appointments for the coming month! Whoooo!

Thank you for teaching Neville’s approach, even when you know you have folks roll their eyes at you from time to time… You know it works! So I’m here to help you affirm that for myself and others!

Much appreciation,
Julie W (a happy graduate from Manifesting Mastery)
Testimonial – January 2015

PS: Within a few hours of getting the client back and emailing, I also had an email from another former client who had oddly drastically reduced using me with no explanation contact me and offered me about $6000 worth of work over the next 6 months. Same theme (great career opportunity that had evaporated), same result after revision (resurfacing with a contract offer). Revision rocks!

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  1. Sukhi says:

    Mr TT and V

    Neville is great and so are you guys. I have purchased the Neville goddard made simple book.

    Just by imagining that I have a bank balance of xxxx amount of money and feeling the relief and gratitude would this imaginal act work.


  2. Nat says:

    Thank you for this exhilarating share !

  3. Mario says:

    Hi Mr. TT, i have 7 hectars of land in my hometown that i want to sell. I will appreciate very much if you suggest what should i do to find a good buyer that can pay me a fair price. Many thanks for the emails everyday!

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Imagine you having the benefits – you would have – if you had sold the property Mario!

    Have fun!