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UPDATED: How do I stay in the state when… Free Neville Goddard

“Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria, I was wondering how do I stay in my desired state of being retired when I am at work in a not so pleasant area. I can feel excited when I think about my desire, but I’m not sure how to react to the people I’m working with as being retired! I know my reaction is important. Thank you!!” – K. C.

From Our Lovely GardenHi K.C.,

We suggest using “I remember when”, from the Feel It Real Power Pack….

Here’s how to begin….

  • Treat each “workday” and incident as a memory…..

While it’s happening, explore feeling it – as if it were a memory from long ago, with the feeling of “look how far I’ve come since then”.

I did this when I worked in the nursing home.   While I was literally wiping butts for money, I felt that – as long ago – far away – with me already being successful at teaching.


Let’s dial it up a level higher by…

“Imagine TEACHING this to someone you love, maybe a nephew or a nice or a neighbor.  You could tell them how you remember, back when you worked, when you would have those challenging days.  Share with them how you would go home and revise them – just as Neville did . And you can remember when things changed so amazingly too.”

Notice how we use “I Remember When”, and how we add how we revised – all in an imaginal scene – from sometime in the future?

Now, let’s take it a step further, and MULTIPLY the power.

  • Construct this scene, so that you are sharing this with us, while you visit with us in Australia.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realDid you notice this new scene implies even more goodness for you?  It implies that you have the money and the time to fly down when you want to, and that you have the freedom to.

Today’s take away: Remember, Neville shares that your state will be penetrated by the events of the day. The key is to use the tools, to Follow-The-Formula.

BIG BONUS DOUBLE TAKEAWAY:  And notice how much fun it is to go WAY BEYOND the problem – the day to day – and imagine what it’s like “down the road”, when you are living out the scene of visiting us – getting a high five – and discovering even more about the power that you truly are.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Harsha says:

    Hi 20/20,

    Nice post. I’ve noticed your emphasis on state “penetration” and while one may hold any belief one chooses (literally – despite what Neville says) and manifest by virtue of strength of one’s conviction, it’s very important to note that those everyday events are also a result of one’s inner world. Every circumstance / event correlates to the inner circumstance – zero exceptions. Neville mentions this too I believe in the books “Your Faith Is Your Fortune” and “The Power Of Awareness”.

    I typically avoid comments on others’ blogs because this is an infinite Universe and there’s an infinite number of “truths” (aka beliefs or points of view) out there – I like to hold the most empowering and all pervasive of those views. “As you believe so it is done unto you” – ZERO exceptions. Nothing penetrates except with our conscious or less than conscious approval.

    Best, Harsha.

  2. Hi Mr twenty twenty I like to know what does the symbolical number 144000 mean ?

  3. KC says:

    I would like to thank you for your comment. It put some things into perspective for me. You are exactly right. After I changed some of my thoughts, within 2 days, I was moved out of that office, and put in another building that is pleasant. Thank you so much again, you helped me get out of my prior mindset I was stuck in! KC

  4. Harsha says:

    I’m very happy for you KC and also happy to be writing this from the wonderful city of Istanbul, Turkey where I am touring at the moment. If you get a chance you should visit. As a result of my applying these spiritual principles (I wasn’t aware initially) I am now in a comfortable position where I get to do things the way I want.
    Yes, I can also tell you that in my previous role in the corporate world I was able to see both sides of the equation i.e. the impact of being somewhat open (not altogether positive), very negative, and then consciously applying these principles to being positive and yes, the results exactly matched by chosen focus. I’ve had people turn from being racist to friendly, from being disturbed from a work position to being promoted (without any effort or even asking for it) and raise within 10 months of that disturbance, social life improvement and loads of little things every single day.
    A very important daily practice is that of appreciation: I do it in the morning as I wake up and just as I drift of to sleep along with my realizing (I don’t call it “Feeling It Real”) sessions. I have had my world change within a few days of applying the practice of appreciation and chosen focus.