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Do I REALLY Need to Imagine More Than Once? – Free Neville Goddard Quote

how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_double_minded_2“Why do you believe that we need to imagine what we want more than once?  What does Neville have to say about this?”  Jason B.

Hey mate,

That’s a great question Jason, let’s peek at what Neville has to say in the Neville Goddard quotes below.

“And don’t think you will ever find a stopping place….”

“And don’t think you will ever find a stopping place. No state you have ever created will endure unmoved, undisturbed, forever – because every moment of time you are being penetrated. Your idea of perfection and harmony today will be disturbed tomorrow, forcing you to use your talent to construct an imaginal change. ” – Neville Goddard Quote

You are being penetrated every moment of time…

News, gossip, a flippant remark – ALL can bump you from your state, IF you REACT to them…..

POWERPOINT 1:  To reduce the amount of penetration you experience – some folks stop participating in “the news”, office gossip, and conversations that simply suck the dreams  out of you.  

POWERPOINT 2:  To become as bullet proof as possible – USE YOUR TALENT – do your daily sessions – Follow The Formula.

We’ve noticed over the years…

… that some people NEVER get what they want in life, BECAUSE THEY refuse to notice that when they REACT and get all caught up,  they lose their state of the wish fulfilled.   (Note:  Manifesting Mastery Members – Get why we designed the first 3 weeks like we did now? We ELIMINATE that in just 21 days!  – – PURE GOLD! (THAT is why we have so darn many success stories!)

Here’s the TRUTH:

NOTICING that your state has been contaminated is a good thing, because the FASTER you notice, the faster you can dive back deeper into it with a session – and live the life of your dreams.

Here are  a few of MY Personal Real Life Stories – (Why we know this works)

My Neville Goddard Blood Pressure Experiment

My Neville Goddard Blood Pressure Experiment

“My doctor imagined that I would need to go on high blood pressure medication a few years ago, when I immigrated to Australia.

For a short time, my bp tested VERY high – but I kept up with my sessions and today, several years later,  my blood pressure is normal, and it keeps testing normal.”

(Why?  Because I Followed The Formula – I kept feeling real what I chose instead.)

Here’s another personal success…

“My friends, my treatment team, and my attorneys ALL stated that I would be disabled after being beat and taken hostage as a guard in the Camp Hill Prison Riots back in 1989, when I was just 23 years old.

I was down and out for a while, my dreams were shattered.  But since then, I have had a wildly wonderful series of jobs and careers – leading to me doing exactly what I want to do EVERY SINGLE DAY, and ALWAYS working with wonderful clients who I love to work with. “

Why?  Because I dove back in deeper…

And I Followed the Formula.)

“ONE MORE:  My Mom and my doctor growing up, used to tell me I would be a sickly boy, because I was born 3 months early (just over 2 pounds in weight.)   And guess what, until I decided differently – and NAILED THIS – I was that sickly kid.  But today, you wouldn’t have a clue that I was a 98 pound weakling, sick more than most as a kid.”  

Why is my life TOTALLY NOT what they expected?

(Yes you guessed it, I got tired of being sick and tired and I FULLY Followed The Formula.)

  • I felt my ideal me as real.  I kept doing my Feel It Real Sessions, and MIRACLES HAPPENED.

So what is holding YOU back today?

  • Is it what have others IMAGINED as real about  you?  
  • Is it what they tell you is possible?
  • Is it what they believe is real?


Time to put an end to all that BAD NEWS!

Follow The Formula.  Learn how to Feel It Real like WE DO.  Do your daily sessions.   Eliminate the negative penetrations.   And FEED THE SEED you planted, the seed of greatness within.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Rose says:

    Hi TwentyTwenty!

    In his audio „God‘s Law and his promise“ Neville says:

    You simply work yourself to a state of a certain intensity. And it doesn‘t take time, I mean a long time. I would say the maximum time would be no more than 10 seconds. To bring someone before your mind‘s eye and hear his voice clearly and feel the thrill that what he wanted, he has. And then you drop it. You don‘t do it again.

    I have been doing daily feel it real sessions on my wish for more than a year and nothing has happened or “externalized” so far. I’m beginning to find it hard to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and I’m wondering what I’ve been doing wrong. I have used the two following techniques:

    1. Neville’s “getting out of the army-technique”, i.e. sleeping where I would be sleeping if my wish was fulfilled: seeing the place from my position in the bed, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells, getting up and walking around in the apartment.

    2. The congratulatory scene: picturing a friend congratulating me on my success and hugging me with great joy.

    These scenes I have been repeating for what seems to be a very long time. Either “the appointed hour” very far away or my imaginings have not been intense enough, especially over time, or it might have been actually more effective to do it only once, for a maximum of 10 seconds, as Neville suggests, because as the months went on, I couldn’t always muster the pure joy of having attained the fulfillment of my wish, as doubts started to creep in. What are your thoughts on this?

    Best regards!


  2. Dennis says:

    I needed this message exactly today! For the last month I’ve totally immersed myself in the news and all the crazy stuff going on in the world today. I stopped reading Neville and your emails even. I have been miserable! I was sitting here wondering what I could do to feel better and have my peace back, then of course…neville! I was actually going to email you and get your input when I noticed this post…ironic! The Universe knew I was ready to come back and recenter myself again. Btw I’m a veteran, I deal with ptsd as well so the news is a dangerous trap for me. Thank you so much TT&V for everything!
    Which lecture was this post from?

  3. Harsha says:

    There’s one thing that is very important if we are to reduce the amount of these imprinting (feeling it real) sessions: that is a general state of detachment and appreciation / happiness. A state of detachment (or non-resistance or allowing) and appreciation / happiness is in essence (emotionally) the same as the state of success. When one has attained a predominant state of positivity and detachment (a happy mindset), then all one needs to do is choose the desired outcome and the flow will move towards its manifestation. The only thing I’d like to have seen Neville mention a bit more is the importance of joy and gratitude in a general sense i.e. happy things happen to happy people.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Harsha,

    You bring up some valuable points mate. The word detachment is a funny one, that tends to confuse a lot of people – because if you do it how many people teach it – you won’t be Nevillizing or Feeling It Real.

    Here is an article to help with that:

    Neville taught detachment in a way that most people miss – and it is vital to get this one right.

    Many blessings mate,

    TT and V

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nice to have you back mate.

    Holding tons of goodness in mind for you.

    Have you read our PTSD book yet? It literally is how I healed myself of PTSD using this stuff.


    TT and V too

    PS: I can’t remember which lecture this is from. I’ll peek around and see if I can find it.

  6. lisa says:

    Hey TT V and E –
    I have been thinking about this often this particular week – (b/c the story of working with a (human) “team” in business so often seems to throw my energy out of whack, as well as my sense of – well, orderliness, rightness, getting-it-doneness… and always I am reconsidering what is the state, the feeling to maintain. to create. to sustain – In me. For me. By me.
    I saw the comment above by Rose – assuming she is diligent and truly in growth mode, as this audience generally is… I find over and over inside the pattern” or the not quite getting where/what I want-ness… oh, I can indeed always see where I drop the faith. I lessen my own sense of ” I am the Creator of Universes…including this mini drama of my project and team.

    There is a wonderful power in this work being…so unrelentlessly true.
    In other words, as Rose, sometimes when tired or weak in my human condition, I can complain to myself and the world at large…and yet, every time, every single time, I calm and review and sit – I know where I myself defer the pearl. That pearl of great price.

    Love you more every single day.
    Love your work, your assistance in guiding the work of neville to my reality, more every day too.

  7. Rose, you situation is a quite common one and from experience I can telll that you have neglected a key component to you’re sessions.It is quite easy as human beings to become overwhelmed by the seeming largeness of our Desires and this can oftentimes hurt our progress and the fulfillment of our wishes.The key here is to really feel A sense of RELIEF……..or as the ancients called it resting in the LORD.Neville often reminded us in his teachings about the importance of the sabbath, which symbolizes a fundamental aspect of a successful session, and one that is frequently overlooked.Really know and feel that you’re desires are really GODS desires.Align yourself with Neville and realize that these desires are truly gifts from the creator.By doing so, a sense of relief will penetrate you’re being and the responsibility of the fulfillment of these same desires will be lifted off you’re shoulders.Persist and always be aware that with God All things are Possible.