The Prosperity Pack

“In a short amount 4 months of time I have manifested a dream house that fit into my credit situation, a new job in a new industry that I wanted to get into and yesterday after just a little effort with the prosperity pack, found out there was about $5200 coming our way from a deceased relatives estate. Thanks for your effort, I appreciate all that you do!” – Dave. Michigan, USA

“I’d like to firstly say that your work is BY FAR the most effective of its kind I’ve come across in the 28 years I’ve been aware of this sort of thing. Part of the reason I think that it works so well is that Mr Twenty Twenty is a brilliant teacher.
I have purchased the Prosperity Pack which I find BRILLIANT.  A little later I’d like to share with you a 2 little financial “miracles” that have appeared in my life since beginning to absorb your amazing teaching of Neville’s principles.” – Peter R.

What you are about to read below is just the tip of the iceberg…

…from the introduction.    Your Neville Goddard Prosperity Package is about much more than just Manifesting More Money, even though it will help you do that. – – It’s time to CREATE TRUE WEALTH on all leavels.

Odds are you will notice something very profoundly life changing yet simple in the next few sentences.  And if you notice how this applies to you – get ready – things are going to change – for the better – big time.   Let’s dive in.  Years ago…

I used to feel funny, READNG BOOKS on making money.   Because, “isn’t that what poor people do?”

Then one day, I was working doing odd jobs for one of the local millionaires in my home town of Scottdale, Pennsylvania, and  I noticed he was reading the same “make money” book I was secretly reading.  So I told him about it, and I asked him why he was reading it, after all – he didn’t need to – he was worth quite a few million.

His answer planted a seed deep inside my mind…

…a seed that changed my world – forever.  He said, “I read books on money, so I make more money, isn’t that why you read them?”

I was ashamed to admit that I was reading books on making money, because I didn’t want to be poor any more.   I was stuck on “not being poor”, Edwin was reading the same book, but focused on something far more powerful.   Edwin was focused on becoming even more wealthy.   Edwin told me that where I was in my thinking, was fine for now, but that I need to experience THE SHIFT, so that the books would work for me.

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quotes_believeWhat is THE SHIFT?

You see, I didn’t realize it, but I was leaking power and thinking poverty deep inside.  I thought that people (including me) would think I was poor, because I was reading “make money” books.

So kept secretly reading them AND NEVER FULLY APPLYING what I read.  All because I thought to myself “that is what poor people do”.

On the other hand my friend and mentor, old Edwin was totally okay reading books on money…

And he was okay fully applying what he learned, because he was focused on expanding and generating wealth.   I was stuck on the problem ” less poverty”, Edwin was focused on what he wanted “more wealth”.

NOTE:   Edwin pointed out that I was wealthy enough in my mind WAY back then to take the first steps, to decide to buy the book, and to read it.   I was mostly still in a poverty – actually an anti poverty – mindset though – and that is what held me back.

Edwin helped me realize something powerful that day, something that I was reminded of while compiling and editing the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.  And that is…

You will avoid investing in anything that increases your wealth – as long as you see it as anti poverty.   (This includes doing regular sessions – based on the teachings of Neville).   Resistance (sneaky resistance) was in my world, because in my mind, reading the book was “anti poverty” so I couldn’t be seen reading it, some days I didn’t even want to read it – because it was a reminder to me that “I am poor”, I currently don’t have what I want.

Let’s dive in to Neville Goddard and Your Prosperity Pack.

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We’ve found two reasons why people aren’t faithful or complete with their Financial Freedom sessions.

One of them has to deal with common, almost invisible “addiction”, you’ll learn more about that in the package.   Too many details to write about here.   When we do dive into it – it’s gonna blow your mind.  And you will see it happening EVERYWHERE.

It’s gonna be NO WONDER, why most people stay broke, and retire broke.

Now, The other reason people can’t stay faithful to their FINANCIAL SESSIONS is the loopy thought we have been exploring:


“If I am doing sessions around being wealthy, doesn’t that mean I am NOT wealthy already?”

Remember, you can try to force yourself to do sessions to escape poverty – or you can do sessions that are FOCUSED FROM – increasing your wealth.   The first will be hard to sustain, the second will not only eliminate heaps of stress from your life, but will literally change your world from the inside out.


Because, anti poverty sessions are sessions that are coming from the state of “only poor people do this”, or “this is what POOR PEOPLE DO”.

If you continue operating with that kind of assumption in mind, odds are you will start avoiding doing structured daily sessions – especially those related to MONEY.  (Most people we talk to that don’t do daily structured sessions – have this kind of belief – but they’ve never noticed it before we take them through a process like this – so they notice it. )

Does this sound familiar to you too?

On the other hand, WEALTH sessions come from the state that “wealthy people do this all the time”.    Rich people daydream success and feel it real while laying on the beach, while sitting by the pool, while sitting in their tiny little apartments – knowing that one day they will own the building, maybe even the whole city block that their current apartment is on.

It’s all about expanding the wealth you already have – even if it’s just a few bucks – even if it’s just a mindset – an attitude.  It’s about taking  the most powerful, confident, and effective states you can imagine – and growing them even more powerfully in your life.

So let’s dive in to show you a tiny peek into the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – it is MASSIVE.

  • In THREE of the 59 lessons, we will explore together how Victor Goddard used the methods to keep expanding wealth.
  • In Lesson XX – you will learn how to make sure you are not focused on escaping a problem – but on experiencing an ideal.   (Edwin read his wealth books in public, because he was focused on wealth.  I was ashamed of mine, because I was focused on my poverty problem)
  • You’ll learn a simple FOUR WORD PHRASE that makes manifesting easy in Lesson 5.
  • Lesson 10 will teach you what to do when “things slow down” and you aren’t making what you want this week.
  • “Is it wrong to seek after things in the material world?”   Lesson 11 will help put to rest any conflicts you have had due to old programming.
  • Can you really get something for nothing?  (Lesson 12)  Should you try to?   (Neville’s words hear will comfort most, and just might shock a few.)
  • Lesson 15 – How to bring a business venture into being? (What not to do, and what you NEED to do.)
  • Learn two simple “shamanic exercises” (Lessons 17 and 18) that Neville shared early on, that will make manifesting much easier for you.
  • What is the #1 universal feeling you need to have – to create more prosperity in your life?  (Lesson 27)
  • What happens when you Judge – and exactly what to do instead – if you want more financial freedom – (Lesson 32)
  • The NUMBER ONE thought you need to have – and the one you need to eliminate – every day – all day – that guarantees success and freedom.  (Lesson 33)
  • You’ve been infected!  What to do when your mind has taken on a mind virus!  (Lesson 38) – This even happened to Neville himself.
  • This is our most massive package EVER here on the site.  In it you are getting:

Introduction To Prosperity – This is like a 45 Minutes Mastermind Call with  Mr Twenty Twenty

59 Prosperity Lessons – PURE Neville Goddard Read and LESSONS Explored by Mr Twenty Twenty (Almost 2 hours of audio.)

The HandBook that contains all 59 Lesson Summaries PLUS the 16 original Neville Goddard Lectures they are from.  (It’s over 200 pages total.)

Plus the Original Neville Goddard In His Own Voice Recording – Feel After Him – that inspired this massive project.   (You’ll find out why THIS recording, inside.  It’s a goodie, a real goodie.

REMEMBER YOU GET THE BONUS: Feel After Him – A very special Neville Goddard in His Own Voice Recording….

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July 27, 2017

TT & V,

I want to start off by saying that the Prosperity Pack is your best work yet! It really should be called the “Prosperous Life Pack”, because though wealth/money is the focus, I came away with a whole new understanding of how to prosper in all areas of my life.

It’s only the first week and I can already notice little shifts within me, and my sessions have been taken to a new level, just from applying the stuff in this pack. The lessons are short, which I liked, and you have this awesome way of teaching Twenty, that has me pondering the lessons for hours, even days after listening to them.

I love the way all the lessons are summarized in the manual (which I had printed & bound), and it’s already becoming my “go-to” source along with my Neville reader. I can definitely see myself revisiting this course over & over, it’s that GOOD!!!

Ashlee in Australia

February 8, 2017

Wow this is fun 🙂 I’m glad that you received my letter. At least we found a way to be in touch. Wishing you with beautiful imagination great stuff too T T & V as you imagine prosperity for me;)

And man the prosperity pack is “mind blowing” no one could explain Neville better than you guys. I’m listening while driving, sitting, walking in the park. I’ll take notes too of course. But guys I can’t thank you enough. This is awesome and exciting.

I look forward to drink tea with you in you Verandah;)

Best & love
Henry in Turkey

November 13, 2016

Thank you so much for your amazing inspiring articles, videos and courses! Your work is so authentic and honest and REAL! I am currently doing the Prosperity Pack and it is great!

I am a health coach, nutritionist and counsellor here in Oz and am pretty good at manifesting health and other things, but have (had!) some nonsense beliefs about the monetary value of my services, so working through your course has helped me bust some beliefs – thank you!

Janie in New South Wales

Hi Mr. TT,

I’m getting better at manifesting money! Still a little rusty but as I continue my feel it real sessions and my congratulatory conversations things are improving.

Quick story about a month ago I found some awesome celebrity personal trainers through my sister. So me being me I reached out to inquire about pricing and let’s just say it was more than I wanted to spend but the price was well worth the results I’d seen from their clients. Anyway I imagined how nice it would be and how awesome I would look after training with these people for 30 days.

Side note: I started working out on my own and just imagining how toned and nice I’d look. So last night I’m texting my sister and we are laughing and sharing fitness photos and she mentions she isn’t paying the trainers she’s going to eat healthy but then she says I’m not going to train with them but when I get my settlement money in 3 weeks that’s what I’m going to do for you.

I was literally blown away. I will finally be working with the trainers in three weeks. My take away is things don’t always come in the form we expect them to all I wanted was to train with these folks and for the money to easily and not cause stress and look it showed up as a gift. 🙂


TESTIMONIAL: “You are Awesome my friend!! Doubling my Money every 30 days, has been an Amazing Process!! I have more money in my account, and see more Money coming in Each Month! I’m doubling my $100 (attitude money) into $200 this Friday!! I am Very Excited!! It hasn’t been easy, but I have been Focusing on my Wealth Only, and if lack crept up, I changed my state. Thank you for Sharing your Wisdom!! ”  Keith S. – Delaware, USA

I really just wanted to Thank You so very much for making this information available and making it so easy to grasp & put into action. I have been on my journey of “self-discovery” for quite some time now and it isn’t until I found, particularly the Prosperity Pack that everything finally made perfect sense.

I had been feeling “stuck” for a while and it’s very easy to fall back into the state of “worry & fear” when “nothing” seems to be happening. BUT now that I’ve listened to the lessons in the prosperity pack especially the “Feel After Him” recording in Neville’s voice, I have had an amazing revelation sorta speak. LOL. I realized that I was thinking “of” not “from”. I have since made the shift and can feel the peace within. That inner knowing that it is done.

I also put the “Reverse the Conversation” lesson to the test. My husband played in a Charity Softball Tournament over the weekend. He called me on day 1 and says” Two guys can’t make it, there’s no way we’re going to win, now”. I say to him ” well, of course not, not with that mindset. If you needed those guys to win, they’d be there. Don’t worry about it, go out and play, have fun. You’ve got this!” As I hang up, I can see the light bulb appear over my head and I just shouted REVERSE THE CONVERSATION!!! I sat there still with the my phone in my hand and imagined him telling me that they won even though two guys didn’t show up. I played the conversation over in my mind several times and also imagined the team taking pictures with the trophy while I was listening to my husband tell me the wonderful story about how they won. Long story short…yes, his team won. 🙂

So many great lessons in this package, its hard not to comment on all of them! I truly appreciate the time you take to teach the truth & help us awaken the power & beauty within. If my feelings are of any indication of what’s in the making, then I believe its time I strap on my seat belt and enjoy the ride to “grandma’s house”. 🙂

Thank You a MILLION times!!

Wishing you Many Blessings,

Samm 🙂

I want to acknowledge how grateful I have been to Mr. Twenty-Twenty’s assistance and encouragement with applying Neville Goodard’s teachings.  I followed TT”s advice from his book, Imagining Neville, and begin to Imagine talking with Neville about the power of imagination.  I had a vision that night of Neville supporting me with an imaginal act I sought to manifest. I know my imaginal act is accomplished.  I have seen other imaginal acts begin to take shape in ways I had not expected, as well.   I am truly appreciative of Neville’s teachings, and for Mr. Twenty-Twenty.
Respectfully, John

I wanted to share with you that I think it was last week you posted something about putting money hidden in your wallet (The Attitude Money Experiment) and then increase the amount in your wallet in a few days. I did that. I didn’t touch the hidden money even when things looked financially bleak. So far, this is what has happened. Today is August 14th, my monthly income so far this month is $6,185. (I’m self employed) usually by the 15th my income is near $5,000, so it’s not even the 15th and my income is up $1,185. To me, this is really impressive stuff and I thank you for it. – M. H.

As I said before the stuff you teach is the BEST BY MILES I’ve EVER EXPERIENCED.   I’m 45 years old and became interested in “this stuff” at 19. My first contact with this stuff was from Dr Joseph Murphy who I believe was a “colleague” of Neville.  Due to my scatterbrained nature, I really didn’t have the persistence to stick to Dr Joe’s techniques although I KNEW this stuff was the way to a wonderful life.
Since then, through mistakes trading FOREX I acquired around  A$85000 debt. This has been hanging over me like a #%&$!?! dark cloud  for 8 years. I seemed to pay a bit off and then land more debt, so it has persisted.  Since scoring this debt, I’ve drifted toward gambling- this has been part of the “one step forward and one step back” thing that has kept me in debt.
Then I stumbled  upon your “stuff”. Within 2 weeks of purchasing your Feel It Real recordings, I suddenly found myself with a gift of A$50000 !! And I must confess I didn’t EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO DO THE TECHNIQUES!   WHAT I THINK DID IT FOR ME WAS THE FACT THAT I WAS SO DAMN EXCITED ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THE “FEEL IT REAL” stuff that I just went off and fell into alignment with these laws of life which Neville taught and you now teach.  And this isn’t all!  3 weeks later I was on the pokies and won a $A23000 jackpot !!
I have now learned how to trade PROPERLY and have ceased losing more than I earn. I can now make consistent profit from trading- I’m just a little scared to get back into it full scale-   (absolutely chicken shit to be honest) although this fear is slowly subsiding.  I also love Kung Fu. I have studied Wing Chun for just over 20 years. Your mention of your Kung Fu dedication was one part of my initial interest in your great work at Freeneville. 
So I just want to express my appreciation of your work. You have fantastic  teaching methods and are a VERY good and effective teacher. To say that your brilliant work is inspirational is an understatement and does not do justice to the genius of your work and methods you use to convey it.  So thank you both again!!  Your work is a precious gift to humanity!  God bless you both !!!  – Paul Rome

“Prosperity Pack Lessons 1 through 4, Talk about intense! (in a good way) I really like that Twenty Twenty has “work sessions” /questions In the first part, You listen to Neville and along the way, Twenty Twenty has specific questions for you to think about AND even has the place where it is covered. This really helps one better understand what is being said. The lessons he has are “short, sweet and to the point” but gets you thinking (I actually write my answers down ) as it comes part of you not just something you read somewhere. SO easy to understand,… read the section, or listen to the lecture, then go into the “review” or “cliff notes” and whaaa Laaa !!! Instant understanding. (love the parts where Neville says “don’t give them lip service” ) Amazing Job…”

Dear Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you my progress.

I bought the 59 lessons and began on August 1, a little more than a week ago. In that short time, I have experienced the following manifestations:
I have increased my Attitude Money to $300–never to be broke again
I teach piano and presently have three students, but this week I have encountered five new students to start in September, bringing my studio to eight. With this extra money, I will pay off my credit cards quickly. I’m also teaching general music-reading skills to my neighbors and they are enjoying it. I will continue to Feel it Real and manifest the things that will enrich my life as I enrich others’ lives.

Thank you for changing my life. I expect that what I am feeling will continue with the remainder of the lessons and beyond.


Dave B.
Clermont, FL USA

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