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You Ask – We Answer – March Feel It Real Podcasts and Periscopes

tt_v_emmett_2015Hey mate,

Here’s where you ask questions, and where we enjoy answering them.

Last month we stared up the Feel It Real Podcast and had an absolute blast!

Over 1,000 listeners, and heaps of thank you emails, comments and of course – your questions answered.

If you missed them, here is the link to February’s Feel It Real Podcasts – Click Here

And come back here DAILY for each new episode.  Leave your questions in the comment section below, just 2 or 3 sentences max.

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria and Emmett (And now Bruce!)

March 30, 2016

Thank you for this email today ( and all the other ones too)!!
I don’t have a problem imagining and living in the state of the wish fulfilled during and immediately after I do a session.

It’s going about my day and staying in that state.

I start to see the reality of my situation and I creep back to worry and frustration.

I know that doing it ( living from the state of the wish fulfilled) feels amazing and I can get there in no time because I’m very much aware of the feeling, it’s KEEPING in that state when my reality is the opposite. That’s my struggle right now. 

Please advise! You guys are awesome!


Go To: What to Do When Your State Becomes Contaminated – Why We Do More Than One Session

March 30, 2016

I am on a roller coaster with my feelings:

One minute I can feel it real and feel I have connected to my source and I feel amazing/ecstatic.

Then I lose it and feel literally the opposite – life is so tough, and feel the worst I have ever felt.

Then feel just nothing.


March 30, 2016

Almost everywhere its mentioned….’believe in the reality of your imaginal act’…..could you please shed light on this one,initially your brain just rejects the idea of it being real….but after spending so much time here I know that is the actual reality…..this is a shadow world



March 29, 2016

Hey TT and V,

Could i please ask you something? I have been trying to improve my eye sight for a year now but it only shifted a tiny bit. 

I had been visualising that i wake up in morning and i can see clearly!

Then i also imagined the inside of my eye and see that the light hits the back of eye in the correct place etc. i really don’t know how to visualise the best way, could you suggest please?

Thanks so much

Go to: What Is The Best Scene To Imagine?

March 29, 2016

Dear family,

I was reading the pdf lecture ‘the inner conviction’ , it’s an amazing one , this is what Neville says

Tonight I ask you to take the most fantastic thing in this world and find an inner conviction within yourself that it is yours, for the truth of any concept is known by the feeling of certainty which that conviction inspires. 

So my question is how to find that conviction ?

My family manifested a beautiful house , more than we expected and I realise now that I have been living here since last august – it doesn’t feel like oh wow I am living in a new house big and beautiful , my adrenals are not bursting over it all the time,it feels calm and natural , like quiet yeah it’s how it’s meant to be,

Love B

Go to: How To Manifest a Million Dollars – Finding Inner Conviction

March 28, 2016

Dear Mr 2020 and Victoria,

If I want to imagine my future partner happy and create a scene, how can I do this not knowing who my partner is, what he looks like etc? How can I see someone happy when I don’t know him yet and have no idea as to how he looks, talks, smells, moves and so on?

Thanks for clarifying this for me and have a wonderful Easter Monday!

With love from Germany 


March 28, 2016

Hi Guys!

Say I am imaging health. And I’m in that state doing what healthy people do and it leads me to a particular product. Now the product itself doesn’t make me healthy, I am healthy because I live from that state. And am expressing great health.

Does that mean that I don’t have to use the superfood product? Its claims to promote a lot of health benefits but the product itself doesn’t have power? Could you Please explain?

March 27, 2016

Hello TT and V,

What is Neville’s take on the law of karma ?
Any article of video on it ?

Please let me know.



“For the present moment does not recede into the past, but advances into the future to confront you. You will walk into your future and confront the fulfillment of your desire, which began as a dream.” – Neville Goddard

Karma and Your Divine Purpose

March 27, 2016

Hey guys,

What about free will?


“The illusion of the free will to do is but ignorance of the law of assumption upon which all action is based. Everything happens automatically. All that befalls you, all that is done by you – happens.” – Neville Goddard

“If you know who you are and how imagination operates, you will learn to control your imaginal activities. If you do not, they will be controlled for you by another, and you will become their victim.” – Neville Goddard

Free Will and Do I Do Something or Do I Do Nothing?

March 26, 2016

Hi TT and V,

I believe our school could’ve started much sooner
But dealing with certain people and situations held us back

People saying they were “helping us out”, but it wasn’t going anywhere or taking a bit longer then it could’ve. But as soon as we released these people and situations, things just started happening back to back with little to no effort.

Everything that has happened to us has happening in less then two months but we started this back in October.


Go to: Tameka’s Success Story

March 26, 2016

Hi Guys!

Did we choose to wake up in this life! I feel I did. I feel some didn’t.


March 26, 2016

I’ve been Nevillizing and enjoying it. I’ve been getting in the state of who I want to be. It’s wonderful.  But, this morning I woke up with massive fear and the feeling I need to struggle to get what I want in life. And, I’m frozen in place. Have you ever had a relapse? And if you did how do you get out of it? 


Go to: Making Friends With Fear – Neville Goddard Coffee Club

March 24, 2016

Hi TT and V…

i cant accept the thought that your Reactions Create Your Reality. We are always reacting  to something or the people surrounding us force us to react to something…

i use all of Nevillie’s teaching nothing seems to work.

Whats the solution?


PS: I think you cant manifest big thing like yacht, big business etc, just by imagination.

Go To: Your Reactions Create Your Reality

March 24, 2016

Hi TT and V,

Can you help me with the State Akin To Sleep and The Alpha State?


Go To The State Akin To Sleep Video

March 23, 2016

Hello TT and V.

I am trying to feel it real in a situation where a business deal or bill needs to be funded. I am feeling it real for $10,000 to be in my bank account but a bill is due now and the funds are not physically in the account. how would you you handle this.


Go to: The Three Levels of Imagining – Reacting – Creacting – Creating

March 23, 2016

Hi Mr TT and V,

I just have a quick question. You know how we can feel it real for somebody else?  I was wondering can we feel it real for my cat? 

She had blood in his urine and has been using the restroom out of the litter box he is getting OLD but I just want to imagine it jus to be something a little antibiotics can’t fix and it be nothing serious thank you guys.


Go to: Feel It Real Saved My Dog’s Life Success Story

March 23, 2016

How can i create intimacy with a woman, without specify the girl? Do you think it´s a good thing, imagine a friend of mine congratulate me because my woman really loves me a lot?


May 20, 2016

Hi TT and V

I can see that what this person really wanted was to be a painter, not to win the lottery, and your answer to them was right on, Mr. TT. But I’m wondering, what about if winning the lottery IS what you want? Is it wrong, if that’s what I want? Did Neville ever teach that anything was too difficult or too big to ask for? Thanks for all you guys do!


Go to:  How To Manifest What You Really Want

Go to:  Can You Really Manifest ANYTHING?

May 20, 2016

Mr. TT,

Any tip is very much appreciated! If i want to trade forex for a living, what end do i have to imagine? Do i imagine my account or the money that I am withdrawing? Many thanks!


The Fundamentals – Define Your Aim

Hi Mr. TT and Victoria,

Greetings to you both. Neville fell asleep in Barbados. Can I fall asleep in the nest of $120,000 That I see in my mind?

May 20, 2016

Hi Mr. TwentyTwenty!

I saw the post about manifesting negative or dangerous people out of your life.

I need to know how to do this now.

This has been a recurring situation for me.

Please expound on that and the push/pull and anything else I can do to get rid of this.

P.S. I am female and a loner and have had a lot of problems with jealous men trying and or succeeding at hurting me.

May 20, 2016

I feel no fun nor enjoyment in anything anymore….
How to focus on joy and happiness like Julie in the story when I feel so badly all the time?


March 19, 2016

Hallo TT and V,

When I am at work, I lose focus and I am move into another state where I think about the girl whom I love. What can I do to focus better at work ? I would like just to think about work all the time when I am work.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Love and Blessings!

March 19, 2016

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

I have 3 things I would like to have happen/change in my life.

Should I do 3-5 sessions a day on each one every day? Or, pay attention to one thing one day and another one another day?

Or, would paying attention to the one big thing just open the way for the other things to resolve on their own?



March 19, 2016

Hi Mr. 2020 and V,

I have dreams of me holding babies that are someone else’s and thinking I know I will have my own. They are peaceful. But does that mean Im not living from the wish fulfilled? Why do I dream of creating babies while in the state of being a mom?

I already had a dream where I had 4 children. I know the cause of everything is in imagination and I am not worried about it anymore. Do you suggest I do anything more?



March 18, 2016

How powerful is music while just relaxing and thinking about our desires. Like, driving in the car, listening to our favorite CD and thinking FROM THE END.

Patrick from Facebook


March 18, 2016

I’ve spent a lot of time F.I.R. at being financially free enough to leave my crappy current job…and I’ve also spent time, though less of it, doing FIR on occupying my dream job, of being a film director.

Unfortunately, neither position ever feels 100% natural when I FIR for them, but I try.

Recommendations ?

Joe from Facebook

March 17, 2016

These past few sessions that I’ve been doing about being the successful store owner that I know I am (going to be) have gotten me feeling overjoyed and giddy that I am aroused from my state akin to sleep. Almost jolted from it. Is that still effective, would you think?


March 17, 2016

We have a list at school called the “President’s List” and it’s a list where students’ GPA is 4.0 or higher. I want to be on that list for this semester. How can I FIR using Revising to change my previous grades to As and what would you suggest my FIR scene be to imply that I ended up on the list?


March 16, 2016

Hey TT and V,

Give us a tip to turn negative self talk into positive self talk?


March 16, 2016
Hi Twenty and Victoria!
How can I stay in the state when my negative neighbor is always nagging me about how bad things are?


March 15, 2016

How can I Feel As Real, something that I have never had in my life.   I’ve always been poor, how can I really imagine what it’s like to be rich?  If I have never been married or in a great relationship, how can I imagine that?


March 15, 2016

I would like to get more motivated about starting my own online business and creating an income that isn’t dependent on me living in one set location.

My “problem” is motivating myself to get to work on it in my free time. I am curious how you would approach that?


March 14, 2016

How I can change this situation in my life. I saw my mother worry about financial problems and waiting my father coming home, he was cab driver. We were short money and he was late at home many times.

I am in the same situation like my mother and my husband is a uber driver. He does not make so much money and we are with financial problems

How i can change this mental program and become prosperous?
Thank you!
March 14, 2016

Please help me TT and V,

I do my daily sessions very well during the day….but the session that we are supposed to before falling asleep I skip many a times.

My problem is I fall asleep in the mid of my session leaving it incomplete. What should I do.? Please help me. Please.




March 13, 2016

Does Neville have anything to say on manifesting people out of your reality who are negative and potentially dangerous? 


Side note:  If you want us to do a video on this, leave a note in the comments below.  Moving beyond “dissociation” and “the i / you push” is BIG TIME LIFE CHANGING.  Both of those “block fully feeling” anything, and if you want to manifest change in your life, FEELING IS THE SECRET.


March 13, 2016

I did a few feel it real sessions on something I was wanting quite desperately months back and came to the difficult and sad conclusion that it probably isn’t meant to be. So from that, I have practiced acceptance of the outcome of not having it and being ok with that.

Here’s the thing. Since that moment, I have been exposed to several and big universal signs of what I wanted (without the actual manifestation) in my life. I’ve always taken signs very seriously, I am unsure of what to do next. it was so painful to let go- and sometimes i regress back to the state of having it-, but then quickly change my thoughts to being ok not having it.

I hope this is making sense. I just now wish for peace and contentness with my life.

Love, Ash


March 12, 2016

My house is in foreclosure. I think I will have to be out of it by may 16th. In Feel it Real you quoted neville, “if you are faithful to your ideal, your reactions will confirm to your aim… you will be thinking from your aim.”

If I pack and look for an apartment, how is that acting from my aim to be wealthy? Thanks!



March 12, 2016

How can I include power of Smell in my Congratulatory Imaginal Scene?

I am imagining my wife in scene and she congratulates me by patting me on the shoulder and I want include SMELL in my session. Any ideas?

Thanks & Regards


Power Point:  Notice how SMELL was used in these Feel It Real success stories and articles:


March 11, 2016

I know you had some issues with your health in the past.  Can you give me some tips how to get better or get healed.  Some days, I feel great and some days, I don’t.  I constantly think about it and when it will go away – that’s the problem, why it doesn’t. But  it is hard to feel great when your body tells you otherwise. Please can you share your personal experience on that?



March 11, 2016

Hi guys….

One thing I need a bit of help with is how to stay completely possessed by the ideal when being constantly bombarded by that which I don’t want. For example,  my ideal is to be financially content but in the so-called real world.  I do not have a job due to health reasons and I have to incur the expense of taking care of my ailing ex husband.

I am so overwhelmed by what I consider negative circumstances, I really don’t know what to do.  I can Feel it Real for those short times that I can focus but when i come back to “reality”, I am again overwhelmed by my situation and I completely lose the Feel I just had…..

Thank you and blessings….



March 9, 2016

I am still working on my ideal self and life also for those close to me. Small things are easier to manifest its the larger things thats taking some time.


March 9 2016

Hey TT and V, can you talk about making “fast” decisions? Like you generally recommend?



March 9, 2016

You say to life from the state you have chosen. Let’s say. I want to visit New York in Spring/Summer. How would I feel? Happy. Finally crossed that off my list. So, if I would live from that state I would have to approach life from a happy place, most of the time? Isn’t being happy a general state everyone wants to accomplish? Do I need to have a more specific state like ‘State of fulfilling my dreams’?



March 7 2016

Hi Mr TT and V,

I love the man that I’m with so much and want to become his wife. We had a little problem not so long and I forgave him for it.

Seems that our relationship has gone backward a bit and the distance is not helping. How do I get things back on track so he could make me his wife soon?



March 7, 2016

What do you do about friends who want to talk about the status of the relationship you are Nevillizing? How do you eliminate their opinions and observations from the day to day while you are Nevillizing the outcome? How do you live as if the wish is fulfilled while people ask where’s the evidence? Thanks!

Neville Lover

March 6, 2016

I find it difficult to stay focused on my ‘Feel it real sessions’ with goals which require a lot of time and effort. I want to have a successful career as a screenwriter and filmmaker. This takes years of study and I’m already 44. I often feel impatient and am ready to give up. How do you stay focused and not feel hopeless?

Priya from Facebook


March 6, 2016

If imagination is our saviour why doesn’t it work fast?



March 5, 2016

I know of a dog who has physical challenges.  I`ve seen him in my mind and moved him to a healthy and vibrant state. However this dog is visibly not healthy and receives a lot of sympathy and worry from others.  Could this or does this change the state that I’ve previously moved the dog to?

Gail from Manifesting Mastery


Hi TT and V,

“Does synchronicity matter or does it get you caught up looking for signs?”

Tara from Facebook


March 4, 2016

Hey TT and V,

Ok this has been on my mind today. To prune the vine do I need to go into a session or can I just see it happen within my minds eye’s even if it was earlier in the day

Julie from Manifesting Mastery

March 4, 2016

My question is how do you really FEEL IT REAL when your brain seems to be stuck and unable to imagine anything better for yourself. Like something in your subconscious is stopping you from moving on, even though you know it will be better for you?

Candice from Facebook


March 3, 2016

Hey Twenty,

I really want to be very consistent to doing this. Three times a day I find works for me if I get a email from you that tells me that is my home work.

How ever when I go to actually Feeling It Real 3 times a day every day till it comes a habit, I’m struggling.

My self talk is telling me I don’t have time or don’t worry about it.

I do have time and I know in myself that this is very powerful.

Have you got any ideas for me to turn this into a daily practice?



March 2, 2016

Dear Twenty twenty and Victoria,

These are tremendously helpful, thank you.

Can you please help me with this?  I cannot stay in the state of the wish fulfilled, I may enter the state for an hour or so but I just can’t maintain it, and then an overwhelming sense of frustration takes over me.

Love and light to you


March 2, 2016

Can you elaborate more on the breathing technique Nevile spoke of. I am trying to amp up my feeling when being in a state. Explain exactly what he does to explode.



March 1, 2016

I have a couple of questions. They have been addressed but i would like some clarification. Both neville and you always say to SEE your desire fulfilled. i have some difficulty SEEING IN MY MIND.S EYE. what do you recommend. also i am a bit confused when he says you don.t desire if you have it, which i agree with, so why do your session on a subject if you ‘have it already’? 1 other specific question, I have some major dental sitiutaion. what would Neville recommend?


Bruce Rop

And for your dental situation Bruce, just use the methods in the Neville Goddard Toolbox – No matter what your situation – this is what works.  (This one is WELL WORTH BOOKMARKING and keeping handy.  Rock solid gold!)


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  1. George says:

    What to imagine when you need money (i don’t have an income right now )?

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi George,

    The Manifesting More Money articles will help with that.

    So will the Tools in the Neville Goddard Toolbox.

    Remember, only YOU can choose the exact scene and feeling that would imply your wish has been fulfiled.


  3. Vanessa says:

    Audio doesnt seem to be there for any of the questions?

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    What kind of system / browser are you using Vanessa?

    It looks great here, we would love to see what’s happening for you.


  5. Anu says:

    Hi TT & V

    Sir, I would like to choose to work in my dream company,let’s say X company,….and I have only seen the company’s workplace in pictures…so I find it difficult sometimes …even if I enter into it and imagine….but still feel something lacks….please suggest me wht should I do…hw to create the best scene ?

  6. Panther says:

    Hi Mr. TwentyTwenty. I saw the post about manifesting negative or damgerous people out of your life. I need to know how to do this now. This has been a recurring situation for me. Please expound on that and the push/pull and anything else I can do to get rid of this. P.S. I am female and a loner and have had a lot of problems with jealous men trying and or succeeding at hurting me.