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The Three Doors You Need To Manifest With Speed

“The one requisite is to arouse your attention in a way, and to such intensity, that you become wholly absorbed in the revised action. You will experience an  expansion and refinement of the senses by this imaginative exercise and, eventually, achieve vision in the inner world. The abundant life promised us is ours to enjoy now, but not until we have the sense of the creator as our imagination can we experience it. ” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

There are The Three Doors you need to enter into – to Nevillize effectively. Are you opening all three of them when you are Feeling It Real?

  • Experience Complete Absorbtion.  
  • Open to the of Expansion of the Senses.   
  • Have a Refinement of the Senses.

Neville Goddard QuotesFirst, you need to be completely absorbed into your ideal.

Not half here and half there, “not lukewarm”.  Lukewarm water gets spat out.

A half entered into state gets rejected as fantasy and can not possibly become reality.  Just like how hot water is refreshing as a tea or a coffee or a hot chocolate, but nobody want’s to drink lukewarm tea, coffee or chocolate.  Lukewarm water isn’t very refreshing at all.

All yourself to be fully absorbed during your Feel It Real Session – so that you aren’t a mix if the cold hard sensory “facts” of life, with the radiant life giving warmth of your imaginal ideal.   Fully feel the ideal as real.

Takeaway:  Start with an quick ideal to feel as real.   If you can’t imagine being in your ideal home completely, see if you can fully feel as real taking a walk in the woods inside your imagination, or floating in a nice pleasant pool of water.   Train your brain for success, by daily imagining what you can quickly feel as real – and your imagining  will grow stronger – so you can feel ANY IDEAL you choose – as real.

Next, you get to OPEN up to the Expansion of the Senses.   One method we teach that helps with this is to breathe in – your ideal.

Breathe in the air – from your imaginal scene – through your mouth and nose.  If I was Feeling It Real for an ocean cruise, I would breathe in the lovely warm salty air of the ocean.

Feel it.  Breathe it down and feel it tingle into your toes.  Breathe it in and out until you start notice that you can breathe it in and out through your entire body – even through your skin.   This invites  expansion – a greater sense of oneness with your ideal in your body and in your mind – inside of imagination.

Finally, you get to experience the Refinement of the Senses.  

Notice in the photo’s we share from our garden, how colorful the flowers are.  Most people never see that amount of color, when they walk with us in the garden – until we point it out.  THEN, they open up to how beautiful and vivid the flowers  are.

While in your imaginal state, fully feel the smack of the HIGH FIVE or strength of the handshake that implies you have accomplished your goal, and that you have experienced your win.  Feel how the blood surges in your hand, feel the smile spreading on your face – and notice how your whole beingness becomes more alive as it happens.

You are accessing the pure potential that you truly are.   You are consciousness, driving your imagination.  You are pure potential, dancing in the dewdrops of love.

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Sue-Marie says:

    “How to use your imagination” was my introduction to Neville.

    I was facing a very difficult time in my life and was seeking answers from the universe, or anyone or anything else, to help me solve this heart-wrenching problem. What appeared was this little recording. Well needless to say, it changed my life. I absorbed it like a sponge, in fact I listened to it 10 times are day over and over again. It was the only release I had at the time.

    Then something remarkable happened, I stared using my imagination and “the seemingly impossible”, become my reality. It first appeared to me in a dream and I did not want to wake up I was so happy and content. When I woke up that morning I told my husband that this problem would be solved and that the dream was my confirmation. My husband was skeptical but hopeful. It took less than a week and my problem was solved.

    To this day I am so grateful to Neville and his teachings and to you guys for always having such amazing content to offer us. God bless you both.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Sue-Marie,

    Thank you for sharing here.

    When other readers ready your testimonial for the philosophy of Neville, it reaffirms their faith and their desire.

    It is a pleasure to have you here.



  3. leonard says:

    thanks for sharing. very inspirational. it really gave me the confirmation that i needed that i AM on the right path.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Leonard.

    Many blessings mate.

    We are one with God, with all that is, with pure potential.

    Soar with the eagles.

    TT and V

  5. lisa says:

    JUST an EXCELLENT lesson/post/share. thank you TT V and E
    We really are the operant power….just create this new habit of re-minding. re-membering. re-living. re-creating.
    Ah, yes….. thank you.

  6. Cindy in NYC says:

    So many commenters, I notice, (this includes me) came to Neville by a kind of ‘side door’..another type of higher consciousness study, using affirmations, “the Secret” (mine), or whatnot. But, we wound up curious enough about Neville, and why it seemed to stick with us, as we read, ringing true and working… as we tried the sessions and practices, and ‘felt right’, as we felt it real. As for myself, I am profoundly changed by the Neville principles, and appreciate them more each day as my life expands, in all its flavor and abundance. My ability to observe, to revise, to see things in a different way, to revise (hey how about we all try some of that – with our new guy in the Oval Office??). Seriously though, my wonderful human imagination continues to expand, prosper me, and lead me down creative and spiritual paths I never dreamed could be possible, just five short years ago..thanks thanks thanks..!!

  7. Patricia says:

    This message is SO perfect for me today, at this very moment. Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom.

  8. Lol says:

    Where can I get the little recording to help me manifest?
    I’m not achieving my dreams
    I can visualise really well feel it real feel the handshake but nothing is xhsnging

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Not sure which recording you mean Lol.

    Peek around the site and let us know, or you could also peek at the coffee club videos too.


  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Imagining you blessed Patricia!

    TT and V