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You Create The State – FreeNeville Exclusive

What if you stopped feeling desperate and started feeling destined to get what you want? (That would make all the difference, wouldn’t it?)

“This recording set should be called ROCK SOLID FAITH!” (Because THAT is what it gives you.)

“My wife and I were listening to the second recording when it hit home, we finally got it.  We understood how ONE simple phrase we were saying every day, made us feel desperate, and how kept blocking us from our blessings. Since listening to these recordings that has all shifted.  And thank you for the hand outs too.  We printed them out.  They make KEEPING THE FAITH much easier for us to do. ” 

“Before listening, I could stay stuck and upset for days or weeks with that nagging feeling.  Now I use the Instant Interrupt and am back on top of the world in seconds.  How did you figure this out?  My world has changed big time.  I taught this to my Mother, and she is so much nicer to be with now too.”  

Desperation and doubt are draining. They will undermine all your work, block your blessings, until you learn how to control your state at will.

“When you are listening to the recordings, you can feel the shifts. Amazing how it works. This one is a PRICELESS GEM!”

In just a moment, you are going to the first steps of EXACTLY the method Victoria and I personally use – to exit immediately ANY state that is damaging or destructive – and you will hear how we do that at will.   You will be learning the Three Simple Steps that anyone can do .  It will take you just seconds, to end completely any state that holds you back using these methods.

Imagine being able to control your mind – your imagination – your emotions – in less time than it took you to read this sentence – so you never block or delay your blessings ever again.   

Click Here to Listen – Create The State – Introduction.

For your notes – The Three Key Phrases in Part 1 – in the first phase of the method are:

  1. “I am upset.”  (The stuck state – you usually begin with.  You can substitute the word “upset” with any word that creates tension, resistance, force.)
  2. “That upset me.”  “That was upsetting me.”  (Moving it into the past – outside of you.)
  3. “I am now…”   (Make sure you use the Triple Whammy formula for this one.  It is ONE part of what makes this one stick solidly.)

If you think the 10 Minute introduction was good – you are going to love the full recording session available below.  Because in it you will also be learning:

  • More ways to use the Instant Intervention Methods.  (You’ll never get stuck in a negative state again  by using these.)
  • How you can make it STICK – cement it ROCK SOLID in so that it works FOREVER.  (The “Spider Lady” I did this with spent over $3,000 on therapy before learning this.  She was afraid – no – she was terrified of spiders all her life.  In less time than it took her to drink a cup of coffee with me – I taught her how to end that PERMANENTLY.  Imagine having that kind of power over your own mind.)
  • The most powerful words you can use to take control of your mind – so that it doesn’t control you.  (So you don’t get stuck arguing with your own mind, or trying to talk yourself into a better state which drains your energy, clouds your clarity, and wastes your time.)
  • The EXACT STATE you want to put ANY LIMITING BELIEF OR EXPERIENCE in – so that it doesn’t influence your thinking one bit.
  • Why is language sometimes so hypnotic – and what to do about that.  (Have you noticed how people trance themselves into stuck states all the time?)
  • How to notice when you are TRANCED OUT, and getting taken in by someone else’s gloom and doom fantasy – and what to do to end that at once.
  • How to use I AM statements properly – so that you only feed what you want to have in your life.
  • What the fastest and what the slowest parts of your mind are – and how to use them EFFECTIVELY so they support one another.
  • The SINGLE SOLUTION that you must include in all your creative and imaginative work.

And you’ll get not only the Full Recording Session – 39 minutes and 57 seconds – you will also be getting a 5 page handout that will help you get it at a much deeper level.

(UPDATE:  There are two recordings now – “Create The State” and “I Can Afford That” – 50 minutes – and TWO handouts too.  Your asked for more – and we delivered.  Thank you!)

Get it today – listen anywhere – anytime just by clicking the link below.

Mr Twenty Twenty


Hi TT and V,

Thank you for sharing invaluable knowledge with this package and I found all the answers to end my stuck state. I have been trying to talking to my mind for overcome stuck state. Thanks for this package those days were gone.
All the powerful techniques been included in this package works like a charm.

Thank you,

Blessings for you both

V. W.

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  1. Clinton says:

    Great share 20. I really like how you made it so simple and fast to get out of a stuck state. Catch you on facebook.

  2. Lisa Love says:

    This one is a gem Twenty and I am thankful for you sharing it today. Just at the right time for me. I ordered the recording and am listening to it now. Very very good.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    My pleasure. This one was by request. Your emails make it all possible. TT

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Lisa. Which part did you like best? TT

  5. Simon J says:


    When you asked the Spider Woman those questions, how fast did she lose the state she was stuck in? Was it instantly or did it take a few minutes?

    And how do I know when to use this in real life?

    One more, is when I say to people, “I can’t afford it” holding me back by blocking what I want which is more money?


  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    I will make a recording on the last bit and toss it up as a bonus for this package. A more empowering approach is to simply say, “I choose not to buy that today”, instead of saying “I can’t afford it”.

    When you say, “I can’t afford it”, you are creating conflict and conditions inside your mind that block financial prosperity. There is more to this, but it’s best put into a recording – and that will be a bonus we send out with the 5 page handout next week.

    When to use this in real life, there is are specific indicators to be on the look out for that you will hear in the later part of the recording when you listen to it. They involve learning how to instantly notice when you are making fuzzy movies – which happens often for most folks – when you are stuck listening to someone rambling or when you “go loopy”.

    The spider woman, shifted instantly. They always do. Because when you interrupt a “bad imagining” like we teach, they can’t help but STOP what they were doing, and then be open to something much more empowering. Experiment mate. The more you play with it, the more effective you become – and that blesses you and those around you.


  7. Mustav says:

    Works perfectly. Now to be honest, will I use it? Absolutely yes yes yes yes.

  8. Jan says:

    We were in an antique store over the weekend, when we spotted a nice table we had been wanting Mr20. The shopkeeper asked me if I wanted it. I did what you said, since I didn’t have enough money with me. She offered to hold it for me and yes I committed to buying it at the end of the month.

    Where I would have said, “I can’t afford it” before and walked out feel bad, I now felt resourceful and came up with a plan to make it happen. Then Monday morning we got a check in the mail too, that covered most of what the table is going to cost. And I still followed up with my plan, and will have the money by Friday. This works. Thank you. Jan

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Great Jan.

    Congratulations. When you realize how often you negate the state of the wish fulfilled, and simply use the methods – choice and commitment seem to say something to the imagination – that you are serious – and THAT is when the shift’s happen, the floodgates open, and possibility manifests.

    Keep it up,

    TT and V

  10. For all my Spiritual friends.

  11. Bill says:

    Thanks Twenty,

    I liked this one too.. I’m going to listen to some of the chronic complainers that I know and see if I can help them by asking some of the questions you mentioned in the recording.


  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Bill,

    You’ll definitely help them Bill, even if it’s just by helping yourself – and not joining them in their trance. (You staying out of their world of doom, invites them into your world.)

    That’s another way people repel their blessings and stop their change in progress, they join in with the sucky imaginings of other people, instead of helping them like you hear us do.

    Blessings mate,

    Twenty Twenty and Victoria

  13. Blessings mate. Thank you.

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you mate. Blessings.

  15. Lee Risdale says:

    I think Neville is a genius too, Lisa 🙂

  16. Fred Dagg says:

    Twenty 20 A belated welcome to Australia. good on you for all your love.

  17. Lois Ademola says:

    I would like to know how persons resident in countries not on paypal buy your packs. Thank you, Lois.

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Lois,

    We have had people pay us with Amazon Gift Cards to purchase items when they can’t use paypal.

    Thank you for asking. Looking forward.


  19. Dennis says:

    Very helpful, thanks TT&V! It does shift your mind and feelings rapidly.