Nevile Goddard In His Own Voice #4 – Special States

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Victoria and I are pleased to share with you Neville Goddard In His Own Voice #4 – The Special States Series.

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Neville Goddard In His Own Voice #4 features the following audio lectures:

1. It Is Within (45 Minutes)
2. Justified States(46 Minutes)
3. Law Of Assumption(45 Minutes)
4. Law Your Choice And Risk(44 Minutes)
5. Live In The End (54 Minutes) – Bonus FREE NEVILLE GODDARD PDF – Click here.
6. Mental Diets (19 Minutes)


7. Mind and Speech (43 Minutes)
8. Spiritually Known (45 Minutes)

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This reader email says it all. Listening to the voice of Neville Goddard is life changing.

I just wanted to say thank you for the audio “it is within”. I had been struggling with my belief and this audio really had an impact. I listened to it for maybe 6 hours. I my trouble was the conflict between being reared in the Baptist faith and being able to even imagine (amoung many outher things) that god was in me (can’t say I am god at this point) without feeling the flames licking at my feet. Regardless, I was sitting in my room this evenening and talking to myslef about an issue i really am trying to get right. I said, ok, if god is in me then I can prove it now. So I thought, God dwelling within me, it would be nice for my roomate to offer me ice cream. Now, we eat the bark off trees and raw dirt (thats how it tastes at least) so having ice cream is very abnormal and it sits for months without being touched.

Regardless, I imagined my roomate yelling it from the kitchen. I then waited a few seconds and went to get a book, because I remember Neville saying that he forgets and moves on. I was at my book shelf and my roomate suddenly popped in and asked with a huge smile, “You want some Ice cream?” I was in shock and he said, man you look wierd. As it is, Ice cream is my name for it, but it is actually frozen yogurt. He has never called it ice cream before.
I guess each example is really a personal meaning and when you explain it, maybe it doesn’t have the impact as it did for me, knowing how really out there the situation was.

What really shocked me, was at that moment I knew every unkind word, fight, problem, issue and incident was totally my work. Having your mind chatter unmistakably come back at you from another perrsons’ mouth and you know without doubt it was your thought from a momment ago returning to you, is a real mind blower. I am getting out the soap and washing my mouth and thoughts from now on! Call me converted! Thanks again, “S”.

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