Does Positive Thinking ACTUALLY BLOCK Your Blessings?

“I am a positive thinking and I keep focusing on the positive, but things never seem to work out how I had hoped they would.   I’ve read Neville for hours, but nothing has changed.   I keep telling myself everything will be fine.  And every day I even speak nothing but positive, hoping things will change.  Please help me.”  – Danni

Hi Danni,

It sounds like you are trying to talk yourself into…

…”things are good” instead of feeling your ideal as real already.

Remember, Neville taught that we need to FEEL – experience the world FROM the state of the wish having been fulfilled.

It sounds like you are discovering….

POSITIVE THINKING – is NOT – Feeling It Real.

Feeling It Real is very different than trying to be positive about something in your world.  

Let’s peek inside the mind of Neville Goddard for a moment and see what he has to say.

“We can create a new approach to life. If you and I would spend a few minutes every day in withdrawing our attention from the region of sensation…

…and concentrating it on an invisible state and remain faithful to this contemplation, feeling and sensing the reality of an invisible state, we would in time become aware of this greater world, this dimensionally larger world.

The state contemplated is now a concrete reality, displaced in time.” – Neville Goddard

“But TT, Victoria and You SEEM very positive all the time….”

And here is why WE are – the way wer are.

Neville states if you would spend a few minutes…

…every day WITHDRAWING your attention from “the world” and concentrating it on creating “the invisible state” – that which you choose to have and be in the world – and if you are faithful to this feeling – you will experience it in the physical world.

If you REALLY FOLLOW THE FORMULA and keep exploring this, you discover who you truly are and how this really works.   THAT takes away THE PRESSURE and lets you simply ENJOY LIFE.   

This is very different from the typical…

…positive thinking approach, which has you KEEPING your attention on the physical world you sense – and then putting a “spin” on it that sounds nice and positive.

  • The positive thinking approach is like a bad salesman, trying to talk you into something.   Contrast that with…
  • The Feeling It Real approach to life – is like noticing what you want to change in the physical world – then withdrawing to your inner workshop – to create what you want in the world. 

learn_how_to_feel_it_realRemember the words of Neville:

“Because consciousness is the only reality I must assume that I am already that which I desire to be. If I do not believe that I am already what I want to be, then I remain as I am and die in this limitation.” – Neville Goddard


  • Don’t waste your time and energy – putting a positive spin on what has been true in your life.   Remember – the physical world is ONLY an echo of what you have been imagining.
  • PLAY HEAPS with The Tools so you DISCOVER that…
  • STOP – BE STILL – and FOLLOW THE FORMULA, use the tools and GIVE LIFE to the live you choose instead.

Thank you for your letter Dani!

If you want to NAIL THIS and discover exactly why and how it works, STEP BY STEP we suggest investing in the training packages below.   Play with them HEAPS so you discover more and more how FEEL IT REAL is DIFFERENT  than what other people are teaching.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Will only a few minutes a day of imagining do it or is the more I imagine the faster it works

  2. Matt says:

    So did Neville ever say anything about affirmations, and if so, what were his views on them? Do you have any opinions on using affirmations? Thanks

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Matt,

    This one is for you mate:


    TT and V

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    What ever it takes for you to feel it real, and walk in the state of the wish fulfilled Jennifer.


    TT and V

  5. Matt says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot!

  6. Thank you Danni for asking your question and to Mr. TT for clarifying this. This helped me realize that I was making such an honest and simple mistake. But one that was clearly never going to put me in the proper state to create the life I want.

  7. Cindy in NYC says:

    I just paid off TEN YEARS of student loans, which I had been plugging away at, seemed like eternally. I celebrated, feeling it real, and this morning, putting my loan booklet, with those remaining ten…pesky monthly ‘receipts” in the paper shredder. I am also revising ..remembering how it felt to have no debts at all, as I am also enjoying the actual FEELING IT REAL portion of no debts. I can call this up in memory and ‘remember when”, from an unspecific time in the future. Great for the toolbox, huh?

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Go Cindy Go!

    Think this stuff works? 🙂 🙂

    It was so great getting to know you in Manifesting Mastery, and it’s even greater now – to watch you keep soaring higher and higher!


  9. Nat says:

    Awesome Cindy! Bless you.