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The 19 Most Powerful Words Of Neville?

freenevillecreativepower“Hey Twenty Twenty, I hope all is well. I have a question what if you are visualizing yourself looking in the mirror? You see I lift weights and I have been visualizing looking in the mirror through my own eyes as I lift weights.  Is this ok? It is so hard not putting your body in the movie.” – Tony

Hi Tony,

Great question mate. Since you would naturally see your own body while looking in the mirror, while PHYSICALLY lifting weights, that’s OKAY to do in a session. Because that is how weightlifters train.

Let’s contrast that with a BOXER for just a moment.

A boxer, who would NATURALLY see only his own boxing gloves – while seeing the body of his opponent or training partner – getting hit.

His sessions, could involve him seeing through the space between his gloves, and seeing his opponent falling to the floor of the ring, while he hears his coach hollering out from the corner – YOU DID IT!

Now Let’s Amp It Up a Level Higher…

…with a Feel It Real Masterkey from the Feel It Real Power Pack.

  • While you are seeing your BODY in the mirror (not yourself – you are not your body) – hear a training partner, coach or  friend congratulating you on how well you pump up – on how strong you have become.


This IMPLIES that you aren’t just “pumping iron”, this implies how awesome you have become – as a weight lifter, how far you’ve come, and that those around you SEE it too.  Which brings us to…

The 19 of the Most Powerful words of Neville!

“We must imagine that others see us as they would see us were we what we desire to be.” – Neville Goddard

It’s not just YOU seeing how far you have come…

Neville says YOU MUST imagine that OTHERS SEE it too.  And how do you imagine that others see your success – that you have become what you desired to be?

You hear them congratulating you, commenting on your success and accomplishment.  

Now go review yesterday’s lesson – The Difference That Makes The Difference, and see how much power this unleashes in you!

Take Away:

Anytime you focus on “seeing the activity” through your own eyes, add in hearing or over hearing CONGRATULATORY COMMENTS being made about you. The congratulatory comments add in the element of IMPLYING something has been done, the wish has been fulfilled. Notice how we do this in the example below.

feel_it_realMY PERSONAL STORY:  

I remember while sparring with a training partner years ago, hearing my instructor talking about what great a kicker I am, and how much I had improved in the past year.

I used that actual experience…

…as a template for my sessions, where I was seeing ONLY MY FOOT, easily touch my opponent at will – and hearing my instructor comment on how much fun it is for him to watch me compete, and how I keep getting better and better.


You almost NEVER see your body in physical life, so you almost NEVER put it in your Feel It Real Sessions – if you want them to Feel Real.

There are exceptions, like when you would be seeing YOU in a mirror – while weight lifting like Tony does.   The main question you want to ask is this, “Would I naturally see my body in this situation?”

“There is all the difference in the world between holding the idea, and being held by the idea. Become so dominated by an idea that it haunts the mind as though you were it.” – Neville Goddard

Holding the idea feels good.   Being HELD by the idea – feels real.




Are you Focused on Feeling Good or are you transforming your world by Following The Formula? – Click here

Have an amazing day and remember to Feel Your Ideal As Real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Joy says:

    Good one you two!

    Doing Feel It Real right is simple, but you need to do all the elements. What does the scene you are nevillizing imply? Are you including other people? Tiny bits that you give great details about in your books and articles that make all the difference.

    It works because we are the wisdom and the power of god.

  2. Powerful words, keep up the great work Mr 20/20.

  3. Vi Kent says:

    Excellent, as always, Twenty and Victoria!

  4. Lafayette says:

    Yesterday, I materialised five Euro which I claimed as I was a picking the it as I picked it up. I understand that the funds are attracted to me,that I am a magnetic force for material gain. I am curious about how to increase the supply? Am I to await larger increments or is there a way to speed them up?
    Thank you,


  5. Daisy Boo says:

    Many Blessings, this is so good

  6. Dennis says:

    Great article! It really is other people that confirm to us who we are at any time, so hearing them talk about or to us is a good way to guage that.