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The Difference That Makes A Difference – Neville Goddard Video

“This is difficult and I so want to get it right. I feel so close, but I am confused when you say to see yourself getting congratualated – yet you say NOT to see yourself. I really want to get feel it real it’s a little hard.” – MonaLisa (slightly edited for length.)

“I keep feeling like it’s a struggle and that I am forcing myself to stay positive. Please help.” – Cameron

neville goddard quote on creative powerHey mate,

Today let’s explore 2 factors that make all the difference – that will make your sessions work much faster for you…



Seeing your body in a movie, where you are being congratulated FEELS GOOD, and that is where many people get stuck – because an emotion that feels good feels better than an emotion that feels bad.

The problem is, seeing your BODY in a movie…

…doesn’t FEEL REAL. Because, if I were to actually walk up to you RIGHT NOW, and congratulate you on making a good decision, you would see MY body getting closer to you, and it getting bigger too as I get closer, but you certainly wouldn’t SEE YOUR BODY.

All you would see is my body, getting closer to you, and maybe you would see your hand reaching toward mine.

The DIFFERENCE between “Feeling Good” and “Feeling It Real”, is what determines if your session is going to be a feel good emotional distraction from your life or be a truly creative action in your life.


Let’s celebrate, because we just took First Step.

TAKE AWAY: Do not make movies with your body in them.

Always see what you would see – if the EXPERIENCE were actually happening.  FOLLOW THE FORMULA so your sessions actually – FEEL IT REAL.

SUMMARY:  So to create, see through your own eyes – Feel It Real.  (And then, use the other two methods in the recordings below to.  Because if you don’t, odds are you’ll be feeling GOOD, but not FEELING IT FULLY REAL)

Let’s Amp It Up Much Higher Now.

Let’s begin with the question everyone who follows Neville needs to answer correctly so they get RESULTS without STRUGGLE:

“What is the difference between an emotion and a state?”

  • Did you know there was a difference between an emotion and a state?
  • Do you clearly know what that difference is?
  • Answer truthfully. Your happiness and success truly depend on it.

NOTE:  Because most people aren’t TOTALLY CLEAR on the difference, they tend to get stuck doing one out of two things:

  1. They keep trying to make themselves feel good, even when they have been overwhelmed, are tired, and just feel bad about something.
  2. They keep feeling that have to keep forcing change to happen in life, in their sessions.

This is where it gets GOOD!

POWERPOINT:  When you get the difference…

…between a state and an emotion, you’ll find that “bad and tired” emotions naturally impact you less, and more quickly disappear.

And your sessions (and life) will be more enjoyable. Like a really great meal, or invigorating activity.

Now watch this video – it will change your life.  (We promise!)

It’s time to take the next 7 steps.   If the first two have…

…changed how you look at things, get the complete 30 minute recording session where we cover all 7 steps in life changing detail by clicking the button below.   You will learn exactly the steps we take to stay out of “the having to feel good trap” more ways to create powerful lifechanging states in minutes.   Thank you and have an amazing day! TT and V


“Your tiny distinctions (which are truly amazing – why didn’t I notice this before) in this recording have huge impact in my life. Thank you.”

“Discovering the difference between emotion and state has been the #1 difference in my life. Many blessings to you and Victoria.”

“I’m diving in.   The first two blew my mind.   The next 7 are sure to change my world.”





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  1. Joy says:

    How did I miss this one? The video is fantastic.


  2. Zdenka Kolar says:

    I LOVE IT! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! Thank you for this piece of treasure <3.

  3. Nat says:

    I can’t choose one particular article to highlight as they all have been so helpful. I really look forward to receiving them – it’s like opening a lovely little parcel each day. I realize now that in my experiments with LOA I had been viewing myself as though in a movie. I have now modified my approach according to your specs. What I am having some trouble with is going into the beta state and nevillizing before sleep. I always nod off before completing or even sometimes starting the feel it real session. Perhaps it is still percolating through though. Several times throughout the day I will rerun aspects of the methodology in my mind and apply it to constructing the feel it real session. It all still seems a little unfocused, but I think it’s coming together a bit more. Oddly enough, during the last several days, I am gratefully aware that some things have gone remarkably right. Most are small things like finding a single item I needed on a shelf In the store which had been empty before and still was except for this one item. More seriously, seeing a remarkable improvement in my 86 year old mother who is struggling to recover from the effects of pneumonia and is fiercely independent and so gets despondent easily. I imagine her in the spirit of her old self and happy. Will report future results. Thanks TT + V.

  4. Words thought or spoken cause feelings. Like "Isn't it wonderful?" " I am so excited!" " Can you believe it?" " Congratulatory words cause great emotions as well. My state of being is one of great excitement because:

  5. Roxana Muise says:

    Thank you! my picturing myself driving a red Dodge pickup truck each night as I went to bed was successful! I now have my red Dodge pickup truck!

  6. Barbara May says:

    Visualization is a powerful tool, isn't it?

  7. lisa says:

    Yes, thanks you – quite the distinction. I remember exactly the day, the session, when i saw my boot tips, and heard the gravel crunch under them as I walked to my barn one early kentucky morning… and how REAL that was compared to the movie I had seeing myself walk across the path and yard.
    Have never gone back – and my life has shifted immediately in every are I put my imagination.
    This is so true.
    At first it was weird to “try” to see my hand or “see” out my eyes..but like any other skill, with a little practice I got it that day, it fell into place – and everything else now is easier.
    THANK you Neville and THANK you Twenty for making it so easy to understand.
    You have changed my life, you know you have!

  8. Beki OBanion says:

    Thank you! The fog is lifting…

  9. Dennis says:

    Creating states, NOT controlling emotions! I’ve always used my emotions to guage how well Im attracting the state, which always turned into this big tug of war that felt bad! That why you said to TRUST in myself no matter my emotional state. Aha! Thank you.