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Stop Your Mind From Drifting To The Negative – Free Neville Goddard


“My mind keeps drifting to the negative when I try to Feel It Real.   It’s like I imagine we are on a date and things are going great and then all of the sudden my imagination brings up the worst.  Please help me.”  – Jan

Free Nevile Goddard - Gardening HandsHey Jan,

We used to have the same thing happen, way too often, until we did this.

Here’s how to Fix your Feel It Real…

…and end that habit forever.

“Now test God by thinking of a friend. Hear him congratulate you on your good fortune. See his face light up with joy and feel his presence. Do that, and you have performed a magical act, for God has acted and all things are possible to God.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how Neville focuses fully on…

…the CONGRATULATIONS given to you by a friend, that FOLLOWS the event, instead of focusing on the event you want to have happen in your life itself.

  • This prevents your mind from drifting to ANYTHING bad happening – in your wish.  (Pure Genius!  This is why we LOVE Feel It Real!

The Mistake Most People Make:

When you make the mistake of focusing your scene on the WISH, “being on the date” for example, instead of telling your best friend what a wonderful time you both had on the date – your mind can rebel and wreak havoc with your IMAGINARY (and real).

So you imagine – AFTER the date.  You imagine something that IMPLIES it ALREADY WAS a lovely date.    If you got the gold then…

learn_how_to_feel_it_realJoin Us in The Winner’s Circle!

Winners know, this is why DETAILS like this matter.   And the most important detail here – is Follow The Formula and imagine what IMPLIES your wish has been fulfilled.

When you move into AFTER the date – and imagine your friend rejoicing with you – the fun filled date is a DONE DEAL ALREADY.

THIS IS why Congratulatory Conversations Work Wonders!

Little things mean a lot mate, and that’s why we share what we do.   Your life can totally transform in a rock solid way, and all you have to do is Follow the Formula.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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22 Comments on "Stop Your Mind From Drifting To The Negative – Free Neville Goddard"

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  1. Shankar says:

    I’m a bit confused here: “The biggest obstacle to getting it right is thinking that you already are doing it right.”
    Shankar, Mysore, India

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Many people THINK they are following the principles and methods of Neville. So they don’t take the time to learn what Neville actually taught. Make sense mate?


  3. Lafayette says:

    Dear TT,

    I understand Neville’s teaching that I have copious wealth or anything I so desire. Feeling it real is great in theory. The problem that I encounter is, I have thus far never had nor manifested such wealth as I am aspiring to. The sum I want is rather modest, but it’s more than I’ve ever had (physically) so I’ve zero idea how to feel a real state, as I have no feelings to tap.

  4. Theodora says:

    I follow Neville’s methods almost everyday and the results are amazing!
    thank you very much… for example i was imaging for 3 weeks me telling my best friend about my wish as had already been fulfilled and now this is my new reality! I look forward to manifest my next desire in less than 3 weeks! I finally found the missing ingredient to make the law of attraction to work for me!

    Thank you so much again for this wonderful information!!

    You are amazing!

  5. uccello1983 says:

    is it ok if you just hear a voice congratulating you instead of seeing the person? have a hard time seeing their face, but can hear them congratulating me. thanks.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Lafayette,

    Feeling it Real is great in every day life mate. Literally, you couldn’t have left your comment – if you didn’t feel that we would reply – and that it could help you. Without “Feeling It Real” – NOTHING MOVES.

    The person who feels that “hopeless” is real, will sit on the sofa and eat cheetos all day. The person who feels “fitness” as real, will eat well and exercise. On one level, it’s that easy and obvious.

    We’ve noticed over the years, do get the best results with this stuff – you’ve got to do it EVERYWHERE in life. I sat for a moment before replying to your comment. In silence. At first, I imagined that I didn’t know what to say. Then I repented, put that behind me, and embraced being THE TEACHER. (If you’ve taught anyone, anything – including you – you can feel what it’s like to teach -and you can embrace THE TEACHER. So here we are.

    If I didn’t imagine that this post could bless you and the readers, my fingers wouldn’t move.

    Back to money, if you have ever had the money you needed for anything – you can find what that feels like, and if you find what that feels like you can apply that to your life. Most people on the planet can’t imagine what a particular sum of money they haven’t had feels like, but everyone I know can imagine what it’s like to have what you need – and to be thankful for it.

    Make sense? Keep exploring mate. There are over 500 articles here on and there are our paid packages as well to help you get this stuff RIGHT ON, so you get what you want in life.


    TT and V too

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Theodora!

    This stuff works, pure and simple. Just learn how to do it CORRECTLY and do it.


    TT and V

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Absolutely Ucello!

    Neville was BIG on hearing, that was his most powerful sense for imagining.

    Have fun!

    TT and V

  9. Savoi Savoi says:

    I just attended on that e-mail invitation you sent to me and I thought this post so helpful, i have been studied law of attraction for some years and never stopped it, i'm glad I got into this post and sure i will try it! Many many thanks Mr. Twenty Twenty!

  10. lm says:

    Yes, so beautifully detailed once again. It is the smallest of the small to get right, that is the fulcrum to move it all.
    Well shared TT and V!

  11. Robert Clarke says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, success is a certainty thanks be to Neville’ inspirational insights.
    I remain yours truly, James A Child ( of God )

  12. Doug says:

    I love Neville’s philosophy of feeling your goals real “after the fact” – then it’s a done deal. Even when I do this, I think Jan’s negative thinking can still be a problem. Negative thoughts can pop in anywhere – even in congratulatory imaginations.

    There may not be an easy answer for this; many of us just have to break the habit of negative thoughts over time. What do you think?

  13. rosana says:

    me he vuelto fanatica de neville,gracias por todo lo que nos brindan!!!

  14. Daisy Boo says:

    Allright yes so just congratulatory conversations over and over again

  15. Rashmi says:

    Hi TT.. I totally get what Neville is saying ..infact I have manifested many things using Neville methods except one. In that one case…trying to imagine has’s about wanting to rejuvenate a beautiful friendship I’m close to somebody.
    how in a better way can I let the resistance go?

  16. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Rashmi,

    We all want friendship, that’s a natural thing.

    And there are specific people in our lives we also would wish to be closer to than we currently are. We all have that.

    So you imagine having friendship, and you imagine them being closer to you. Remember, this stuff is all invitational. They will return to you if the accept the invitation.


    TT and V

  17. lisa says:

    I love that TT – yes, that it is all invitational. So simple. Excellente!

  18. letsrockitnow says:

    hey mate! My question is about the Congratulatory Visualization:

    I don’t have people that I can truly call “friends” that I’m currently actively seeing ,because me and my old friends took different life-paths in our mid 20’s. I might occasionally stumple upon them and have a quick chat, but nothing more.

    Still, I can easily imagine a couple of those old friends congratulating with me on my successes and it feels pretty good I have to say! Do you think this will work, or is it better to imagine the congratulations of people that I see more often in the “real life”, like my cousin or members of the family?

    I think it might work in both ways, because what matters is the feeling. I can imagine random acquaintances congratulating with me and it still feels good. But I’d like to hear your perspective as well, thanks!

  19. Carme says:

    Need help…!

    About two months ago there was an issue that was worrying me a lot (not the issue itself, but imagining that it could become a reality) and thanks to you, I could calm down, relax and almost forget about it. Actually, it wasn’t in my mind anymore and things were going good. But, like three days ago, don’t really know why,the issue came again to my mind. Everytime this happened I changed my focus and my thoughts, which work, but I knew even if I didn’t think about it, it was worrying me again (example: everytime the pone rang, for a moment I kept my breath to see if someone on the other side was going to tell me about that particular issue and when it didn’t happen, I was like: “pheeeew…” ” so, as you could see, it’s like I had doubts and fears. Well, so today that thing I was fearing happened. Not completely, but someone told me about its possibility of becoming real and I REALLY want to stop it, now that it’s still not a fact in the real World, because I totally know I created it focusing and worrying about it unconsciously, so…..please, how can I stop the doubts…? How can I simply stop my inner self to stop worrying and start having faith, knowing that if I created situations that I dislike, I can also créate my desire reality…..? Help, please….!

    Thanks a lot….!

  20. MarQus says:

    Hi 20 20 and V
    Thank U for this Tip,,,,
    Ur insight of Neville’s intentions,, are WunderFull.
    thankU thanku thankU ,,,
    Marcus : )

  21. Momo says:

    This never fails indeed. No matter what happens, when you think of the ‘Congratulations’, they would always manifest. I say again, they would manifest. I have tested this and I test it every time, but it works, works and works always. Seeing other people telling you what you want them to say to you (good indeed), no matter where they live in the world, you would hear them uttering the words of feeling what you want them to feel towards you. It would so amazes you that for the first time you would be scared. But do not be afraid it is your God within working His/Her charm. Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty.