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Neville Goddard’s Tool Box – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

creativepowerflowerResults are what matter most.   And to get the results you want, it helps to REALLY understand the TOOLS you have in your toolbox.

Today’s article (and video below) will help you understand how to choose and how to use the three basic methods of Neville – so you can live more and more fully the life of your dreams.  Let’s dive in.

There are three basic tools in the Neville Goddard Toolkit.  Those are:

  • Revision
  • I Remember When
  • The Congratulatory Conversation.

Each of these tools has ONE primary way of using it – sort of like how you use a hammer with a nail, a screw driver with a screw, and a staple with a staple gun.   Let’s dive in.

When you want to change how the past impacts your life today – the long ago past (years ago) or the recent past (hours or minutes ago) you use REVISION.

Imagine that the events in your past that you want to change – went EXACTLY as you wanted them to go.   Rewrite your history.   Do this often enough, and do it the way we teach – and you will notice that the past has not one bit of power over you any more.

Here are two great articles on REVISION that will free you from the past.


Are you reacting to Shadows or Facts?

Next, we have the power of I Remember When, which is a great tool to use ANYTIME your right now sucks or is bothering you, or you just feel stuck.

Read this crash course article on I Remember When to change how you are experiencing the present moment and to activate resources in your life that create massive change.

Finally, we can use Neville to DESIGN the future you want in your life – but you have to do it JUST RIGHT, or it’s not going to work all that well.  This is where the power of Congratulatory Conversations come into play.

A well designed congratulatory conversation IMPLIES that what you want in your life IS ALREADY there.   There is great power in this method – in fact – it is the BACKBONE to the whole process.   Read this article and watch this video – Congratulatory Conversations – to help you custom design your destiny.

And remember, we have the $7 Neville Goddard Simplified ebook series and the Feel It Real Power Pack for you as well – to help you get even more effective fast.

They can be ordered using the links on the RIGHT hand side of the site, instantly downloaded, and easily learned so you take your results to the red line.

Thank you for being here and for being part of the Neville Goddard Community. Feel free to share this article on Facebook or with some friends. It’s a goodie that will bless them too.

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Great to mention these 3 tools in one place….I can't think of a situation where one of these would do to repair or re-DO a situation! Thank You Twenty!

  2. Great to mention these 3 tools in one place….I can't think of a situation where one of these would do to repair or re-DO a situation! Thank You Twenty!

  3. I'm still looking…have part time income now, need to bump up a few hundred a month….

  4. Emma J. Farmer – I replied by email to you… Hugs…

  5. Vivian says:

    I agree. It’s wonderful to have all three methods, linking to the full articles or videos.

    Thanks so much, TT and V. Your reminders help more than you know.

    You are both Super!!

  6. Mat says:

    This is really a gift. Wonderful to have it so systematized. Thank you TT and V for all that you think and do and share. Generous spirits. Bless you my friends.

  7. Stacie Hester Moore says:

    Great reminder… I haven't used the I Remember When tool. Will start today!

  8. Marie Benard says:

    there's so much great information here… how do you manage to remember it all? 🙂

  9. Melani says:

    Good reminder. Thank you. Melani

  10. Thank you Twenty: Just to say "I am the power in the universe" feels so good!! Thank you!!

  11. lisa says:

    Stacie! ME too… I did know of it, and used it to astounding powerful results last year….and then, uh….kinda forgot about it. What a reminder, right?? I can tell you I have had powerful results, always, always yielding me to a new and higher state, and almost always with the EXACT changes I called forth in a situation.
    Now I just need to remember when to use my remember when tool…. 🙂

  12. lisa says:

    YES! I am the power in the Universe… I am the power OF the Universe.
    I am so in love this morning with all of this.

  13. valvacious says:

    I was introduced to Neville in a class called “the Game of Life and how to play it” at my church. When we got to the lesson on using your imagination to change your life, we read Neville’s books.

    I must send Kudos to you on your site. You do have a way of explaining his processes so easily that a mere child could understand the material.

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Valvacious!

    That’s our purpose, to make what confuses many people, easily understood.

    Blessings to you!

  15. MG says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Great to hear that you have used it with great results! It would be cool to know more about the situations you used it, how you implemented the method and how it all turned out. I think the best way to learn and to get motiveres to try myself, is by inspiration from others success:)

  16. lisa says:

    Hi MG:
    I happened to be back on this page and as I always read the comments, I see your note and request here. Hey T – how do we know when there are notes on our notes?!

    There are a couple of amazing examples:
    1. I had something happen where someone surprised me, and in a very loud and dark way – came through the phone in a verbal attack. I was totally shocked, and on the skype video, I dropped my gaze, and simply said I had to go. Heart racing, head spinning…. took big breath, and turned off the computer. Then, I revised the entire convo, I for the first time, used revision … and I revised until I KNEW that my version of the conversation had occurred. Literally, and I do mean that – I went to sleep very peacefully, and when I opened my computer skype, email, texts, FB notes…all off the hook trying to reach me to apologize and used the very words I imagined. (We are friends to this day, but my guard is up to that behaviour of his.)

    2. I used the tool of imagining the conversation of success when helping my partner get her new car. It is a long wonderful story – that all occurred in one day – but to put it here: I helped her through her doubt that her exact car…at the exact price she had and could pay…within the exact parameters (mileage/color/one owner etc…) and I made one single phone call in a car trader mag. We weren’t even in our own town. And she “tried” to believe…and I, in wanting to prove this so strongly, kept saying IT IS DONE.
    And, that night the Call back came – and the care was exactly what she wanted and the woman said” Our Mom died in August, and the car is paid for…. we just really want the car to go to someone who will love the car like Mom did.” (We named the car Edna and had a true love fest when we exchanged the title.)

    There are more. Just as clear and much more interesting when there is space to write it all and share. I can only imagine the space when I hit submit….

  17. lisa says:

    Hi Marie, my friend!
    One remembers by doing.
    Live it and it becomes us, our lives.

  18. Eleasah Houston-Chance says:

    TT and V,
    Where can I sent a testimonial e-mail? Got some good stuff from the past year I want to share.

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Send to

    Looking forward!

  20. Kattalina says:

    Wow. This is Soooooo awesome. Thank u for this link! Makes it very simple and easy. Love it!

    Tu 20/20 and v.