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UPDATED: Advanced Remembering When Methods

“This principle can be used in a destructive or constructive way. You can say: “I remember when this was a glorious building and look at it now” as you become aware of rubble where once a glorious building stood.”

“Or you can stand on rubble and say: ‘I remember when this was all rubble,’ as you imagine a glorious building. You can say: ‘I remember when my friend had nothing and now he has much,’ or: ‘I remember when he had much and now he is so poor.'”

“You can say: ‘I remember when she was healthy’, which could imply she is now ill, or ‘I remember when they were unknown’, implying they are now famous. So you see what power was in that revelation. It’s entirely up to you how you use your imagination, but the operation of your creative power is completely up to you.”

“You make the decision, and are therefore responsible for its effect on the world.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_i_remember_when_methodHey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson is inspired by the power of I Remember When. There are 3 ways we share in our seminars and masterminds to use that power, we explored these back in the January Mastermind, and will explore those methods in a new way today.

There are 3 main ways you can think. Those involve some combination of pictures, sounds and feelings.

When it comes to sounds inside your mind, there are four major kinds of statements – or conversational positions – that you can use to recreate your world and direct your experience.

Odds are, one of the four you will read below, is the most powerful and effective one for you. The key is to play with all of them, and notice in your body (which is part of the universe), which feels most natural for you. Let’s dive in.

The first is 1st person. Inside your mind, you will be using statements like, “I remember when I…”  You can remember when you were stuck and frustrated – this moves it into the past.  You can remember when you experienced the huge shift.   Just explore using simple statements like, “I remember when I had writers block.  I remember when I had the breakthrough that totally eliminated it.  I remember when I found my own personal key to unlimited creative writing.”

Next we explore the 2nd person position. In 2nd person position, there is someone else telling you, “You remember when you…”  This is how 2nd person goes.   “You remember when you had writers block.    You remember when you had the breakthrough that totally eliminated it.  You remember when you found your own personal key to unlimited creative writing”

This is where it gets fun, 3rd person is when two people talking are talking about you. For example, if your name is Joe, you would hear inside your mind. “I remember when Joe…”  (Imagine two people talking to each other, about you (assuming your name is Joe))  Person 1:  “I remember when Joe had writers block.  Person 2:  “I remember when Joe had his breakthrough that totally eliminated it.”  Person 1:  “I remember too when Joe found his own personal key to unlimited creative writing.”

And finally the fourth position, Tribal. Tribal is when a group of people is represented by what is being said. “We remember when we….”  Imagine someone speaking for a group of people, that you belong to.   (Just explore that one on you own, and remember to have fun.  Let us know with a comment below what you discover.)

Play with them all, and notice which of them really moves something in your body and when the energy feels most real. And remember, it’s not the words that matter, it’s the feelings you are feeling – behind the words.

If you want to explore how to use this version of “I Remember When” even more, pick up the January Mastermind Recordings, we will keep them available this week, since you are asking about them.

Let’s have an amazing week together friends. Feel free to share this article, comment below, and send us your requests.

And remember, to feel your ideal as real. Use the Conversational Positions, and have fun learning how to use your imagination to the max.

Neville_Goddard_Simplified_fiverrMr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: Check out our books . Freedom and Power – they are getting great reviews and totally transforming lives.

PPS:  How much fun can you have with this method?   The sky is the limit.  Playing back and forth with a friend – taking on each of the positions – adding in some fun or silly twists – makes this a great game.   Maybe we’ll make a quick recording on this to share.  Let us know what you think.

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  1. LMARIE says:

    I am reading this link from another post in an effort to get a better grip on this simple but powerful lesson.
    This article helps me so much – thank you so much!

  2. Zarah says:

    Great stuff, thank you, really helpful and much appreciated.

    PS: loving the mastermind course, enjoying every day

    PPS: I like the PSs – as you know!

  3. Nat says:

    Hi TT & V
    I have been thinking on this very subject because I listenened to the Prosperity Pack lesson dealing with it this morning. Perfect dove-tail!

    Thanks, as always

  4. lisa says:

    reading again, thought I would reply to myself! I love the refreshers of all things Neville…I live this, and yet every single time I chat with you or read through with attention your lessons – honestly, I do get more and more. A deepening of that which is already clear. Thank you Twenty and Victoria – and Emmett!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big love back to you Lisa!