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More Than One Session – I Get So Confused – Free Neville Goddard


“The more I read Neville, the more I get confused. Seems like one day he says do only ONE session, and yet another day he says to do as many as you need. What do you honestly think Mr Twenty Twenty?” Barbara

Hi Barbara,

Neville does SEEM to offer several conflicting teachings…

…when it comes to how many sessions you need to do. But it really does become clear once you take them all in, and notice what’s underneath it all. Let’s dive in.

Victor stood in front of “the building” for 2 years…

“My oldest brother at the age of 18 had no money and no prospects of getting any. But he had a dream. He dreamed of owning a building which housed the family business.”

“Twice a day, on his way to work and return, he would stop opposite a building which occupied an entire block at the widest area of the main street, and there he would imagine seeing the words: Goddard and Sons” on its marquee. He persisted in this act for two years, when one day…” – Neville Goddard

He stood there every day, and saw the family name on it.  And we all know what happened.  That business is STILL GROWING to this day!


Let’s see how Neville’s father manifested….

neville_goddard_berbice_chair“Every morning after breakfast he would sit down in what we call the Berbice chair, and put his feet up on the arms of the chair.”

“It’s a chair made in the West Indies. And then he would simply with his eyes partly shut, he would see the day as he wanted it to be.”

“He would carry on mental conversations with men he had to meet that day, from his premises and brought to his conclusion, and that’s how he worked.” – Neville Goddard

Neville’s father – JOSEPH GODDARD – sat in his Berbice chair daily…

And he saw SPECIFIC EVENTS from the day ahead, having gone the way he wanted them. Now let’s take a deeper peek into what’s going on – below the surface with Neville.

How to cast your bread upon the waters….

“If you find it necessary to recreate the act every day, you are not casting your bread upon the water. You may imagine over and over again, but you are only going to impregnate once; and if you reach the point of relief, your bread has been cast upon the water to return, perhaps in the matter of an hour.”

“I have had the phone ring – minutes after I have imagined it – to hear confirmation that it has happened. Sometimes it has taken days, weeks, or months; but I do not repeat the action once I have done it and felt the feeling of relief, for I know there is nothing more I need to do.” – Neville Goddard

You MAY imagine over and over – but you are only going to impregnate once…

…IF you reach the point of relief – the feeling of KNOWING.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realTHE MASTER KEY THAT MOST PEOPLE MISS:

But you’ve got to STAY in THE KNOWING..  to bring it to the point of NATURALNESS.

“A few years ago, a lady in my San Francisco audience rose and said: “My brother is in the army. I do not know what he did to cause his punishment, but he has been sentenced to six months of hard labor, and I want him set free.”

“After establishing the fact that he would go to her apartment if he were free, I urged her to imagine he was there now. That night, this lady imagined hearing the doorbell ring. Rushing down the stairs, she opened the door to find her brother standing there, a free man. She rehearsed that scene over and over again until it seemed natural to her.” – Neville Goddard

Rehearse the scene over and over again – until it seems natural.

Yet even then, you might….

“Tomorrow you may forget and be penetrated by rumors which disturb your body and cause you to suffer. When this happens you must reestablish your harmony by imagining things are as you desire them to be. Living in this wonderful world, we cannot stop the penetration.” – Neville Goddard

mirror“Your states will become contaminated…”

…and that you get to Feel It Real to assume your chosen state again.

So, what’s the FINAL answer….

Victoria and I do sessions every day – EXACTLY the way we teach them.   We don’t add anything in, we don’t take anything out. We keep DIVING DEEPER into our WISHES FULFILLED.

We have let THIS – truly – become our way of life….

We do three scheduled sessions and lots  of little “quickie” imaginal acts daily around what we have chosen, and about NEW DESIRES as they pop up.

The key is, NOTICE where are YOU are coming from…

Doing sessions while being driven from Fear is like going out for dinner, bugging the waiter, giving him the same order – again and again. Re-ordering dinner about 27 times before it gets there because you are afraid that they forgot about you.   That’s nuts.  And doing that will drive you nuts.

On the other hand…

Doing sessions from Assumption, is like smelling the food cooking – and enjoying it more and more – every single time you sniff. You don’t sniff to “make it happen”, you pause your busy life – to sniff – because you can’t help but enjoy the dinner that you KNOW is yours.



We DIVE DEEP into “tiny” distinctions like this because they create MASSIVE change in your life.

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Let’s CELEBRATE Sarah’s $350,000 Super Win!

Sept 30, 2020

Hello to you both,

I have loved the last two weeks of MM 63-77, with your techniques of awareness of self and easy to do homework to feel the real me has been fantastic.

So much has happened its unreal lol

I’ve become more aware of myself and the things I’m constantly noticing is so much fun, I feel more alive and free. 

I love it.

In the last two weeks my sister and my parents both received large sums of money, over $350,000 which is fantastic!

I love that I feel apart of that happening.

I am in love with this course, I dont know how to put in words.

Thankyou for everything and I sooo look forward to what’s next.

Love always

Sarah – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Daisy Boo says:


  2. Nat says:

    Wonderful! Blessings to you both this Christmas. Big Love! Health, Wealth, Happiness.

  3. lisa says:

    Hey Twenty – this is a sensational bit by bit break down of how to do this, how you so thoroughly answered the original question – and how easily you can share you life experience and doing-ness with us all.
    I can’t get enough of you, these teachings, and the approach you have to share it all. Love you guys more everyday.

  4. Viv says:

    Another incredible article with so much insight!

    Thank you again, TT and V!

  5. DivineSoul says:

    beautiful article.. hope to practice it… and it was very nicely explained.

  6. Michelle says:

    I am wondering…what if you want multiples of the same thing (eg, mutliple $1 bills)? Do you imagine for each $1 bill? I know this is not practical. You may just imagine receiving $1000, but I am trying to just ask about multiples of the same thing to continuously stream into one’s life.

  7. Michelle says:

    I also wonder…does anyone say they feel like their old life/state is crumbling away while they are turning their back on it and slowly assuming their new state?

  8. Yulanda says:

    Great article! Thank you

  9. Joyce Wagner says:

    Please clarify. First you said his brother manifested the building that he passed by everyday, imagining the family name on it. Then, you said his father manifested it through his daily sessions in the Berbice chair. Which is it, or is it both? Thank you.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Those are completely separate imaginings in those quotes…..

    The first one was Victor – and the building.

    The second was Joseph – and his daily meetings.


  11. Neko says:

    Hello my name is Neko, I intend to manifest 10 million dollars, one of the things that would mean the state of the wish fullfiled is driving my dream cars, house and businness, but I’m afraid that if I just assume the cars or house has manifested, I might just get the cars and no money. How do I visualize the money 10 million dollars? I love the feeling of knowing I have such an amount not necessarily the things I would buy

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Neko!

    Have you done the 7 free video lessons at

    I think they would help you explore this.


  13. I love to cook. Been loving it, since I was a small child. Cooking keeps me grounded, helps me remain calm,(and sober!) provides an outlet for my creativity, and of course everybody around me eats like how cool is that? And in my imaginal acts, I am cooking with one of the foster teens in our non-profit I wish to establish in NOLA. So, while we prepare food together: we’re having a great time. There is one specific kid who has caught my attention, from an organization I sponsor. We have not met in person, but that really is of no consequence. He and I are enjoying cooking together, like mother and adopted son…the other kids are having fun, and I am contented in my non-profit ‘KH’, in New Orleans.Because cooking is in the center, it is so easy to imagine the sounds, the odors, and the look of all of this!! Feel it real, and cook the meal?? Yep!