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UPDATED: How Neville Goddard’s Family Made Millions – Free Neville Goddard

“Every morning after breakfast…”

“Every Morning after breakfast he would sit down in what we call the Berbice chair, and put his feet up on the arms of the chair. It’s a chair made in the West Indies. And then he would simply with his eyes partly shut, he would see the day as he wanted it to be.”

“He would carry on mental conversations with men he had to meet that day, from his premises and brought to his conclusion, and that’s how he worked.” – Neville Goddard – Strong Imagination

neville_goddard_berbice_chairHey mate,

That’s how Neville’s father – ran the Goddard empire – and made millions.  So let me ask you….

How many days this week, did you start the day with a Feel It Real session?

Be honest.

Your future and your fortune depend on it.

(As I was waking up this morning, listening to the lovely Australian birdsong, I took just a few moments and sat down in my chair – and started doing a Feel It Real Session, just like what Neville shared above. I can’t think of a better way to start my day!)

“And my brother did the same thing…”

“And my brother did the same thing. It doesn’t matter what things look like in the world, he sees it as he wants to see it. And things come up, and now they’ve made millions, but millions in a little tiny place like Barbados.” – Neville Goddard – Strong Imagination


Victor Goddard – see’s the world – as he want’s to see it.

From what we can tell, the ONLY way you can REALLY do that – is to 100% FOLLOW THE FORMULA – every single day.

No exceptions.  Neville says to practice the art of imagining daily, and we say Follow The Formula.

Today’s lesson is simple, just use this Feel It Real Method to start your day.

Relax in your “berbice chair”…

….or any other comfortable chair, enter into the State Akin To Sleep, and carry on mental conversations FROM the premises todays events all worked out how you wanted them to.  What would you FEEL if that were true?  Begin your day there.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hi TT,

I had the best week in my Amazon and ebay business $1000 in sales in a week! It’s crazy how fast and amazing this stuff works.

Smaller stuff I have noticed I am aware of other people creating and the states they are in and I have started to revise it on the spot or as soon as I realize it.

I thought today I want to take the day off not 5 minutes later I open your email and it says “It’s a day of R and R.” I can’t make this stuff up, it’s an awesome amazing ride.

-Patrick – Day 7 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Conni Laine says:

    Thank you Twenty Twenty for the kick in the pants. lots of love to you and V ~.

  2. Randy Fricke says:

    Probably one of the Top 5 Neville lessons ever.

  3. Neville always said you can become anything you want in the world of Caesar, but forget not the fickleness of this world and the glory of the Real World that will awaken you to being the ultimate case of all life. Life is really about the fulfillment of scripture. Neville tells us again and again that you are Jehovah of the old testament and Jesus Christ of the New Testament and David, the infinite forms of humanity, will come to awaken you and everyone born of woman to show them they are the father and fulfill the truth that the Lord is One. That strikes my heart as most important- more important than any achievement in the world of Caesar, however attractive that may appear.

  4. The 3rd line of my post below should read "Ultimate Cause".

  5. Fred Dagg says:

    Michael I have been trying to figure out just what Neville meant by all this – and his being born from above statements. Just what is so great about a vision where a son tells you you are god? Is there a simplier way of explanation? Cheers

  6. Holger Hubbs says:

    Fred Dagg your post is almost a year old. Did anything change on your side? To me it is not a question of explanation, but experience. All words are pointers. And it is amazing how little we know about ourself, besides ideas and memories.

  7. Rashmi says:

    Thank you…:)

  8. Tom C says:

    Thank you so very much for your uplifting emails, especially the one above! Neville makes it so clear – PROVIDED we follow his advices to the letter and don’t deviate. Difficult, but I’m working on it! Thanks – a million!

    Tom C

  9. lisa says:

    Yes that is a good one; how many mornings do I really, really start that way. I think it is my routine, ah but then the coffee or those 30/30 proteins make me move sooner to the kitchen – and you are reminding me there is nothing, not one thing, more than this.
    it is easy to get “goal oriented” – like when I was looking for a house… and to forget it is every moment, every day.
    Feel it real, yes, thanks.

  10. Pauline says:

    When I stop and think, I have plenty of time I can do this every morning. I have allowed myself to get caught up in nothing and rubbish. That will change now. Thank you Twenty Twenty.

  11. Joe Weldon says:

    There are no Goddard family members listed in the Board of Directors. It doesn't say if the Goddard family sold it off, or if they're just the major stockholders now. It would be nice to talk to surviving members about Neville, and his principles, if they still use them.

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Joe!

    We’ve had contact from people who know the Goddard family pretty well.

    They’ve told us that they whole family manifests wildly, but many of them think Neville was mad as a hatter.

    They are apparently Anglican’s still, and Neville’s mystical experience is out of their world view.

    Blessings mate!

    TT and V too

  13. Carmen says:

    Hello again…hope you’re all having a blast…!

    Probably I’ve said that before, but I still have a question and I’ve been working with it (dealing, actually…) but I can’t find an answer…let’s see if you can help me…
    I totally believe in Neville’s teachings, but I suspect there’s something…let’s say “little bit wrong” with me, because when I desire something and i think “ok, let’s gonna have it” and I really feel myself living from that situation….nothing seems to happen. BUT on the other hand, when a thought of something I don’t want in my life crosses my mind (and it really seems that it crosses, as it doesn’t seem to be created by me…!)…something like “oooff…imagine if that would happen…? would be awful…” then…guess what…? exactly, I have it within hours…and sometimes, those things were apparently IMPOSSIBLE.
    I’ve even thought that my mind likes to see me in difficult situations to see how I react…or that it enjoys watching me as if it would be watching a Sandra Bullock film on tv, ’cause good things happen to me only when I don’t ask for them or when are things that I want, but not truly desire. And I feel like my destiny is in the hands of my mind….or soul…or essence…whatever…but I don’t feel I have the control over the situations I get involved in….

    Thanks a lot for listening (reading)


  14. Harsha says:

    Nice post. I thought they had picked up the idea of visualizing from Neville at some point or that they might have introduced it to him at least on some level.

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Carmen,

    As you type to us, “cause good things happen to me only when I don’t ask for them” – that’s what you are creating – right now. And that’s what you get to live with. That may be what has happened in your life, it doesn’t have to be true in this moment or the next. Keep diving into Neville. 🙂

    We would suggest getting on the daily email list, and diving deeper in the lessons. We’ve all been told to believe that we are small, and not in charge of our lives. When in fact, we can discover truly how marvelous we are, and what an adventure of a lifetime truly can be.


    TT and V

  16. Tom C says:

    Neville DID say that he believed in REPETITION – Of the object or objects, you desired. In conjunction with the FEELING of having it already, i.e. Pleasure, Excitement, etc. There we have it in a nutshell. Regular NEVILLE-LISATIONS ! Am I right – it appears to have started for me.

  17. Hi TT & V,
    I want to do just what Neville says, but I don’t know what keeps me from doing it. Please advise me how to do it that manifestation follows invariably. I know what is said is absolutely what works. As you said in one of your posts, you were inspired by Wayne Dyer’s book YOUR ERRONEOUS ZONES, I too am very much inspired by his writings and speeches. Thanks to Wayne, and you.

  18. lisa says:

    SO happy to report back a year later that yes, every morning, I have a life created where this time is built in, carefully, deliberately. And what a difference in the breadth of my calm and my knowing. I can only imagine what I will write when next this lesson pops into my waiting inbox.
    Much love and appreciation to Neville and TT/V/E and everyone.

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good on you Lisa!

    Keep diving deeper and deeper!

    This stuff is so cool and we are so worth it!

  20. Karen Sinclair says:

    I call this pre-paving and it works beautifully!

  21. Charla S. says:

    I was wondering what would be a good way(or ways)to envision water no longer dripping from my tub faucet? I think that the problem is the washer inside each tub handle starts to ‘loosen up’, but my landlord replaced them just last March. No way should this be happening again! I’m really tired of this being a yearly, recurring thing. After all, they lasted for at least 15 years after I moved in. Also, when there’s no time to go into the quiet state to visualize, can a quick look at the tub handles and affirming “they are NOW stronger and their washers miraculously re-tightened to my satisfaction-It is done!”(along with some feeling of gladness)be Ok? I may not be able to do the meditative state until hours later after I showered. Thank you for your advice!

  22. Tom Collins says:

    Always inspiring words that uplifts the spirit and encourages one to work to achieve the Neville Dream.