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Making Manifesting Easy – Bonus Lesson

Hey mate,

Last week, we shared how to get unstuck…

…and how to get back in the flow FAST using the power of the imagination.   We got heaps of emails about this, and decided to take it a step further today with THE MASTER KEY of Nevilles.

“But, may I tell you: if you use your creative power by imagining a desire is already fulfilled, when you get it, the circumstances will SEEM SO NATURAL that it will be easy to deny your imagination had anything to do with it, and you could easily believe that it would have happened anyway. But if you do, you will have returned to sleep once again.” – Neville Goddard

how to feel it realSo every day, we manifest HEAPS AND HEAPS…

…of “tiny seeming things”, things that many people would say, “that would have happened anyway”.

When you start imagining up DAILY WINS – like a meal that was extraordinary, or a podcast that crushed it, or another amazing experience at the pool….

Now, think about this….

The more silly, special, and varied things you manifest in life – the easier you’ll be able to manifest “the big serious things” too.  Because you aren’t in the habit of waiting for results or hoping this might work….

Note:  Everyone I get emails from – that has ONE OR TWO BIG BUNS in the oven – struggles with this – because they are HOPING AND WAITING – for the BIG WIN (the false god) that changes everything.

But if you do what we do and what Neville taught,  you are exercising your imagination DAILY, letting FEEL IT REAL be YOUR ENTIRE way of life!

Let’s dive into Neville’s Story…

Neville had two of his brothers come up from Barbados to visit him. While they were in town, they wanted to see TONS of shows, including the sold out show of Aida.

Neville knew you couldn’t buy tickets for the show, but he sat down and did his Feel It Real session anyway, and in it – he saw himself giving his brothers the tickets for the show.

What did he do next?  

Neville got up, and KNOWING IT WAS DONE, he went down to the box office where there were tons of signs that said Aida was sold out – and he stood in line for tickets – to a sold out show.

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When he noticed THE OTHER LINE moving more quickly…

Neville felt the urge to move over to it and then while in line he suddenly spotted a con man who was standing right in front of him trying to pull a con job on the clerk – which Neville spotted and put an end to.

And in Neville’s words after he approached the thankful clerk:

“I said to him “I want 2 seats for Aida tonight and I want them in the horseshoe circle. I want them center.” He said, “Yes Sir,” and he took from what he called the VIP, they always keep a few out, when the house is sold out they always keep a few seats for those who are coming called the very important people.”

“I am certainly not a very important person, but I saved him from the loss of 20 dollars and he quickly took the 2 seats out and said to me,”20 dollars.” I gave him the 20 dollars, went back and gave the 2 seats to my brothers.” – Neville Goddard

Notice this is a “silly and small” manifestation.

Really, who CARES about a RICH FAMLY, getting opera tickets.

(Why would Neville SHARE this one – and be SO EXCITED about it?)


Neville’s family was worth HEAPS of money, and they really didn’t need to go to the show.  But Neville used the power of the wonderful HUMAN imagination – and did what a human would naturally do if tickets were available – and he got them.

How cool is that?

  • So today just notice, are you resisting being part of the natural flow of how it needs to happen or are you letting your BODY participate in the series of events needed – for your wish to be fulfilled?

One of Mr Twenty Twenty’s PERSONAL Stories:

Years ago, I imagined being on the radio sharing this stuff.  Then a radio DJ I went to high school with started reading some of my EARLY writings on Neville online.

She contacted me and for THE BETTER PART OF A YEAR, I was a weekly guest SHARING THIS STUFF, every Thursday on her morning show.

Notice I didn’t try to make it happen.

I didn’t worry about it either.  I just held in mind – being on the radio, and did what I was inspired to do, I shared Neville the only way I knew how at the time – which was in tiny posts online.

“For some reason” (imagination) she found my stuff, and felt like reaching out, and made me a very popular regular on her show.

IF YOU FEEL IT REAL, like we teach – you are going to experience more peace in life and more energy.

Let that IMAGINAL EXPERIENCE move your body (which is part of the universe) so you can participate in the series of incidents that will bring your wish into your reality.

And let that peace – give to you in all ways – and let it be the guidance you need to live life to the fullest.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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“First of all, most of us do not even realize our own harvest when it confronts us. And if we do remember that we once imagined it, reason will tell us it would have happened anyway. Reason will remind you that you met a man (seemingly by accident) at a cocktail party who was interested in making money.”

“When he heard your idea, he sent you to see his friend, and look what happened – so really, it would have happened anyway. Then, of course, it is easy to ignore the law, but Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord. In all that he does he prospers.” – Neville Goddard

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Just 72 Years Old – Getting Heaps of LIFE CHANGING GOLD!

Dear Mr. T & T,

All of my life it seems that I have had negative force overriding my attempts to progress.  So I have been working on imagining that I have identified what it is. 

Then today, my younger sister said that she had an overwhelming compulsion to talk to me about my childhood, one that I had apparently just accepted and locked away.  She described how my mom would yell and verbally abuse me and made me responsible for anything my younger siblings did. (7 of them) She was always punishing or yelling at me for being an ignorant loser.  So I accepted her opinion of me and married someone just like her. 

The point is that the lessons have helped me to unlock this hidden chamber inside. My sister said she did not know why she felt compelled to tell me now, I’m 72, but she said she watched me being treated badly by my mom and then my ex for 35 years, and had wanted to discuss this with me for years.  

Now I am concentrating on my imagination. And I’m getting free from the ‘you are not good enough’ voice of the people  who never really got to know me at all. 

Thank you for your Neville lessons.  I appreciate them. 

Julia in Manifesting Mastery Course – Day 71

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  1. helen says:

    Could you please post Neville’s entire writing or lecture with his complete story of confronting the conman and getting the theater tickets for his brothers. Thanks for all you and V do on this site.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Helen,

    That lecture is The Duality Of Man, you can listen to it here:


    TT and V

  3. Dan says:

    Just this morning I woke-up feeling not right and started to have negative thoughts and thought I was somehow blocking the process.
    I told myself to relax, that I was still learning and to keep going forward, that the technique would become clearer and clearer. Well, I opened your e-mail this morning and it was about resisting the process, which brought me here. Needless to say, I manifested the answer, which you supplied. But that would have happened anyway right? hehehe 😉

  4. Paula says:

    I’m very excited to share that I’ve been working on a screenplay and not really actively pursing anyone to look at it, but recently someone casually asked if they could read it, and then told me they KNOW SOMEONE in Hollywood, and they are going to get my script in to them. WooHoo!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Awesome Paula!

    Good on you for diving, being you and for Following-The-Formula!

    Big blessings!

    TT and V

  6. Sukhi says:

    Hi Guys

    What is the difference between using affirmations that Neville totally dismissed and simple phrases like ‘thank you, it’s happened etc.

    Can we use simple phrases that include ‘I’, ‘me’ etc.


  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Sukhi,

    When Neville uses “Isn’t it wonderful” or a simple phrase, remember it’s the feeling that “it’s wonderful” that matters, not the words.

    He recommends doing this, when it would be hard or impossible to construct a scene that would imply your wish has been fulfilled.

    We tend to stay away from affirmations and stuff like “I am the greatest” etc, those tend to bring up inner resistance.

    Congratulatory Conversations tend to work much better.


    TT and V

  8. Sukhi says:

    Many thanks xxx

  9. Emily says:

    Wow this – Imagining is going to create energy in your life. Let that energy move your body (which is part of the universe) so you can participate in the series of incidents that will bring your wish into your reality.

    Is one of the best things that I’ve ever read !!!

    I love that energy !! Going with the flow , yay ! And it feels fun , you feel like you wanna do something and you don’t know why , you don’t even ask yourself why , you just do it and it leads to the next step the next step and so on !

    Your specific use of words makes me understand now better , so much better why I feel ” compelled ” to do some things .

    Thanks !!

  10. Vincent says:

    Twenty-Twenty, I would like to share my experiences in manifesting, I can manifest the things I need faster by just enjoying the feeling that I already had the things and continue enjoy this feeling until I fall asleep. If I imagine having that thing I need to manifest, my mind keep jumping here and there, liked when I imagine I have $10,000 but my vision change the $10,000 into $100,000. When this happened I began to fear that $10,000 will not manifest because my original intention was to have the $10,000 and not $100,000. So what I do when I need $10,000, I just enjoy the feeling I already had the $10,000 while I am on the bed and continue enjoy the feeling of having it until I fall asleep. The results are amazing, within 3 -5 days and sometime it takes little bit of time but it works.