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Speedy Effortless Manifesting – Special Report – Using Your Two Minds

“The Law (how we manifest), to be effective, needs feeling with form. Build a structure that would imply your desire is already fulfilled, and enter its form with feeling.” – Neville Goddard
Heartwood - Our Lovely Home

Hey mate,

To get reliable results Neville’s methods…

… you need to have BOTH of Neville’s Two Main Ingredients in your Feel It Real Recipe.

Those two ingredients are FEELING and FORM…

…and each of them seems to have a different part of mind in charge of it.  To make sure we are using them both, we ask ourselves these two questions before every session.

  1. What is the FEELING that impies my wish fulfilled?  (Don’t just name it – feel it – amplify it – make it sweeter than ever before.  Notice how it moves in your body, notice where it begins, notice how it grows.)
  2. What would I experience in a SHORT scene that IMPLIES the wish has been fulfilled?

We’ve noticed, that the first question…

…helps you to feel from the state by exploring the feeling.  This takes it beyond just naming it, because it helps you notice it more.  Just naming it does nothing.  But noticing the FEELING and feeling it growing – makes the magic moment possible.

Noticing that state moving and growing in your body, opens the door to the power of creation. That is what creates the change inside your life.

The Mistake Most People Make is:

They just NAME THE STATE. (I want a million dollars.) They don’t really notice and  feel and EXPLORE the state of THEIR WISH FULFILLED.

Did you notice…

…how we share how imagined up events and feelings from our FINANCIALLY FREE day, and now – that has manifested!)

Remember what Neville taught, FEELING is the secret.  Explore what it FEELS LIKE – and KNOW it is DONE!


Let’s dive into what how Neville works with the mind that focuses on Form and detail, where that second question fits in.

“Do you know that the moment you draw a line you encompass energy? That without an outline, everything is nothing? Draw your outline and make your picture as clear as possible.”

“Perhaps you are giving a party to honor one who is present. Sit at the table with friends and raise your glass. Congratulate your friend on his new position, his greater salary and more responsibility.” – Neville Goddard

To turn a blank piece of paper…

…(which is pure potential- like your pure potential) into a beautiful sketch, you have to first draw a line.  That line, leads to other lines, which becomes a sketch of beauty. (See the sketch of our lovely home above.  It all started with one line, one idea – and a lovely dance inside the imagination.)

Once you draw a line in paper, you start to delightfully define what you are drawing. Once you draw a line in your mind, you are defining what you are drawing into – attracting – creating in your world.  You are taking the pure potential that you are – and creating with it the world you choose to live in.

feel_it_realTODAY’S TAKE AWAY:

Just for fun…  Let’s assume you have two minds, just for fun.  One creates details you EXPERIENCE in the scene – the other dives into new depths of feeling.

  • Let your “detail mind” fill in the details NEEDED. but no more!   
  • THEN, Just do like Neville does,  define what you are doing, and FEEL what the scene implies.
  • Use your FEELING mind, to more deeply feel the feelings of the wish fulfilled and the KNOWING that it is done.   That way you don’t just define them – you fully feel them.

Just like a flower needs both sunshine and water, your sessions need both the right level of detail and the right level of feeling.

To have a REAL IMAGINAL experience…

…you will experience some level of DETAILS in your scene – just like you do in daily life.   And you need to get lost – immersed in the feeling, to the point that all other feelings float away.

May your day be filled with flow, fun, and fantastic miracles,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hey TT,

Thank you so much for our coaching call. It was truly insightful…the high energy on the call was undeniable!:)

I really just wanted to Thank You so very much for making this information available and making it so easy to grasp & put into action. I have been on my journey of “self-discovery” for quite some time now and it isn’t until I found, particularly the Prosperity Pack that everything finally made perfect sense.

I had been feeling “stuck” for a while and it’s very easy to fall back into the state of “worry & fear” when “nothing” seems to be happening.

BUT now that I’ve listened to the lessons in the prosperity pack especially the “Feel After Him” recording in Neville’s voice, I have had an amazing revelation sorta speak. LOL. I realized that I was thinking “of” not “from”. I have since made the shift and can feel the peace within. That inner knowing that it is done.

I also put (LESSON 1 from the Prosperity Pack) the “Reverse the Conversation” lesson to the test. My husband played in a Charity Softball Tournament over the weekend. He called me on day 1 and says” Two guys can’t make it, there’s no way we’re going to win, now”. I say to him ” well, of course not, not with that mindset. If you needed those guys to win, they’d be there. Don’t worry about it, go out and play, have fun. You’ve got this!”

As I hang up, I can see the light bulb appear over my head and I just shouted REVERSE THE CONVERSATION!!!

I sat there still with the my phone in my hand and imagined him telling me that they won even though two guys didn’t show up. I played the conversation over in my mind several times and also imagined the team taking pictures with the trophy while I was listening to my husband tell me the wonderful story about how they won. Long story short…yes, his team won.:)

So many great lessons in this package, its hard not to comment on all of them! I truly appreciate the time you take to teach the truth & help us awaken the power & beauty within. If my feelings are of any indication of what’s in the making, then I believe its time I strap on my seat belt and enjoy the ride to “grandma’s house”.:)

Thank You a MILLION times!!  Wishing you Many Blessings,  Samm:)

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  1. Nat says:

    This has been really helpful, addressing, as it does, the mechanics of the process.

    I’ve had difficulty with the “feeling” component, often trying to force it into being. Choosing one you would like to have more of, and imagining it as a mobile, evolving energy in the body, is effective. This aspect is familiar to anyone who has worked with meditation, but I had not thought to apply it in this new way.

    Also, my “details” tended to focus on the “how” of reaching my goal, step by step, rather than implying all of the things that would flow from having achieved it.

    Thanks once again. Will continue to work on this basis.

  2. Janet says:

    What does “thinking from” mean?

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Here’s a goodie article on that Janet!


  4. cc says:

    Is it correct process to visualize someone else behaving differently? For example, I want someone to accept me as I am rather than judge me. Is that going to work?

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Sure will CC!

    How are you using The Tools?