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Is ANYTHING Possible with the Power of Revision?

“What I really want, if I am honest with myself, is to restart my life from my teens, to live it differently, grow and evolve naturally from there. I don’t care about “money” or things of the sort, I like wealth but that is not my hunger. I need the sword of aging to stop hanging over my neck, making me feel guilty and impotent. Do you know to what extent people have managed to apply his advice regarding revision?” – Norm

Hey mate,

Hi Norm, the Power of Revision can truly rework just about anything in life, the key is to use it to RESHAPE the clay of your life – not to attempt to use it to replace the clay in your life.

As you listen to the lecture below in the The Potters House Video – by Neville Goddard, notice that Neville says that we do not toss away the clay of our lives, we do not discard it or throw it out, but we reshape it.  In my life, I have experienced many trauma’s – including being beaten badly when taken hostage in the Camp Hill Prison riots of 1989 when I was just 23, and much earlier in my life – when I was born 3 months premature.   I don’t use revision to go back in time and begin again, hoping I wake up as a new babe in the crib who went a full 9 months in the womb, I use revision to change HOW those events are incorporated into my life.

Instead of being a sick and weak kid who got picked on a lot and who had health challenges, I see myself as being healthy – then and now.  Instead of trying to use revision to erase the riot and the horrors that happened there, I use revision to change the nature of how I deal with the riot – into a spiritual awakening that blesses hundreds of thousands of people.   I don’t attempt to write those events out of my life, I use revision to write them in – in a way that empowers me and those who I can serve.

How can you revise – rewrite what has happened to you – from your teens until today – so that it serves you – makes you strong – opens the floodgates of possibility in your life?

  • The first step, is to remember that those old events – were part of a ROLE you chose to play on some level.  And playing this role, gives you experiences that will serve you long term – even if they were challenging at the time.
  • The second step is to define EXACTLY your AIM – your ideal.  (If you don’t have as much detail around your ideal as you do your past, you will be drawn to repeat the past.)
  • And the third step is to FEEL YOUR IDEAL AS REAL  (Major key:  Get your inner talking in perfect alignment with your ideal.)

Click the links above to read those articles, they will give you details that you can use forever, starting right now.

And watch the video below – by clicking here – The Potters House Video – By Neville Goddard.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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3 Comments on "Is ANYTHING Possible with the Power of Revision?"

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  1. mopeychild says:

    Ok I have a question !
    When we talk about reshaping..does it mean we only alter the mental component of the event or the physical component also?
    For example..if I’ve been bullied in my youth, can I revise sso that I was never bullied? Or can I revise only so that maybe I DID get bullied, but I reacted to that differently?
    Please explain ! Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mopeychild,

    Feel free to revise in this example, having many wonderful friends – with wonderful experiences with them.

    Create that real enough in your mind, and your mind will not be able to distinguish between that and any other memory.

    At that point, we get to react to the scene which is more real, which just might be more real than a “picked on past” memory.

    That freedom, will free your present, and free your future.

    Thank you for the opportunity to clarify,

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  3. mopeychild says:

    i see. thanks a lot. if i have more questions i can pop in and ask you, right?
    thanks for your time.
    also why are you named mr 20/20?? just curious !