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Is old religious programming still getting in your way?

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Today Neville shares with us a very important and powerful lesson – how a misguided spiritual seeming focus can block your blessing – and he gives us a solution – which is the reason why the Law (what you hold in mind – tends to manifest works.  Let’s dive in with the Neville Goddard quote of the day.

“And this one, in this advertising agency, he can write his own ticket today. The boss said to him, “What do you want?” The boss gives it to him. Well, I would say, a three, four times a year, a huge, big, unsolicited bonus check. He wants to keep him. My friend has no desire to quit, but the boss is so eager to hold him, just one bonus after the other. And my friend, oh he’ll take it, why shouldn’t he?” – Neville Goddard

You can notice in this lesson (taken from our new book, POWER – to be released next week), that Neville several times states that he has no problem with using the law for earthly goods and wealth.  He had no problem using it to free his wife from work – so she could stay at home and raise the family, like his mother did.  He had no problem with manifesting tickets for a sold out play for his brothers, when they visited him in New York.  And he has no problem, with the Law being used to generate sales, or to create the circumstance for his friend getting his bonuses.

Is a misguided spiritual focus blocking your blessings?

Many people block their blessings at first, because on some level, they feel that choosing to have material blessings – takes away from their spiritual growth. We were given the Law (what you hold in mind, tends to manifest), so that we will know beyond a doubt, the nature of the Promise (We are inseparable from Divinity). The Promise.  The Promise – that we will awaken to know we are inseparable from God – is why – the Law works. This is a central component to Neville’s teaching.

“The world is brought into being by imagination and sustained by imagination, and when imagination no longer sustains it, it dissolves and leaves not a trace behind. One must approach the gospel on this level first. If one’s interest is aroused on this level and it is proved to be true in the testing, then they may be interested in hearing about the promise.” – Neville Goddard

Have an amazing day, and remember to always – feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Note:  Today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson is inspired from our new book, POWER, which will be released next week.   Look for it!


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