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I Can’t Visualize – Please Help Me – Free Neville Goddard

At 8:02 AM, Liz wrote: “I CAN’T VISUALIZE!”

Hi Mr Twenty Twenty, Firstly I love your site and the recordings I have purchased.

I have a question Neville and yourself talk about seeing through your own eyes and imagining a single scene over and over again which you also talk about in your Feel It Real pack.”

“My problem is that I cannot see things in my mind I can’t Visualise, I only see black when I close my eyes when I try to bring an image to Mind I cannot see it, therefore I can’t keep repeating a single scene as I can’t see It in my minds eye.

What do I do then?? Do I just feel the feelings of love, wealth, happiness etc?? Will this work even although I can’t actually see anything in my minds eye?? Thanks for all the wonderful information on your site!!


Dream Like GodHi Liz,

So you can’t SEE in your sessions….

What if this wasn’t a curse – but a BLESSING?

(Notice this is another way to imagine your current situation.  It’s easy to imagine being unable to visualize as a limitation. It’s just as easy to imagine that this is a blessing.)

Compared to someone who can visualize easily…

…you have “one less thing” to have to focus on while doing your Feel It Real sessions, and you will naturally avoid making a few common mistakes. (People who can visualize easily often make this mistake.)

What you can do is you can do what Neville did most effectively.  You can HEAR and you can FEEL.

  • Notice in your Feel It Real sessions, what does what you want sound like?
  • What do your friends sound like – as they notice – congratulate you on your accomplishments?
  • What is different about how you sound – to your friends, family, co-workers?
  • And the biggie, what does all of that FEEL LIKE inside?

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NOW, here is another method of Neville’s that…

…we love – you can use this for friends, family, even yourself.   (And it works FANTASTIC, especially if you are challenged with visualizing.)

“Let me now share a letter I received from a friend. In it he said: Last Monday night a friend asked me for help, so that night I spent a half hour imagining I heard the words he would say if his desire were realized. Just before I awoke the next morning, the friend’s wife appeared in my dream and thanked me for my help.”

“Then Tuesday evening, while enjoying some music in my living room, my friend appeared in reverie. Speaking with authority, power, and joy, he used the identical words I heard when I imagined him confirming the fulfillment of his desire, and I felt the thrill of completion.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_realImagine RIGHT NOW – hearing the words…

…imagine how you feel – hearing the words – the words of celebration – the words of congratulations – the words that IMPLY it is already done.

Now, go have fun with the rest of your Feel It Real POWER PACK Liz!

You’ll find so many new ways to play with ALL THE GOODIES in there, since you now know you aren’t cursed – you are BLESSED!

Thank you Liz for writing us today, it’s a blessing to work with you.   Have an amazing day!

Big love and blessings,

TT and V

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Hey TT and V,

This past week has shown me how much control I really can have over my state.

I love how easy it’s become to get back to a neutral state, just by taking the meaning away from things. 

Especially that anxious pit in my stomach that would like to appear out of nowhere. 

Now it doesn’t mean anything, and no longer leads to anxious or fearful thoughts.

Overall I’d say it’s like I’ve walked through some sort of portal in regards to mastering my state. It might’ve taken me years to get where I am now without these exercises.

Getting back on the horse has always been somewhat of a superpower of mine, but I’ve always had trouble STAYING on the horse. 

The struggle of staying on the horse has virtually disappeared. It’s getting to the point where I can pick a state and stay in it for DAYS. 

No more feeling good for thirty minutes here, an hour there. Now I might fall out of state for an hour max.

I know I’m just getting started, but I feel really excited for the weeks to come. 

Something tells me that my progress is going to grow exponentially, which is wild considering how far I’ve come in the last week!

I’m really grateful to you guys for offering a course that actually has value. Also I didn’t realize how far I’ve come until writing this email haha.

Anyway! Thank you again Mr. T.T. and Mrs. V.

Jakob – Day 14 – Manifesting Mastery. 

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  1. Sigh Willy says:

    Hi Mr 20-20, I am questioning the word mistake. I see a mistake (contrast) as just another choice. We are always choosing from our perception of what we believe possible. And also for me it's not important to be from a distance or upclose viewing (imagining) what it is I am creating. More importantly for me is assuming the feeling state whether visually, or auditorily, and feeling the emotional state of my desire fulfilled and done. Already done in my consciousness now, and with that knowing I let any attachment to it go. I release it, to the LOA, and know it is100% done now.

    And I am thankful, and take responsibility for my conscious choice manifested into form. And so it is…. Namaste, Tommy

  2. lisa says:

    Just wonderful. Thank you.

  3. Dennis says:

    I used to also be one that had a hard time visualizing. Now through alot of practise I can but, it does take extra work to get there sometimes so maybe this would be a great alternative. Thanks for insight TT&V, I’d forgotten about this!

  4. ash says:

    I just bought the feel it real power pack and i noticed my problem isnt visualising ( i can see through my eyes and occasionally spectate) but is feeling. I just go through the motions and not feel anything. The exception was one time when i accidently feel a rush if intense joy and feel asleep. The next day i was in the best mood for literally 24 hours till i tried to redo visualisation and couldnt feel anything.

    Am i broken?? LOL

  5. ash says:

    *felt a rush

  6. ash says:

    real power pack and i noticed my problem isnt visualising ( i can see through my eyes and occasionally spectate) but is feeling. I just go through the motions and not feel anything. The exception was one time when i accidently felt a rush of intense joy and fell asleep. The next day i was in the best mood for literally 24 hours till i tried to redo visualisation and couldnt feel anything.

    Am i broken?? LOL

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ash!

    We have a number of ways to “fix” that. 🙂

    It really is all a matter of retraining the brain so you can move from “stuck out there observing” the dance, to finding yourself enjoyably on the dance floor – with the perfect partner.

    Sending you a “sample lesson” from Manifesting Mastery to give you a peek at one way we approach that, in that training.

    Check your inbox,

    TT and V

  8. Donna says:

    Hi Mr. TT and V,
    I see that some of the questions to you are about holding on to visualizing desired state and/or trying to visualize. I have the same problem, but I think I have solved some of it or on my way to solving it. I start writing it out longhand, and soon the picture in my head starts to ‘light’ up where I can successfully see it and enjoy it.
    Its not perfected, as yet, and it does take some time to write everything out, but its worth it.
    Unfortunately out /real world’ and the limitations we have all grown up with do interfere, and that is my biggest problem. How can one manifest a state that have been unattainable for so many years. Takes practice and belief as Neville would say.
    Thanks for doing all that the two of you do…I’m certain Emmet is an inspiration.

  9. Llisa says:

    Right from the opening sentence… Imagine you are blessed by this….. JUST YES! This becomes the new thinking paradigm. I love your work, your friendship, your gift to us all.
    Neville would simply not be as clear and vital in my life without your help. I would KNOW it to BE…important…and relevant…and guiding – but honestly, as an intelligent woman I can say: I would not understand this so clearly without you.
    Thank you.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    RIGHT from that opening sentence!


    Big love LISA!

  11. pradipto says:

    I am a big fan of Neville. Thank you for creating this wonderful site which gives us so much information about the genius of Neville. I just want to know whether we can keep 3 or 4 goals and visualise about their accomplishments.

  12. Tammy says:

    I just read your response, It was a answer from Neville, regarding visualization. It was how he helped a couple…. he did the visual for them… I have never seen ONCE on any sight where someone actually does it for you? Thank you, T