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Everything is Crashing – Please Help! – Free Neville Goddard

Free Neville Goddard Potter's House“I recently lost my job, have fallen behind on my mortgage, am working to overcome some significant health issues, and a promising relationship with a really nice, fun guy seems on the verge of ending (I suspect most likely due to my anxiety about losing the relationship because of my job situation and health issues).”

“I try to find ways to keep myself upbeat and maintain a positive attitude (because I don’t want more the same), but there are days like today when I just want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed.  How can I get back to the place of just feeling good and positive so I can fully focus on what I want, not what I don’t want?” – Dedra

Hi Dedra,

Let’s dive into the words of Neville and see what we can glean from them today.


“Repeat the phrase, “Isn’t it wonderful!” or “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” over and over again until you feel successful.”

“Or, imagine a friend congratulating you. There are unnumbered ways of implying success, but always go to the end. Your acceptance of the end wills its fulfillment.” – Neville Goddard Quote

In Neville’s example he uses success…

…which could mean success in any area of life – including being successful at simply “feeling good and positive again”.  So for now, instead of using sessions to “accomplish something” like manifesting money or eliminating debt, the mortgage being taken care of or your health being perfect – just explore feeling what you would feel, knowing everything is just fine.

learn how to feel it real - click hereReal Life Story:  About six months ago, I strained some muscles in my back working in the garden with Victoria.

Sleeping for the first few days was rough.  Until I was fully able to eliminate the seemingly non stop pain, I used “Feel It Real” for peace. I would fall asleep at night….  EXPLORING THE FEELING OF….

“What a wonderful day!”

Feeling from the KNOWING that everything is just fine, I got the exact amount of rest I needed every night, knowing that the inspiration to write and the energy to consult and train will be there.

If I wasn’t doing my sessions…

My old habit would be that the next day would be a waste or a disaster, because I would be wiped out.   So instead of allowing the vine to grow wild and laying in bed being anxious about the next day, I simply “embodied peace”.

Remember, Neville says  the Law is designed to help us not only succeed wildly and wonderfully in life, but we have it to cushion the blows of life.  Remember, you are greater than any state – even a state of confusion or suffering – and that you can create and enter into the state of being simply positive and at peace today.  Simply do “sessions for peace of mind” and remember you are truly one with God.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

It’s time for YOU to make a SPLASH too!

Stop tiptoeing along the shore and DIVE IN the DEEP end! 

“STOP living month to month and start living DREAM TO DREAM!” – Mr Twenty Twenty

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“Thank YOU from the Bottom of my heart!”

Hello TT and V,

I cannot believe we are approaching to the end.

I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome journey even though, I have been skipping some days, it was amazing how some lesson matches my current life situation. TT you always nailed it to the point.

To begin, past week was a very challenging situation for us in the U.S. despite all the pressure, the first lesson thought me something valuable, to simply sit in silent. 

Session #79 was  exactly what I needed  to hear instead of what I wanted to hear, while the media outlets are worrying us about our future and in reality the power to shift things is already within us not the democrat or republican leaders. 

I clearly understand how my attention and energy play a major part of my current state of mind and I have the power to take full control in order to have the flow of manifesting effectively.

The Neville habit really resonated with me, I see it as the simplicity of my kids asking for something, with a face and the confidence that they already received it. Neville habit is a powerful tool for me to practice and master. Revise the yes, see the immediacy and feel the positive energy right the way with a simplicity.

From you the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to you guys.

Thank you,

Jerry – Day 84 Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Brenda says:

    Thank you for these posts. I read and appreciate each and every one of them, and I’m inspired that you, Mr. Twenty Twenty, practice these teachings – you walk your talk. Heartfelt gratitude for your sharing!

  2. Kellie says:

    I am in the U.S. and each night I look forward to your email for the next step in developing my sessions and getting thru my days. These help me set the tone for my sleeping and waking up to a better state than I was in today. They keep my faith strong and never giving up. As I am still out of work these emails give me what I need to push forward no matter what. So many times the daily post is exactly what I needed!!! Thank you.

  3. Joe Weldon says:

    TT, when you have pain, try imagining how it feels to be completely pain-free 5 minutes from now.

    Let me know how that works.

  4. Susan Cook says:

    Hi Twenty Twenty,

    Isn’t it funny how the Divine brings you just what you need when you need it. Thank you old, dear and faithful friend for your service to humanity. I need this today, everyday..Good to see you serving and living your truth.

    Love, Susan

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big love to you Susan!

    It’s been many years and many adventures. Your lovely way of being pops up here from time to time. Have you been thinking of coming to OZ?

    Big love and big hugs my friend!

    TT (and V and E too).

  6. lisa says:

    Hey Twenty –
    Loved this and the thread here. When we are the Operant Power, how do we let our states get contaminated – I mean, do we drop consciousness of the thing (state) we are calling?
    Also, how does this then apply to “cushion” us from the blows of life. These are blows we are creating – unconsciously?
    I just heard you on periscope say: .. People say…Everything is energy, We are energy…..No its not. We are what gives BIRTH to energy.”
    I have literally…never heard or considered that. You continue to just blow my mind and expand my world. So so glad I created You.

  7. Dennis says:

    So, if I’m understanding this, the contamination is when you’re doing your sessions correctly, feeling it real, you’re walking and sleeping in it for a time, everything is going great then negativity comes in and you have a bad day and anxiety tries to set in? Is that what you’re talking about? That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday with something I’ve been manifesting. Today I managed to get back on track with it and I did revise yesterday. That seemed like the only thing I could do, revise, dust myself off and continue on feeling it real.
    Thanks for all your help TT&V!

  8. Dennis says:

    Sorry TT, I just read through this one again, more carefully this time, and answered my own question! Lol
    Neville was talking about the contamination of your CURRENT state. Which, I think may be one reason why he always constructed his day in imagination when he first woke up. It seems like doing that could help eliminate some forms of contamination as well as smooth out anything else you may be doing that day. I recently started doing that myself, my days have felt better.
    I’ve also been doing a lot more revising, trying to do it while I’m in the moment but at least before I go to sleep. I’ve noticed some of the reoccurring things in my life begin to change, so I’ve been excited about that. It does work! Thanks again for being here. Blessings!

  9. Pamela says:

    I needed to read this today. I couldn’t sleep last night and fell back into a slump because I got an eviction notice letter because I haven’t been able to came up with my rent payment yet. Didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning. Was doing better until that came yesterday. Reading this gave me a little more peace of mind and reminded me of what I should be focusing on. Thanks for this.

  10. Donge says:

    Hello Mr TT & V,
    Are Method actors and Soul singers in trouble of manifesting their Art?
    Much Love, and enjoying the manifesting mastery course 🙂

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    I’d suspect that THAT is possible Donge!

    Seems like more than one person who has played Hamlet has had some very tragic experiences show up in their life.

    i’m big into investing every moment. Go for it mate!

    Happy you are loving MM, it is a treat to share it with you. As you know, email us ANYTIME!


  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Imagining you blessed Pamela! 🙂 🙂