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Eliminating Debt With Neville Goddard

942612_10200487205895319_637425207_nHey mate,

Today’s lesson is a practical one – one that is full of spiritual insight and truth.  Today we are going to focus on what to do – if you want to get out of debt.   Let’s turn to the words of Neville.

“To whom did my friend turn when he wanted the bank loan paid? He turned to God! He did not get down on his knees and ask some outside God to do it for him. He didn’t go to church and consult a priest, rabbi or minister. He didn’t contact a so-called truth teacher, but simply closed his eyes to the obvious and saw two zeros in the balance due column. Then for the first time in the history of his company a mid-year bonus was paid. This happened to him because of his use of the law, and his knowledge of who God is.” – Neville Goddard

Notice the simple formula Neville shares today:

  • Don’t turn to anything on the “outside”.  Remember you are the creative power – so turn within.
  • Close your eyes to the obvious.  The physical world is the obvious world.  Close your eyes to it and define simply the state you choose to have in your life.
  • See “two zeros”.  What is it that you would see if your wish was fulfilled?  See that now.   Feel as if it is done.
  • Don’t try to figure it out. Just assume it is done.  Expect a miracle.
  • And remember – who God is.  You are God, having the adventure of a lifetime.

As we share in our best selling book Freedom – 75 Lessons (States and Freedom) everything is a state.  And you create or choose the states you live from – because you – the real you – is greater than any state.   When you learn how true this is, and realize how powerful you are – all debt can be fully forgiven.

But it takes you abandoning the “small state” you have identified with, so you can embrace the true state of you.   Like the monkey swinging from vine to vine, you have to let go of the old, before you can embrace the new.   Embrace the new – true you.

You are much more magnificent than you have imagined.   (Imagine that!)

Have an amazing day and remember to feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  As we share in Freedom, every person in the Bible is a state we can learn from.   Want to learn how to “supplant” your present reality with a new one, study Jacob.   Want to learn how to be “born again”, study Moses.  Want to study the value of “resting”, then study Noah.   All these people are states, and their names signify states.   Life becomes full of miracles as you study the states.   Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. Right on as usual! I shared with a business owner how to get out of debt by Xing out in red all the creditors – wrote all bills are paid off in full at the top and gave thanks. She kept this in the cash register vision screen as each sale was rung up she'd be reminded and subconscious mind made it so in less than a year. She showed me how she did what I suggested and was so thrilled at the results as she was telling me "THANK YOU!"

  2. I thank God for u,caring enougj to set otjer free.