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“Hi TT and V!”  

“I have always heard that no one can create for us. But Neville says his dentist created an issue with one of his teeth. That it would last 13 years, and it did.

“Neville goes on to say he didn’t even know till later – that he was “just a victim” of his dentist’s imagining. This bothers me a lot.”

“If others who may have ill will toward me can imagine negative things, how am I to combat that? How can I be stronger than one or more people imagining something negative for me?”

“Even if it’s not done intentionally?? It really has been troubling to think about that and I wanted to know if he has an “antidote” to this issue? Or if you could shed a little light on the matter for me. I’d appreciate it a lot!  Thanks!!”  Lucy

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_everyone_freeHi Lucy,

Let’s see what Neville has to say…

“If you know who you are and how imagination operates, you will learn to control your imaginal activities.”

“If you do not, they will be controlled for you by another, and you will become their victim.” – Neville Goddard

Neville says there are only two things you need to know – to end being a victim:

  • Know who you are.
  • Know how imagination operates.

So there is no need to combat or defend…

…against any negative imagining – just know who you are – know how the imagination actually operates.

“As man begins to awaken he controls and takes over, and is no longer a victim of his vision, so he has control of his attention. Everyone is free to create his world as he wants it – if he knows that the whole thing is responding to him.” – Neville Goddard

learn_how_to_feel_it_realPersonal Success Story:

Back in 2001 I went to the dentist who told me I needed 2 fillings in my molars.

I rejected that.   I didn’t have the money for the fillings, and I didn’t like the thought of any more mercury fillings in my mouth.

Since I knew who I am, and how imagination operates, I simply rejected his diagnosis, his curse.  I DID – WHAT WE TEACH.    

Then, FIVE years later, I went to another dentist for a “routine” clean and check (the first in 5 years).   Perfect teeth.  No problems.   Just like I imagined.

UPDATED June 20, 2021:   It’s now over 20 YEARS later.  I still have PERFECT TEETH.  No cavities.  No problems.  

This stuff works, it works wonders, and all you have to do is Follow The Formula.

Today’s Take Away: So many people are living lives of WAR!


When you DIVE DEEP into this – you will NEVER have to worry about other people’s imaginings, ever again.  But have to know – who you are and how this works.  And there is only ONE WAY to do that.



Remember, you are the operant power!

And because you are the Operant Power – it is up to you to prune your vine.

It is up to you to prune all undesirable imaginings from your mind, and to Feel It Real for what you desire.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Daisy Boo says:

    Thank you very nice

  2. Very interesting. Some people don't believe that others can create in your life but I sure do. I've seen it happen.

  3. JOAN says:

    thank you

  4. hazel says:

    …I do believe this because i’ve done it already, and the reason why im here on your site is to feed more and more of my spirituality and my courage. Life is good 🙂 Its really a good thing that we are the one who can create our lives…and so create a good one as it says “live life to fullest” 🙂

  5. Quinn says:

    I have a problem Ill get to a point in where I have imagined something I desire an then when the situation occurs,the hole plan might delayed for an even longer period of time.Here’s a great situation that just occurred recently.I had waited weeks for my dad to scrap some money together to get me a pair cleats online.An I would just glair at for weeks online an then there price went up I thought I would never get them.then it came down to the day of purchase of them an just the littlest information was wrong an messed everything up an they ended up giving me a refund for it but it will take a week to get monies back.I feel so mad cause I was so close.but i must wait even longer,these happens a lot to me what could I do to prevent in future manifestations cause it sucks when it happens again an again

    Thanks, Quinn

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Quinn,

    Since this sounds like a pattern that keeps repeating – use Revision. Revise the past incidents – so they never happened.

    That way, you won’t be walking around FEELING those old negative feelings – and having them resurrect into your life again.

    Make sense mate?


    TT and V

  7. Paul Tamale says:

    TT and V, you guys are awesome. It's a privilege to have you on planet earth at this time. Thanks so much for this brief but powerful post.

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Paul! Many blessings to you mate. Email anytime!

    TT and V

  9. Hello Paul, how are you doing? I haven't heard from you for a long time. Are you still in Canada? Let us be in touch.

  10. bb says:

    That’s not possible, no one can’t create your reality, only you.

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi BB,

    I’ll side with Neville on this one. Neville and his family have a huge track record. Personally, I’ve been exploring this stuff for a long long time, have great results, and have noticed – we can lovingly imagine for another – and we can unlovingly imagine for another. And if that is true, they can do the same for us.

    We do have the option of accepting the blessing, or the curse – but that’s another subject.


    TT and V

  12. Nikita says:

    Hey hi there
    Just wanted to know in which lecture or book does neville talk about this particular incident , would want to read in detail about it. As had tooth ache , and before sleeping just asked myself have ever neville spoken about it , and here i read this question … Talk about timings !!!!:)… Good part seems i am on right track ….

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Nikita!

    The quotes from today’s lesson are from this lecture:


    The dentist story is from one of the audios we have on the site, but I don’t remember which one mate.


    TT and V

  14. Apcelon says:

    As Neville teaches, imagination is everything and all we need to do is imagine anything real and real it’ll be.
    Thanks for this one today as I see my networking expand globally as we expand…

    TT and Victoria

  15. Dave Harr says:

    Create from a loving place and bless yourself and others.

  16. Greg says:

    TT, I found the following information in The Neville Reader. He says that if I imagine for another whether positive or negative and it is refused by the individual it comes back on me hence creating my own future.Quick story; I have this new neighbor who likes to walk her dog on the irrigation road which runs thru my property.On several occasions her dog and mine got at each other as dogs do . When I would try to talk to her about it she would ignore me. When I did talk to her about this she cursed and threatened me, I had to tell her she was trespassing. Long story short I imagined her being very happy. Six months later her house is now for sale. I will keep imagining her happy know matter what ever happens. Thank you TT, Greg

  17. Angel Light says:

    Hi TT,

    Would love (and need) some more detail and explanation on Neville’s dentist experience, please… Taking Neville’s teachings very seriously and being on a path to lead our lives based on those teachings; hearing briefly only the part that talks about him being a victim of a health professional, leaves it incomplete and us in some kind of concern honestly. Could you please explain more what Neville’s review of his own experience was… I mean why exactly he had an experience where he thinks he was a victim?

    Also, actually, there is not supposed to be “victim”… ever. If all is always and only responding to us/to what we give out. If the world outside is ourselves pushed out, then how can there be a victim? For more clarification on this, I recommend read/listen to Abraham-Hicks… It all depends on what you give your attention to and what you believe… If you believe someone can harm you and influence you, then you shall experience that… If you pay attention/offer thoughts/vibration in response to your observation of another/another’s thoughts/behaviours, etc. then what you get from life will match that… Like attracts like… However I think Neville also means “don’t offer by default, know what you are offering”. Abraham-Hick is awesome in explaining that.. “Be a selective sifter, don’t be a responder and a regurgitator… Be a creator… Think on purpose, feel un purpose… ” Noone can create for you. It’s only your belief/your attention (even when ‘by default’ -which is how most of mostly live) that will ever bring anything back to you in life…


  18. nikita says:

    thank you 🙂

  19. lisa says:

    Don’t Defend. Create.
    SIMPLE – it is almost as though you do need to say more, write more, do more….. when really it is just that.
    I have a similar dentist story: 25 years ago I went to the dentist who told me I needed braces. I rejected it, and never went back – until three years ago. Perfect teeth.
    I also cannot stand to floss. When I go I am told everytime they can tell I floss…because I have decided long ago to have simply perfect teeth.

    Now turning that white light power to my eyes. 🙂 just reminded me I have the power to disengage from any thought of macular degeneration – thanks!

  20. Josee Marie says:

    Dear TT and Victoria,
    Thank you so much for all of your powerful lessons on Neville’s teachings.
    I am always looking forward to reading them everyday.
    And I always learn something new and empowering every time.
    Keep up the good work !
    Mighty Blessings to you both !
    Josee Marie

  21. Grady Stinnett says:

    TT and V,
    Love reading the stories you post and the all the tips you give. None of it has actually worked for me (which I am sure is of my own inability ), but I enjoy seeing others success and how much you help them.

  22. Steven Hoch says:

    Neville also said that if you imagine something for someone that is not in line with their self image, it will rebound on you. So imagine for others only the good you would want for you and yours.

  23. Denis O'Brien says:

    This is critical…and very key to re-taking control of your imagination!!!

  24. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Exactly mate!

    Always – imagine – lovingly.

    TT and V

  25. lisa says:

    Ah, Reading it all again, so many months later…it is even more clear: Creation us much more powerful AND fun than….defending.
    Yes, thanks for this coming through again!

  26. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Angel,

    If you want to create confusion in your life and manifesting – combine Abraham Hicks and Neville.

    There are so many ways their teachings conflict and create confusion – that we tell people all the time – pick them – or pick Neville. You can’t do both and stay sane.

    “Abrahams teachings” are full of subtle twists that are so opposite of Neville and so enslaving, that when we try to help people that study them – it’s almost impossible – because there are so many subtle shifts they need to make.

    Neville taught we can be a victim – and he taught 3 conditions where this is possible.

    One is where you simply don’t live from the state – you are one with god – and imagination creates reality. This is where most people live – and notice – they almost always are automatons – robots – subject to the imaginings of others….

    Another is when you imagine something less than loving for another. Do that and you instantly open the floodgates for the same kind of event / experience to happen to you.

    And there is one more, it’s in an article here somewhere.

    And in the end, we tell people every day who send us the most heartbreaking and confusing emails – choose. Choose Neville, or chose some channelled crap.

    The key for us is this, you don’t have a clue who / what is on “the other side” of the channelled crap. and if you pay close attention to it – it’s subtly enslaving. I’ve never heard anything channelled that wasn’t. You’ve got to listen close, but it’s always subtly taking away from simple truths – like your oneness with god.

    And Neville, him and his family have had over 100 years of documented success with this. Easily tracable. And his message is simple. It works because you are one with god. And what works is you becoming one with what you wanted.

    Eliminate the illusion of separation. That’s Neville. Everything else, is just way too complicated.


    TT and V

  27. Tee says:

    Oh YES others CAN CREATE FOR YOU if you arent careful! I have had it done to me with my first husband. I was never interested in him but he was sure he’d have me. Even though I made my feelings clear to him, he believed otherwise. Less than two weeks later, i couldn’t stop thinking about him and within one month, we were living together and married within the year. We stayed married 14 years but we fought often, then when we were finally divorcing, I asked, I thought you said we’d be together forever? His reply…I finally STOPPED believing.

  28. Tee says:

    I have been a long time Neville follower. I think he is absolutely inspiring. I have but one thing that I have trouble with. And it’s the most important. ..just believing. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to simply believe and have faith?

  29. Ben H says:

    Defending would mean you are focused on that thing you don’t want “attacking you”. Never a good idea

  30. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Totally agreed mate.

    And to get someone who is currently stuck on defending to notice and read the article – so they can move beyond that…

    Meet them where they are, so they can learn how to get to where they are going.


  31. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Tee!

    I’d just keep reading a few lessons a day, to help you get Neville deeper.

    You’ve been told for a very long time, time and time again – to doubt.
    That’s the way of our modern day culture.

    The more you immerse yourself into the articles, the deeper they go.


    TT and V

  32. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    That’s a perfectly put story!

    Blessings Tee!

  33. susan says:

    I have been a follower of Neville for years. I have always had this idea that if I imagined (believed) something it would happen. I have used this successfully for many things, (and also unsuccessfully because of underlying fear).
    You say not to listen to “Abraham” it would be confusing. I am not necessarily a “follower” of “Abraham” but have many friends who are. If you listened to their material, it is essentially saying the same thing as Neville, in a different way. “They say you are one with the creator and align your feelings, energy, vibration with your desire. How is that different from Neville’s teachings?
    Thank you so much, I need clarification on this.
    Love and blessings for all you do.

  34. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve listened. Their material and what it implies is VERY different than Neville.

    I’ve even written articles on this, but since have stopped because to debate Abraham and Neville, requires that I read or listen to stuff that ultimately goes against what Neville teaches and what I’ve experienced.

    The damaging stuff in their teachings seems subtle at first, but becomes more and more obvious over time. So does the damage it causes.

    Wish I could share more, but I’d rather focus more on what we are doing – because it reveals the lovely truth about you.


    TT and V too

  35. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    PS: I’m gonna toss this up in one of our facebook groups, for members to explore and comment on. It would be good fun to see how many differences they notice.

    PPS: Here’s the link. Looking forward to the comments: https://www.facebook.com/groups/441173229336895/permalink/770479613072920/

  36. susan says:

    You are awesome. I would love a discussion like this. You are an answer to what I have been searching for.
    From your reply, I think I got it. As Neville says God is within, and what I think “Abraham” says is we have to “connect”. So why do we have to connect through feelings, vibration etc. to that which we are already and eternally connected? We just have to know, and I mean really know that we are already connected.
    (Am I correct?)
    I absolutely love your answer: it reveals the lovely truth about us. Amazing.
    Huge thanks and blessings to you.

  37. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Susan!

    That discussion is growing strong, it’s probably the most active one in our Facebook Group this week.

    Here’s the link:


    And you are Rock Star Right, we can’t possibly “connect” with God, or get closer to God… And you know exactly why.

    Big love and blessings!

    TT and V

  38. susan says:

    Such an epiphany for me because of you. Just wow.

    Been following Neville for a while but you crystallized it so clearly for me.

    My friends attend local “Abraham” weekly discussion groups and chat forums and goad me for not attending. I said I would look into “A” but something just did not feel right. It seemed a bit contrived that a person could not state this was coming from information culminated from much research by E and J, and possibly, some intuition. Seemed like a way to capitalize through theatrics on interpretations of ancient teachings or revelations of truth, sorry for saying that but it feels that way. Also got a bad taste with J’s story of his illness, and subsequent passing; if he was “connected” this just did not ring true. Anyway, I agree with you I don’t want to condemn, just want to clarify and focus on the truth.

    I think I’ll just direct my friends to Neville, and let them decide, like you suggested in previous post above.

    Huge gratitude to you for the work you are doing to spread the work of this truly inspiring man, Neville.

    Also feeling grateful for your graciously sharing through these emails with the followers of your posts. You are extending your heart and info by touching so many all around the globe and that is something you can be truly proud of!

    I humbly accept your blessings, and back at ya big time!

  39. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Susan!

    It’s a pleasure for us, we really are so amazingly blessed and get to meet the coolest people here.

    Thank you for being one of them!

    We are family!

    TT and V

  40. Wendy Lim says:

    Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty,
    Your site is insightful and contains really sharp, practical information, for which I thank you sincerely.

    I’d really appreciate your comment on a situation I experienced recently where I was invited to a job interview at a prestigious university in the U.K.(I felt it real for about a week after submitting the application and was happy to be shortlisted).

    The interview and presentation went very well, I thought. I continued to walk in the feeling of the wish fulfilled — easy to do now that I’ve actually met the people and visited the university. It’s now two days later. I have just been informed that the panel will ‘not be taking my application further at this point’.

    Naturally, I am disappointed but also somewhat surprised that I am not MORE disappointed, if that makes sense. Do I now disregard the apparent rejection and persist in faithful imaginings of the wish fulfilled or ease off the imagining for a bit? What is the most significant thing I should do now to ensure a successful outcome in the near future?

    I am a successful person and was already so before coming to the teachings of masters like Neville Goddard. I’m now wondering if I should just go back to pre-Nevillizing, when things came to me more easily than when I started to practise feeling it real!
    Best wishes,

  41. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Wendy,

    If you are doing Neville right, you can’t help but get even more successful.

    What concerns me is the statement of “masters like Neville”. Mixing
    Neville with what else is out there, tends to lead to mixed results and frustration.

    We’ve lived that route. I’ve been VERY VERY successful, following just Neville, and
    when “the secret” came out, I added in “other stuff” and almost lost everything.

    Returning to only Neville, and ignoring those “like Neville” has returned us to peace
    and prosperity – and to much higher levels of both.

    Glad you are here Wendy,

    TT and V

    PS: Often we find when people don’t get “what they want”, if they become more honest with themselves, they notice that “that really wasn’t what they wanted”. It was either a “way to get what they wanted” (manifesting ways to get what you want – almost never works – becuase that almost always indicates doubt – about directly getting what you want) or “this is what I will settle for” (like the lady we had – who for 5 years was trying to manifest a job – but who really wanted to be in business for herself).

    Hope that helps!

  42. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    From Christin:

    Beginning at 11:32…the story of the dentist…

    The Secret of Imagining

  43. Nikita says:

    Thanks a ton !!!!

  44. Lacey Chance says:

    Hey, TT and V,
    My husband likes to watch t.v. before bed as a way for him to unwind and often the shows depict violence or current political situations; Homeland, Vampier Diaries, cop show, etc. I don’t watch those shows in my personal time, I prefer comedies, but when we are in bed together, I can’t help but hear or see it. I know that everyone is not as sensitive to things as I am so I don’t force the issue. What ends up happening is that I have nightmares about what I saw or overheard as I fell asleep. Any tips on how to not absorb the things I see on t.v., or anywhere for that matter. I can not micromanage anyone, nor do I wish to. I simply want to focus on enjoying this life and how I can create a wonderful experience. Any advice would help.

  45. Divine Soul says:

    Very helpful TT… the teeth thingie is a dejavu 🙂

    N I used to struggmle with this n so many other ppl thoughts affecting for so many years.. But now am positive. Hope it helps everyone… Love… Keep guiding our guardian angels TT & V

  46. Llisa says:

    Greg I love this story – it is so freeing and empowering –
    not only of and for you, but by you, as Neville indicates. Literally promises really.
    I have recently – this weekend, days ago – had a major “event”, and I looked around in my thoughts for a way to empower and help. In what I think are small ways…I revised. We shall see; I can say for SURE…that the intention and action of DOING the revisions…set me totally free from the energy of the event itself.
    love this stuff. twenty makes it so….clear.

  47. valvacious says:

    Chaos or Havoc can also be created in a person’s life, not by your energy (words, thoughts, feelings, actions) but also by the negative energy of another person (their words, thoughts, feelings, actions) in close proximity.

    You could become ensnared by their mess being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes bad things happen to us as a consequence of somebody else’s negative energy. (9/11 attacks,Columbine, and Colorado movie shootings, etc.)

    Man, by himself, is indeed a victim of circumstances. Negative things happen to him that are out of his control, but tapped into God’s power, all good things are possible.

    Remember Jonah proved this in the Bible. He ran from God to escape, got on a ship and a big storm came. Everyone on that ship was in that storm because of him. That is why you do not want to hang out with negative people because they attract negative situations to themselves.

    If you are spiritually connected to God, God will give you a way of escape, such as warnings to flee or cause something to happen that may make you late where you would escape the danger.

  48. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious,

    I’m sorry.

    This might sound rude, but seriously – have you even STUDIED Neville’s message?

    You keep commenting, some good stuff, but mostly stuff like this that is so ANTI NEVILLE that I just have to point this out.

    You mentioned, “if you are spiritually connected to god”….



    YOU aren’t capable of being “spiritually connected to god”. YOU are one with GOD.


    And the whole thing of, “Man, by himself, is indeed a victim of circumstances. Negative things happen to him that are out of his control” – – that’s INSANE.

    You keep promoting a message of DUALITY AND SEPARATION – and that’s why I keep pointing out that – the stuff you are sharing – ISN’T NEVILLE at all.

    That is the stuff that creates MIXED RESULTS at best, and HEAPS of frustration and desperation.

    This is why we keep saying, STUDY NEVILLE.

    Dive deeper.


  49. valvacious says:

    Yes Mr. 20/20 I have studied Nelville also. What I am saying is not anti – Nelville at all.

    You are only one with God IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE ONE WITH GOD. God is the perfect gentleman and will not force himself on anyone. No one can serve two Masters, God gives man free will to decide.

    Please realize that some people do not choose to worship God, they choose to worship Satan. They call themselves Satanists. Then there are some people who do not believe in either. They believe in atheism.

    These people are not connected to Divine Love. They decided to be SEPARATED from him.This type of person has decided to make his own decisions, rely only on his intellect and not Divine intuition, and be by himself. There is a price to pay for walking in the dark. You will be rewarded by walking in the Light.

    The evidence is in the Bible where man rejected God many times. So yes, it is possible to be without God. Man can choose to turn to the Dark side and not to the Light. One Example : Judas

    The good news is, once man chooses to repent from his sin, God is merciful and forgives and he connects back with him again. But there are consequences to sin even though man has been forgiven.

  50. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious,

    Still, 100% NOT NEVILLE.

    You are ONE WITH GOD, if you weren’t you wouldn’t exist.

    There is no “external god” to become one with, or to forgive your sins, or to be merciful….


    STUDY what NEVILLE says about JUDAS.

    What you keep sharing here is so NOT NEVILLE, no where NEAR.

    SIDE NOTE: I’ve been asked why I approve V’s comments and then reply to them. Simple. I am a teacher. I share what I know, and on this website – the focus is on Neville. And a huge part of this is helping people get beyond all the DUALISTIC crap that gets in the way of truly living and enjoying life.

    We are sharing the master keys to freedom here. Over 1,000 articles and videos and recordings that are FREE. Plus about 2 dozen things you can buy if you want to.

    If you want it to TOTALLY ROCK your world, then don’t try to make it fit your old programming.

    If you want it to rock your world, STUDY it so it utterly DESTROYS your old programming.

    Use the search box to find out what Neville says about:

    Who you really are.

    And abandon all the “small and separate” stuff, like “god will forgive me if I repent from my sins….”

    Dive in, dive deeper.

    This is the pathway to freedom through self awareness and discovery.

    TT and V tooo

  51. Mario says:

    Mr. TT, how do i convince myself Im one with God? Im a fallen man,full of fallen nature, committed many mistakes and sin. Dont tell me you are sinless, every person on earth is a sinner including Neville. God is pure love, He cant dwell with sinners unless sinners repent and accept Christ. But there is evil that always drag you to hell to do what you dont want to do.

  52. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mario,

    You can’t.

    You can’t possibly convince you – about the truth about you.

    That would be adopting another “belief system” – which waking up – will have to demolish.

    There is a MASSIVE difference between any belief about “you” and “your nature” – – and actually NOTICING what you are.

    If you choose to notice more, you will find all dogma becomes seen for what it is, and you’ll know in an instant – if someone actually is NOTICING what they are – and what’s happening – or if they are being a parrot.

    As far as being “sinless” goes, that’s not why you and I are here. We are here – having the adventure of a lifetime. Exploring The Law. So use The Law for what you want.

    The Promise – comes by grace. YOU give it to YOU, and YOU will accept it – when you do.

    And it will rock your world.

    And to your friends, to your family, to those who pass you on the street – you will most likely be seen as a “normal man”. If you enjoy a beer or a martini or a wine – that won’t change. If you use a cuss word once a month or once every 10 minutes – that won’t change either.

    But you will – be different. Because when you NOTICE what you are and how imagination operates – you can’t help but imagine lovingly.

    How’s that to begin mate?


    TT and V tooo

  53. Vincent says:

    I want to know from TT whether is it okay for me, if I imagine I see God within me talking to me, the solution of my problems has been solved ?

  54. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    God is – what sees – hears – tastes and smells.

    God within you – is your awareness of being my friend.

    Imagine what you would see – hear – taste – and smell – – different / differently – – if you wish has been fulfilled.


  55. Gareth says:

    This comment about choose Neville or follow others is by far one of the most accurate and helpful comments of all time. I did the whole loa thing and failed miserably time and again… Then I found Neville and tried it, it works period. Had a awaking when I first found Neville and started looking around in excitement and again confusion. My advise is simple do what Neville says… Test it and let it prove itself and when it does it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks/ says because you know it works, that’s my most honest advice ever- Neville and stay there there’s nothing else to learn.