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Free Neville Goddard – The Story of Mary – The Virgin Birth

mary_carulmareHey mate,

It is Christmas again – the perfect day to celebrate and explore the power Mary and the process of…

The Virgin Birth!

Let’s dive right into Neville now, so you can have the best Christmas ever.

Apply this principle and you will know what it is to ‘prove me and see.” The story of Mary is the story of every man. Mary was not a woman – giving birth in some miraculous way to one called ‘Jesus.’”

“Mary is the awareness of being that ever remains virgin, no matter how many desires it gives birth to. Right now look upon yourself as this virgin Mary – being impregnated by yourself through the medium of desire – becoming one with your desire to the point of embodying or giving birth to your desire. – Neville Goddard

Impregnate yourself today.

Become one with your desire – to the point of EMBODYING it.   Don’t wait and see “if it happens outside” of you, embody it FULLY.  Feel your ideal as real.  Let your AIM be embodied, created and manifested within you.  Feel yourself as “the healthy one”, “the wealthy one”, “the realized one” – and that is what you truly are.

For instance: It is said of Mary (whom you now know to be yourself) that she know not a man. Yet she conceived. That is, you, John Smith, have no reason to believe that that which you now desire is possible, but having discovered your awareness of being to be God, you make this awareness your husband and conceive a man child (manifestation) of the Lord, “For thy maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; the Lord God of the whole earth shall he be called.”

Your ideal or ambition is this conception – the first command to her, which is now to yourself, is “Go, tell no man.” That is, do not discuss your ambitions or desires with another for the other will only echo your present fears. Secrecy is the first law to be observed in realizing your desire. – Neville Goddard

You now can RIGHT NOW experience CONCEPTION – which is the step before BIRTH.

Conception happens inside the wonderful human imagination.  Birth happens in the physical world.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realThe second, as we are told in the story of Mary, is to “Magnify the Lord.” We have identified the Lord as your awareness of being.

Therefore, to ‘magnify the Lord’ is to revalue or expand one’s present conception of one’s self to the point where this revaluation (identification with the state of the wish fulfilled) becomes natural.

When this naturalness is attained you give birth by becoming that which you are one with in consciousness. –  Neville Goddard

Expand your present conception of yourself…

Embody and give birth to what you have conceived – because birth naturally follows conception.  You do this by becoming ONE in consciousness with your aim – your ideal.  Bury the old you – so that you NEVER find him again.   And embrace, embody and enjoy the new you.

Remember the truth…

…the truth about you this holiday season, and give the gift of life – to the state of your wish fulfilled.

Merry Christmas,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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Hello Twenty & Victoria!

This week I felt I really nailed the idea that I am the source of everything …

I feel happy all the time, in my previous life there used to be this anxiousness within me the very moment I wake up…as if my brain is scanning and rebooting my mind with all the not yet perfect things in my life…and which I need to worry today about.

Once I realised I am the one noticing it…I stopped. then I revised it. 

The thing that gives me the greatest joy is dwelling in the place where I know I am the source of my miracles…(love this exercise too “I can have it, and yes because I can imagine it and it is good for me”).

That statement in lesson 73…it’s not about other people finding out I am a fraud BUT me acknowledging the truth about me…That sealed the deal for me!

Thank you TT & Victoria

A very Happy Sachi in Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Louise says:

    This feels perfect , deep, and complete this Christmas morning
    and reminds me too, of following that star.
    With love and appreciation,
    and a Very Merry Christmas to you both,
    Louise x

  2. Dale Griffin says:

    Great word Mr. Twenty Twenty. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Victoria.

  3. This is the true spirit of Christmas, wise words indeed.

  4. Andy AnderSon says:


  5. Happy Holydays indeed!!

  6. Vivian says:

    Beautiful and wise. Thank you, and Bless you both this Christmas!

  7. Carolyn Craighead says:

    Truly beautiful, and a perfect message for me today. Thank you, and have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Greg Madesh says:

    T&V, Thank you for giving..Merry Christmas…quick story you can share on manifesting. Getting coffee today at my favorite drive up. Getting ready to turn in and another truck coming at me to turn in for the same reason. I gestured the gentleman ahead and he looked and strained to see if he knew me ( small town ) or wondering why I would let him in in front of me. As I sat in line it reminded of a year earlier . same coffee place. I used poor judgement and cut in front of another coffee lover. I felt bad about it and gave the girl at the window enough to buy his coffee and her a tip. I had a fleeting thought today ..wouldn’t be fun If I got a free coffee. When I got to the window ,the girls knowing what I liked to drink, told me the machine that makes my coffee was broken. They apologized and gave me a card for a free coffee. I’m going to the office supply tomorrow to purchase a pocket note pad to keep track of two things. First my realized manifestations and to keep score on how I do during the Holidays with my family, As suggested ; a scale from one to ten. Can’t thank you enough…Greg

  9. Conni Laine says:

    Thank you for sharing. I've been waiting for this post.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Awesome Greg.

    It’s amazing how naturally it happens, and also how “creative the universe” can be – in giving you a “twist” on what you choose to manifest.

    Have fun mate!

    Keep us in the loop,

    TT and V

  11. Kat King says:

    Perfect! Thanks as always, Twenty.

  12. thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful blessing and super Christmas

  13. Karen says:

    Simply wonderful, happy christmas and blessings to you both, was waiting on my christmas email, have a lovely day everyone

  14. Daisy Boo says:


  15. Dominique Dawn Ray says:

    Thank you! This is perfect for today!

  16. Karen Sinclair says:

    20/20 A very beautiful understanding of this. A question: I agree wholeheartedly with Neville’s teaching of the Bible, which always was difficult for me to study. My personal choice is A Course In Miracles and even that is difficult to understand! Going back to my question: does it follow then that there was no real Mary, mother of Jesus in physical form?

  17. Jamie Werner says:

    So Beautiful and deeply contemplatively inspiring. Merry Christmas with Love and Success to Mr. Twenty Twenty!!! 🙂

  18. kattalina says:

    Awesome post! Love it!!!how perfect and so inspiring!

  19. Shraddha says:

    This article is just mind blowing.i love it.
    Thank a ton for this article.

  20. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Karen,

    If there was, or if there wasn’t – the value that I notice from scripture – is in the principles – that the stories teach.

    We notice many people miss the principles, when they get stuck on things like did “those people” ever really exist.

    Neville seems to consistently say the same thing time and time again, from his personal experience.

    Me personally (TT), I don’t have any interest in whether or not any historical person actually walked the earth.

    Just enjoying manifesting and living in the moment.

    Hope that helps.


    TT and V

  21. Scott says:

    I knew it, Twenty Twenty is the real deal Santa Claus!!!!!:-)
    Best gifts I ever got!;-)
    HAPPY Creating!!

  22. Cindy in NYC says:

    I also like the part about the THREE KINGS..coming to pay homage and presenting gifts to the newly born Christ Child..myrrh, gold and frankincense…how about we might say, “honoring and gifting yourself richly, for having been reborn…manifested…given birth to the new you, walking in faith that the new you is worthy of honor and praise..?

  23. Mike says:

    I would like to wish you a very merry Xmas. Appreciate your work. Have a good good one 🙂

  24. Pamela says:

    This is awesome really enjoyed this. Love it. Merry Christmas. Blessings to you all.

  25. Nat says:

    Merry Christmas TT & V. Profound thanks for all that you do. You are always included in my recitations of “things to be grateful for”. Blessings to everyone in this wonderful Neville Goddard family.

  26. Doug says:

    Hey T.T. and Victoria,
    thank you for all that you did and do throughout the year. I’m glad I found you. Peace and Prosperity to you both.