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Does Lust Hurt or Can It Actually Help? Free Neville Goddard

DSCF4063“No matter what you have done in this world, when you are justified you are divinely acquitted. No one is without sin. Every child born of woman has violated the commandments of God, for the commandments are done psychologically. “You have heard it said, “’Thou must not commit adultery’, but I say the one who looks lustfully upon a woman has already committed the act of adultery with her in his heart.” What individual in this world is not guilty of violating that commandment? Yet all are justified and justification is divine acquittal. The moment you are divinely acquitted you are glorified with his presence by becoming one with Christ and from then on you aren’t two anymore, you are one.” – Neville Goddard

Starting right now, put an end to all guilt in your life. Guilt simply blocks your blessings, by making your future dependent on your past. “No matter what you have done… (remember) you are divinely acquitted.” Notice how Neville puts this FIRST, then shares The Secret of “Lust”.

“But I say, the one who looks lustfully upon a woman has already committed the act of adultery with her in his heart.”

Looking lustfully is looking with feeling, with passion, to the point where you are now, EXPERIENCING WITHIN – union with your desired. This is THE SECRET many people miss, one that Neville shares above.

  • Visualization doesn’t work – unless you visualized until you feel it real. (Make sure you see it through your own eyes, and are not in The Spectator State.)
  • Affirmations don’t work – unless you are affirming FEELING AS IF you already have it. (That’s why Neville taught much more often, to use Congratulatory Conversations than affirmations.)
  • Just Remember:  Feeling It Real works EVERY TIME.

Because of divine forgiveness, you don’t have to take the teachings on LUST as a warning against it.

Instead, you can take the teachings on lust, (look upon her -your desired – with feeling of union with her) as divine instruction on how to manifest and create change. The bumper sticker version of our Feel It Real Powerpack.

Feel Your Ideal As Real. Feel it in your heart, until you feel the release.

Choose today, to feel destined – to feel union -instead of feeling desperate separation.  Remember, you are God, having the adventure of a lifetime.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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NOTE:  Notice the “Genius of Jesus” in the story.  Jesus states the obvious – “taking your neighbor’s stuff / wife won’t make you happy”, while also revealing that “the creative act is done , when you feel it in your heart”.   All ancient scripture has multiple layers of teaching in it – delivered at once.  Surface level = don’t think your neighbor’s stuff will make you happy”.  Deep level = “feeling is how the creative act is done”.

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  1. Larry Newman says:

    Thank you for posting this as it really helps me to understand better.

  2. What a wonderful reminder! First heard Neville over 45 years ago, when he changed my life forever and still need to be reminded. As long as we wear a human form reminders are cherished gifts!

    Thanks & Aloha,

  3. Interesting synchronicity.. I just had this very conversation with a client an hour ago and then it shows up in my inbox. I think your analogy is a bit off the mark though TT. Lust is a biological activity that has it’s roots in human procreation and as such we should not feel guilty if it happens, but we should endeavor to raise our vibration and become a person who does not lust after either women, men or things.

    As you have said repeatedly and it is true, we do not want a thing for the thing itself, we want it for what we think we can get from it. And as I have seen with my clients, that thing we are really pursuing is happiness, freedom, joy or love in some combination in virtually all cases. So then, to lust after a thing is to want only the thing for what we think it can bring us, and to do so is to miss the mark entirely.

    To BECOME the person who would have, be or do what we aspire to however, is entirely different and does NOT involve lust of any sort. It involves the higher workings of our own Divine Nature and it propels us to become that which we desire to become. No one really wants to lust after another or a thing.. it goes against the law of abundance.

    A man once lusted after my wife and seduced her and destroyed my marriage.. so in no way is lust a good thing. Had he been an honorable man who followed the higher Truth of goodness and love however, that would never have happened.

    So in actuality, the church has it right. Lust is not a higher realm energy.. it is a lower realm energy that has the potential to take a man off of the path.. and it will definitely get in the way of knowing one’s Self, and of abundance and prosperity as well.
    Cheers Mate,

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi John,

    Your story brings forth a great truth.

    It’s not about “lusting for” some one or some “thing” that is “out there” to make you feel fulfilled. (That is creating a false god – something “out there” to give you the state of fulfilled.)

    It is ALL ABOUT feeling union – with your desired state. The words of Jesus, when read in this way, demonstrate that the UNION happens, when we feel it in our heart.

    Note: I notice when reading, that it says “not to lust after your neighbor’s wife”. Not husband or spouse. When we use the bible as a psychological text, there seems to be a significance to “wife”. Wife, “woman” symbolizes that which carries the seed – the baby – from conception to birth. Union of “the father” energy, with “woman / wife” is the act of conception, which preceeds birth in the physical world.

    So in the world of “stone” or facts – of course – wanting your neighbor’s wife or goat causes problems – and does not lead to happiness.

    But when we take apart the psychological (water) and spiritual (wine) levels of the teaching, our eyes are opened to secrets that are hidden in plain sight. We are one with God, and the key to creation is to Feel It Real.

    Many Blessings,

    TT and V

    PS: John, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, due to a man following an earthly external lust my friend. Another great reminder for many to avoid such acts. My you be blessed in all you do. You are a gift to us here.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Russ,

    Thank you mate.

    It is a gift to be able to share the psychological truths of Neville and of scripture, that are so often overlooked.

    Jesus, even when saying “your neighbors wife wont make you happy”, an obvious physical truth – was also teaching us that “feeling it in our heart” is what makes ANYTHING manifest in the world.

    TT and V

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Larry.

    Many blessings mate.

  7. Jack says:

    Excellent example of how to build the feeling. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Love and Peace,


  8. Patricia says:

    While I am a complete devotee of Neville Goddard, I take great exception to his statement that children ( any child) is born in sin. Physically, psychologically or emotionally, these children are borne of the light and are pure innocence. Sin is not a part of any birth and never will be…

  9. Victor Nnaji says:

    Excellent, true revelation. Thanks for sharing.

  10. ICOD says:

    Mr. twenty twenty,

    thank you Sir, for sharing the hidden truths in the Bible! I’m constantly learning and growing.

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Patricia,

    In the quote above, Neville doesn’t say that a child is born in sin, but that all have sinned – who have been born.

    I hope that comforts you.

    TT and V