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Blocking and Burying – Your Creative Flow – Part 3

Feel The Ideal As RealHey mate,

Today’s lesson is the final in the Creative Flow Series – by Neville Goddard – Courtesy of

You have learned in this series, two vital components that will help you experience faster – more effective results from your amazing human imagination.  Those are – The Secret of the Senses (where you found that all senses are NOT created equal – when it comes to creating change- and – The Creative Power of Doubling Up  And today – you will learn how to eliminate  the mistake most people make that will often take you out of THE FLOW.   One of our friends compared this to digging a hole, placing a seed inside of it – then refusing to finish the job, watching the seed dry up in the sun.  Let’s dive into the words of Neville, and see what you think, and discover how you can apply this today.

“I must always contemplate my objective until I get the feeling of satisfaction personified as Jericho. Then I do nothing to make it visible in my world; for the hills of Gilead, meaning men, women, children, the whole vast world round about me, come bearing witness. They come to testify that I am what I have assumed myself to be, and am sustaining within myself. When my world conforms to my assumption the prophecy is fulfilled.” – Neville Goddard

Neville says to do nothing to MAKE it happen.  (Notice that he doesn’t say, “do nothing at all”.)

Let’s look at the life of Neville, to keep his teaching pure and powerful.  When Neville manifested his honorable discharge from the Army, he still filed the paperwork and did the interviews that were a part of the process. When he manifested tickets to cruise across the ocean, he still made the phone calls to the agent. And when he manifested tickets to a sold out show on Broadway for his brothers, he still went and stood in line for them – when the sign said that they were sold out.  His physical participation – was small – and inspired – but the results were massive.

Remember:  There is a huge difference between doing nothing, and doing nothing to make it happen.  Your body is a part of the universe – and often it is involved with the manifestation – when you are guided to take action – that supports COUNTLESS shifts that have happened in the universe – because of your imaginal activity.   The most successful people we work with – realize this – and live by it.   And their results have inspired us over the years.   Let’s continue with this lesson, , and bring it to the point where you will know – without a doubt – you have fully entered into the state of the wish fulfilled – and are guaranteed an amazing outcome.

“If I now know what I want to be, and assume that I am it, and walk as though I were, I become it and becoming it I so completely die to my former concept of self that I cannot point to any place in this world and say: that is where my former self is buried. I so completely died that I defy posterity to ever find where I buried my old self.”– Neville Goddard

Have you buried your old self?  Here is how to tell.   Ask yourself, “Where am I  reacting from in life today?”

Noticing your reactions, will tell you if you have fully assumed the state of the wish fulfilled.   Are you reacting to the world – as your former self – or are you reacting as your ideal self?   Are you manifesting wealth?   Notice if you are telling people, “I can’t afford that”, or are you telling them, “I choose not to buy this, but to wait or buy something else now instead.”

TODAY’S BONUS TAKEAWAY:  Often we use the phrase, “I can’t afford it”, as a way to be polite – when we really don’t want something or want to wait for something better.   Saying, “I can’t afford that”, can actually create poverty thinking and feeling in your life.   Stop that now, right now, and notice how fast your circumstances change – and how much better you feel.

And remember – Feel Free to participate in your blessing unfolding – just remember not to force it – and remember that the power truly is divine – it is your own wonderful human imagination.

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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