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Your Letters – I am still stuck. Can you help me?

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard lesson will teach you how to end any stuck state instantly.  This is a great lesson to store away, especially at this time of year.   You can use it to not only end any stuck state instantly, you can teach in in less than 60 seconds to ANYONE who you know wants to get out of a depression or out of a lingering negative state that has been with them for years.   Here is the letter we received today, along with Neville’s reply.

– – Dear Neville,  I am upset about my life.  I am in my 40’s and I haven’t accomplished ANYTHING that I wanted to.  It feels as if life has passed me by.   I can’t seem to shake this no matter what I try.  I am still stuck, can you help me get my life back on track? – Jenn

“The key is this: While in a state you no longer desire to express, you must move inwardly by claiming: ‘I remember when I was in a state I did not like.” If you can remember it you are no longer in it. Instead you are becoming aware of your new state as a present objective fact. And if you will remain faithful to your new awareness, it will crystallize. You will find yourself moving across a series of events which will lead you to the fulfillment of your desired state. How it will come about I do not know. I only know it will unfold. Start now to remember when your friend wasn’t well by imagining he is healthy. Remember when your daughter was single by imagining she is married. Go through life remembering when.”  – Neville Goddard – I Remember When

Notice the power that THREE LITTLE WORDS can have in your life. If you have ever been depressed before, or just tired of the same old same old, you know that you can’t be talked out of that mindset. But these three little words INSTANTLY move the stuck state into the past. Develop a habit of using them ANYTIME you are upset, down, or just less than on top of the world.

One thing we really like about how Neville ends this quote, is how he says to use it for OTHER PEOPLE. It is much easier to not be attached to outcome, when you use these methods for other people. Why just the other day, we were sitting with a friend who was in a spin, and we just held in mind, “I remember when you were upset about that, and how now that seems like a distant memory.” Develop the habit, use the THREE LITTLE WORDS daily, and notice how fast your world changes.

Have an amazing day, and remember to feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: Have you noticed how many people talk about “the good old days” as if they are over? That’s crazy. That is using this very method EXACTLY BACKWARDS. And if you notice how miserable those same people can make themselves with their imagination – you have instant proof about how powerful this method is. Use it positively – in love – everyday, and watch what happens. Have an amazing day!



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  1. Three little words, can transform your life. Come find out what they are…

  2. Good reminder – I felt stuck…LOL…thank you for sharing. I remember when I felt..

  3. Thank you Mary Ann! Many blessings.

  4. Teresa says:

    I was wondering how assumptions are realistic to have at any time. 2 weeks ago, I had 3 that I was focused on feeling was real. Finding a new tenant, family matter and work related. The new tenant just moved in. This works great. I’m trying to copy what happened there with the 2 other things. I’m wondering if I should do each item one at a time. What do you think?

  5. Robert Testaz from Melbourne says:

    Hi 20^2. I do enjoy reading your site & Neville quotes. Whether you believe in or not i have been trying to astral travel for ages but getting nowhere – i usually go to sleep. Any specific suggestions?

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Robert,

    Get more sleep mate, seriously that seems to help.

    So does sitting in a chair – when working with astral travel etc.

    Enjoy and give us an update!

    TT and V

    PS: What would you perceive – differently – if you were already astral traveling successfully?