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Why Bad Things Happen And How To Stop Them Now – Free Neville Goddard

“Leprosy doesn’t come from without. Cancer doesn’t either. Everything is within man. Read the paper and react. That reaction sets a feeling in motion, be it anger, frustration, or irritation. When the feeling leaves, where does it go? Back to sleep within you, for you contain the world and all that is in it.” – Neville Goddard


From today’s inbox…

I need some help. Neville says we’ve allowed whatever happens by imagining it – but what about the things that are completely out of left field – things it’s not in our comprehension to fathom. Not just big things like to the people in the World Trade Center or this missing airplane.

I had a recruiting company a few years ago and companies didn’t pay me. I drove 4 provinces over for a permanent job with the gov’t kids, pets and all and they let me go after 2 months so the person who left the job could have her job back. I’ve had countless interviews and at the last minute the company is “going in a different direction with the position.”

Monday I drove four hours for a job and when I got there there was a note on the office door “interviews cancelled. Hospitalized.” This is all stuff I couldn’t dream up. I wouldn’t do any of it TO anyone so the options aren’t there for me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Laura

Hi Laura,

We used to be puzzled too, about why bad things happen, when you imagine good things ….

…because when something you could have never imagined happens to you – you want to find a way to stop that from ever happening again.

Today, we will explore another reason why Neville says these things happen  – and how to end that cycle.

 Let’s dive in and fix this forever!

“When you read of an innocent boy who was murdered and you react, you activate something within you. It may be tomorrow’s tooth or stomach ache. I do not know what it will be, but God is not mocked. As you sow a reaction you reap an act, for you and God are one.” – Neville Goddard

Getting upset about tragedies, getting angry about injustices…

… or being fearful because of what you read in the paper or hear on the news are all reactions.   And all of those reactions can cause something bad to happen to you.

If you react to that – then don’t read the paper.

For many people it’s too easy to have the mind slip, and to have a reaction to something, and THEN have the consequences of that act show up in your life. Be honest, make the changes that you need to make, if you need to make them.

What can you do if you do have a reaction?

(Because you can’t totally isolate yourself from the world, and you will over hear bad things once in a while and respond.)

Stop The Cycle – Follow this 3 Step Feel It Real Formula.

Let’s Dive Deep, and nail all THREE steps today!

First, STOP your reaction- RIGHT NOW!  

Even if you are in a conversation about it, even if in mid sentence.  Stop.  Don’t wait.  Don’t feed the reaction one second longer.  Every second you feed it – it grows in your world.  Stop.  Sit with it.  Let it settle down and stop.  Discover YOU are immortal – greater than any state – by outliving your reaction.

Second, Instantly do a REVISION.

Stop what you are doing, and take a moment to imagine that you did not have the reaction you had.  Imagine you had a DIFFERENT reaction, or that you heard something LOVELY.

Do this quickly so it is easy to become indifferent to it.

POWER POINT:  Becoming indifferent to it allows you to let it go, and allows you to get into neutral.  Like driving a car, it’s good to go from reverse (where you had the reaction that the world wants you to have) to neutral. Then you can go into drive – let’s make that over drive.


The other day I saw a flyer for a lost dog. “Dog missing. Loving family with 7 year old handicapped child missing him. If found, please call….”

I noticed a reaction form in my body. I have had and have loved a dog. I have worked with handicapped children. Instantly my imagination responded, hoping that nothing happened to the doggy. Hoping that someone didn’t steal him for bad reasons. Hoping…

Then I stopped. I revised. I made it so I never had the reaction. Then, since I had moved from reverse and then into neutral, I was ready to….

I held in mind KNOWING that the doggy was found. Safe and sound. Back home with his loving family. Everyone happy.

Revision Rocks – it is THE BIG GAME CHANGER that Neville loved.

If you want REAL WORLD RESULTS – then Nail Revision…

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And ALWAYS end with a positive LOVING imaginal act.  

This sets the stage for a blessing for you, for others, for everyone in the whole world.   Because you have chosen to take charge – to create instead of react – to be a blessing and to neutralize negativity.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realToday’s Take Away: When your imagination has a negative reaction – stop it. Neutralize it.

Then use a moment or two to imagine a blessing. That way, you not only NEUTRALIZE the future negative effects in your life, but you also end up being the blessing…

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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“Leprosy doesn’t come from without. Cancer doesn’t either. Everything is within man. Read the paper and react. That reaction sets a feeling in motion, be it anger, frustration, or irritation. When the feeling leaves, where does it go? Back to sleep within you, for you contain the world and all that is in it.” – Neville Goddard


Dearest Mr TT and V,

I’m writing a quick email of how Manifesting Mastery has changed things in the 90 DAYS. 

  • ·         I have become much more aware of my thoughts and feelings.
  • ·         I became happier and healthier .
  • ·         I have become more aware of what state I’m in, and how it affects the things and people around me at a given time.
  • ·         I have changed the inner processes that happen when I’m drawing things to me.
  • ·         My life is getting better and more life now “”through imagining and praying , seeing what I want to be to do and to have, my joy seems never ends now.
  • ·         I found myself more  on the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE DAILY.
  • ·         Things seem more possible now. Self-imposed limitations are being seen in a different light.
  • ·         I find myself trusting my inner guidance more.
  • ·         I found Neville teachings is amazing , it truly applies our life now . I am now more aware of what states or what the Bible meant now, the fact that all the stories in the BIBBLE are all states , our life .


Nancy,  R – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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  1. Daisy Boo says:

    Love it, I already do this revisioning thank you!
    "And all of those reactions can cause something bad to happen to you. This is why we don’t read the paper, and why we don’t watch the news" So much love for you

  2. Carolyn Craighead says:

    This is so brilliant. Thank you!

  3. Anne says:

    Synchronicity in this one, for me. Last weekend, some St. Patrick’s Day revelers stole a cat that belonged to owners of a local hotel (the kitty liked to hang out in the hotel lobby). The event was covered in the local media. This morning, I imagined the cat back in the hotel lobby and everyone celebrating its return. And this afternoon, the papers reported the kitty was found, unharmed, and returned to its owners. Perhaps others were imagining this, too. We can make a difference!

  4. Paula says:

    So timely! I normally don’t read the news but last week I gave my attention to something I shouldn’t have, and it showed up this week in my body.

  5. Blessings Daisy Boo!

  6. Thank you Carolyn. Many blessings!

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Anne!

    Love your smile!

    TT and V

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Been there, done that Paula!

    Good on you for noticing.


    TT and V

  9. Patricia says:

    Such a great and practical message!

  10. Bonnie Barta says:

    Excellent! I thank you for presenting it. Just last nite the gloom and doom conversations started, I stayed quiet and thought to myself: This did not happen. xoxo Love YA!

  11. Wonderful and useful obviously… 🙂
    But I wonder, did you imagine you never saw that flyer or change its words or what? Because sometimes an Image a Picture can be stuck in imagination.. so what to do? 🙂
    Thank you so much for your LOVELY job!

  12. Gail Moe says:

    I love this Anne – thanks for sharing!! You are a powerful creator 🙂

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Dario,

    I just “knew” that doggie was home, family was happy. Sort of like having a hidden camera in their home. Remember, the FEELING is the Secret. What ever it takes, to simply “know”, it is done.

    Blessings mate!

    TT and V too

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent Bonnie!

    Whooo yah!

    TT and V

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Patricia!

    Many blessings!

  16. Harsha Paulraj says:

    Delighted to hear that you’ve knocked out the tele and papers. I did that 8 years ago, that was the first step of many to a much happier life.

  17. Vivian says:

    Wow! What a fantastic message. This is truly one of the best–and they are all great!!

    Blessings to you both,


  18. Mags says:

    Thanks Mr. TT. I’ve been dwelling on the subject of “reactions” for the last 5 days and suddenly you’re writing about it. We are all connected, aren’t we?

    I’ve been meditating on the ‘moment of creation’ a lot lately and really seeing direct moment-by-moment connections between my reactions and the harvest (usually within 10 days). Negative reveries produce negative encounters that reinforce the assumption underlying the reverie. Here’s an example. Several months ago I was sitting on my front porch swing and fell into a reverie. Because I wasn’t controlling my mind it wandered off into a scary scenario where I imagined a car coming up off the street towards my house. So I told myself that the lovely street trees I’d planted there would stop the car and reassured myself that way. My imagination, which I wasn’t controlling then “saw” such a scenario play out and I felt the soft little ‘explosion’ that Neville talks about where you have building tension and sudden release. Then I instantly forgot it. About a week later I had a sudden impulse to walk outside and look in the direction of that tree. I wanted to admire the moon (it was late night, a full moon) but the second I looked in that direction I saw sudden movement as my neighbor across the street’s car silently began moving across the street toward–not my tree, but the tree to its left on the property of my neighbor to the left. It bumped once and bounced back (just as I’d imagined) as my neighbor across the street ran frantically toward it (the gear had popped out). I checked later, my other neighbor’s tree (and car) were unharmed. I was spooked, and then a little embarrased, because I remembered my creative act. The whole thing felt like I’d played some weird practical joke on my neighbor across the street, all in my imagination!

    So my assumptions about traffic and safety drove the anxiety that created tension, and my imagined solution (an imagined barrier against fearful things versus imbuing the fearful thing with love), attached so clearly as it was to the moment of sudden release of tension, manifested this amazing symphony of events in order to fulfill my creative act. I was given an amazing gift when I could make the connection between the imaginal act and its harvest. But those gifts are available to all of us every moment of time because we are ALL doing this NONSTOP. Our minds NEVER STOP creating.

    We are much, much more than we think we are. We truly ARE the power of the universe. And you’ve very helpfully reminded us of what Neville says over and over “when you use this power in love, no harm can come to you”

    If I assume fearful things, I get them. I get whatever I assume. BUT–this means that all of reality hangs on an assumption! There is profound freedom in this realization, and for me it has begun with observing my reactions on a minute by minute basis.

    We are Jesus Christ, asleep and lost in dreams within dreams, struggling to awake.

    Thanks, brother, for all the good things you share.


  19. Mel says:

    Thank you! I choose not to watch the news or current affairs shows because I always seem to drag myself into the scenario! What about when it is a very tragic incident and there is no happy solution for the victim or the family… How do you revise the knowing? Do you “feel” it didn’t happen? X

  20. Mel says:

    Just re-read… I need to remove the emotion so therefore the knowing has no reaction… But still I wonder how I can imagine a blessing? X

  21. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mel,

    Even in a very tragic incident, I imagine them finding the blessing behind it. I’m not sure how to put it into words.

    Sort of like how when I died back in 1989. I got, “there is no death”. So in that kind of case, it’s easy for me to see the blessings. It also has the possibility for the loved ones to notice “there is no death”.

    Hope that makes sense.



  22. Mel says:

    Thank you …i do understand. Really appreciate the work you put into your site! X

  23. Linda Nerney says:

    Over a year ago I stopped my cable TV. CNN was addicting. Too much negativity. Feel so much better now.

  24. That's cool maybe that's the answer I am in Nepal sent you a message hope to hear from you could use some 20/20 🙂 headed to Sri Lanka tommrow

  25. Very good, revisioning is hard sometimes because it may not be believable but you are saying here that by revising we can 'let it go' and that may be all that is needed to get back into drive?

  26. Lance Fitzsimmons says:

    WOW, nothing more, WOW. Makes sense as I have noticed my life is better when I don’t get wrapped up in the news or Facebook drama.

  27. Yaron says:

    Sooo much LOVE here ❤️

  28. Zarah says:

    I know you speak utter truth here TT. I also know there is no death, when I crossed that line and understood – that’s when I lost the fear. Yet it requires discipline and practice to remain fearless and then we suddenly begin to understand that there is only love

  29. Dave says:

    Revision, revision, revision! Blessings to all!

  30. Sukhi says:

    This is so powerful.

    Thank you xx

  31. lisa says:

    Yes and Thank You.

  32. Yulanda Tross says:

    Very hard to do.This article was right on time. I am still dealing with very bad inconsiderate noisy neighbors upstairs. I have nothing but unpleasant thoughts about them, I am irritated all the time when i am home. How would you use this technique for this situation TT?

  33. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Yulanda!

    I’d just imagine lovingly for them, and peacefully for you.

    What would imply your home life is quiet?

    Begin there!