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What to do when your spouse or family doesn’t believe?

Letters to Neville…

“I have a great relationship with my husband, but he doesn’t have the passion for creating as I do. I don’t want to be pushy, but when bad things happen, I try to remind him that they are a direct result of thinking. He’s so wonderful and I don’t want to go another year with our good being witheld from us. I just want to have the power and love that you guys have. Is there anything I should do to help us?” -Torn.

First, thank you for writing. This is too often the case when we discover how truth behind these teaching, when a family member or partner doesn’t fully understand about the power of the wonderful human mind or imagination like we do. It helps to relieve the tension, and open the door to manifesting, when both people to really get specific about what they do believe – in a very specific way we call The Three Level of Neville.

Power Point: When we move from a position of  “they don’t believe” to understanding “what exactly do we each believe” the door opens to  the next level of experience, understanding and manifesting.

Here is a great article, that you and your husband may benefit greatly from.  THE THREE LEVELS OF NEVILLE – CLICK HERE.

Because at some level, everyone I have met – along with my family and friends – agree that their imagination and thinking are powerful – the key is to discover EXACTLY what level they are at, so you can understand where they have been coming from.  Enjoy this short read.  Share it with your husband. Ask him what he thinks. Notice which level he is at today.  And most importantly, feel free to see him living from the more powerful levels of Neville.  The scene that implies that it has already happened – that implies your wish fulfilled.

Today – let’s Feel your Ideal as Real!

And remember, “Today’s seeds are tomorrow’s flowers.”  (So keep planting seeds.)

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“I personally enjoy telling my plans to my wife, because we both get such a thrill when they come into being. The first person a man wants to prove this law to is his wife. It is said that Mohammad is everlastingly great because his first disciple was his wife.” – Neville Goddard

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4 Comments on "What to do when your spouse or family doesn’t believe?"

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  1. Angela says:

    Probably doesn’t pertain to her question, however I am a single women looking for a partner and I understand Neville and Mr Murhpy’s teachings along with Dr Dyer and MS Hays. My question is how do I find a partner with the same background or teachings because I reside in Dubuque Iowa and these teachings don’t resinate with the general population much less any guys in Dubuque.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Angela,

    I can greatly appreciate your situation. I lived in a pretty backwoods area for a big portion of my life, and often thought I was alone in where I was coming from.

    First, I would Nevillize your partner – see you already having one ALREADY who has the same interests in the material and in life. (I see you two together, already.)

    Then…. buckle up.

    You might find them in a meetup group, or a college course you end up drawn to take. Often once we Feel The Ideal as Real, we are drawn to take actions in life – that seem totally unrleated to what we held in mind – and those often open the door to us meeting who we need to meet – or discovering the resources we were holding in mind.

    And you might want to start up a study group, put a note up on a public message board in your community – you never know who else feels / thinks like you do – until you let it out.

    And the biggie of course, Feel The Ideal as Real.

    Mountains will move, and so will men.

    Have a great day!


  3. That is really helpful I too have that situation will use your information and see what happens.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I applied this and so much has happened since this day. My greatest desire was that my husband would have his own experience with imagination. He has had them in the past, but this one made a big impression on him. He was talking to a friend and his wife that were having issues in every facet of their lives. The one thing that stood out to him was that they were both negative. He could remember when we were dealing with similar situations and I would speak security until it was realized (and he thought I was crazy).

    He said that it made him feel sad that there was no one in the home that offered positive reinforcement, for they had given in to their present state. So, secretly, I had been seeing them in a minivan or some form of transportation that was theirs. The last time we met, they told us that their church would be buying them a…minivan! Of course they will have to make small payments, but it was pretty amazing!

    Personally, I can remember late night sessions of prayer and crying for help. Deliverance never came. I thought I would lose my mind. When this truth found me, I was ready. I knew it was the only thing I could truly count on. I smile a little harder on the inside when a co-worker preaches about God ( I live in the "Bible Belt). I am just so happy to have found the God within! Thank you. When I forget who I am, people like you guys remind me of how special I am. I feel so much gratitude to have found this in my youth.