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UPDATED: What to do when you still feel the hunger – Free Neville Goddard

Dream Like God“I am doing my Feel It Real sessions, but after I do them I want to feel satisfied.   For now, I still feel the hunger.  Please help me.”

Hey mate,

One of the ways to tell that you are doing your Feel It Real sessions effectively, is…

(If you NAILED IT) The HUNGER you’ve been feeling turns into something like:

  • A knowing that it is done.
  • An excitement that it is a part of your life now.
  • A thankfulness, that it is yours.
  • A relief of posession – that feels very fulfilling.

But when “the hunger” remains – it tends to indicate you have missed something.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realOr it may be caused by….

It could be caused by a general feeling of ANXIETY or fear – contaminating your sessions.  (Watch this:  Eliminating Fear and Anxiety.)

Another common mistake that causes “the hunger” to remain….


“Many people still FEEL HUNGRY , instead of FEELING IT REAL by still seeing what you want – still in their future OR PRESENT – instead of doing EXACTLY what Neville says – constructing a scene that implies that it is ALREADY done.”

To do this RIGHT – your wish is now part of your PAST and  still present in your life.

Notice how we teach this, with CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATIONS, with your friends congratulating you on you already having YOUR wish as part of your life already.

(The power of IMPLICATION (it has happened and now we are experiencing what naturally follows) is life changing.   That’s why we explore variations on that so much in the Feel It Real PowerPack.)

Begin with this Feel It Real Power Pack TODAY,  dive deeper, we are always glad to help.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


I am having a whole lot more fun. See I do not want to work, you know, like doing stuff I do not like and working for people. 

Manifesting Mastery is like a whole new path that was helped me to begin a journey. 

I am going towards the feeling in my heart that I want to feel and ponder there. Especially as I write to you. I have learned to take a short deep breath and simmer my breathing. It is nothing like being able to take things into consideration in your feel it real pack, Manifesting Mastery, and free resources that has been provided.

 I look forward to doing them. I was in a world of never in control and now I feel I can manifest with easiness and more in control as time goes by. I am playing, oh I am playing. Thank you, THANKS, GRACIAS your playfulness works has made new every time, getting better and better. Feel free to share.


Fred C – Day 41 in Manifesting Mastery – Click Here!

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  1. Scott says:

    Hi Twenty and Victoria , I just serendipitied ,right into the site .
    All I can say is WOW, GREAT job,and huge blessings this is !! delighted to be here !! Happy New Years!!!! (Feel IT)
    Peace and Richest Blessings ,to you’ins down under ,from Scott in the Great White North (aka season of LOVE) may PEACE PREVAIL on Earth as it is in HEAVEN,, which ART ? This HEART…

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Bless you Scott.

    Nice to have you on board mate.

    You’ve got a great energy, stick around and enjoy a cuppa with us. (And make sure you are on the email list, so you get updates.)

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  3. Brilliant. Really. Its all about time-line manipulation of where we (I am) storing my visual representations of "what true" … or of … "what I want". I know this but yet I continue to forget to move my realities along the time-lines of my library. Thanks for the reminders. Someday perhaps I will get this process to become an automatic friend without my personal conscious attention attending the states of mind I really do prefer.

  4. Katherine says:

    What about when you seem to backslide? Do you have any suggestions for getting back on track other than just to keep going?

    I mean to say, one particular manifestation, I was walking around for days finally able to maintain the state of it being done / feeling relief / grateful / kinda general bliss, and then had a hectic day and had felt wobbly about it ever since that day.
    Is it just a cycle and keep at it? It seems like Neville would keep at it until the fruition is objective, like I think he said he was feeling himself in Barbados for a month before the ticket arrived from his brother. It did make me feel a bit better that he had gone to Abdullah questioning it, because even if I have a rough couple of days, I can regroup and refocus and still be there.

    Just last weekend, I manifested some things I needed being available at an online shop on sale, and this place has historically shipped pretty slowly, so I focused on them shipping it in time to arrive by Friday (so I can make my youngest something for his birthday this weekend). I was a little shaken when I didn’t see the e-mail from them with the tracking yesterday, and I just told myself “Nope, it will be fine… The e-mail will come tomorrow meaning it will still make it by the weekend”, and sure enough, not only was the e-mail there tonight, but they shipped it UPS instead of Canada Post, so it actually arriving two days sooner than the critical date.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Katherine!

    We noticed you already have the Feel It Real Power Pack (great move) so first, dive back into that. You may have missed something there. Personally, we notice that there is always something we can fine tune, even after all these years. That pack, is our go to guide and full time resource set.

    The other side of the coin, instead of just keeping at it – find how you can dive deeper – into Neville and what we do here – and deeper into what you have chosen to feel as real.

    Here’s an example, I can imagine a always having a wallet full of money. But that can be shaken….

    But if I imagine myself as someone who has built a lifestyle and businesses that blesses millions – the wallet full of money is a side effect. The main imagining – is a specific kind of “me”.

    That takes it deeper.

    And if you haven’t dove into manifesting mastery yet, do that too. It will take care of heaps of underlying programming, and issues that might get in the way too.

    Good on you for diving in, sharing your success above with the Feel It Real Power Pack, and for wanting to go deeper. This is so worth it.


    TT and V

  6. Katherine says:

    Morning (for me anyhow) TT & V,
    Thanks for your reply, and I will go back over it again today. I am doing the mind mastery and feel it real three times a day (sometimes more when the things work with the munchkins), and read at least a couple of articles a day on the site going wherever it leads from the post you share that day.
    I remember when I was a single Mom on social assistance and the manifesting mastery was equal to about a fourth of my family monthly food budget.
    It has been really interesting to see what all has been getting stirred up noticing thoughts and where old habits / patterns are coming from on a daily basis. Things like wanting to force my oldest to make her under layers match her Halloween costume, but I saw what I was doing and let her wear what she wanted and she was happy.
    I really do appreciate the time you take to respond to my questions here and on Facebook and the video you did after my request for help denying the senses. Thank you for all you do. 🙂