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What Scene Is The Best For Me? – Free Neville Goddard

DSC02601 (2)Hi TT and V!

I just bought the Feel It Real Power Pack which is indeed very clear.

I do have ONE question about the scene…

…that implies the wished is fulfilled.

My desire : I want to receive some money to buy a house in the beach among other things.

I imagined entering the house I bought and been congratulated for the real estate agent.

Reading again the pack I wonder if I should imagine something more immediate, as entering my home after the payment and being congratulated by my family, celebrating with champagne.

So, what one would be the best one?

Thank you for your help.


“But I’ll tell you one thing, do not concern yourself with the means. Always go to the end. Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one. But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up…. You want to be happily married.  All right, go to the end. You are happily married.” – Neville Goddard

how to feel it real

“Neville doesn’t talk about the wedding…”

Hi Maria!

Let’s dive in.   Notice in the quote above, Neville doesn’t talk about “the wedding” (which is the beginning of being married), he talks about ALREADY BEING MARRIED.

Just notice this…

Do you REALLY want:

  • To win money….
  • To buy a house…
  • To have all the hassles, legalities, and things to do that go along with that…

Or do you REALLY WANT to be living comfortably ALREADY in your beachfront home?

learn how to feel it real - click herePOWER POINT:  Sounds like you are imagining the BEGINNINGS, not the end.

And imagining BEGINNINGS ( often builds in hidden resistance.  (All the hassles of new beginnings, “what if it STILL doesn’t work out – long term”, stuff like that, lurks – when imagining beginnings.)

To fix that…

Let’s dive deeper into that Feel It Real Power Pack of yours and into what we explore even deeper in Manifesting Mastery too.  

Ask yourself….

What’s it like, THREE years later…

… having so many lovely memories in your home on the beach?

  • What scene / what imaginal experience – would imply, that you have had plenty of lovely memories and expect plenty more?
  • What scene would imply that you haven’t had any money worries, and are quite comfortable?
  • (How would you feel, falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning – KNOWING this is true – and has been – for some time?

BTW, this could be as simple as ENJOYING a cup of coffee – FEELING AT HIM – in THAT HOME.

(The Neville Goddard Coffee Game!)

What’s THAT feel like?

Notice how much easier and funner Feel It Real is, when you do that. You won’t have to imagine up – all those beginnings – once you’ve MOVED TO THE END.  Keep diving in and keep Following The Formula!  And DIVE DEEP into that FEEL IT REAL POWER PACK!

Get it Right – Now! – Get The Feel It Real Power Pack – Click Here!


BONUS:  Here’s a bonus lesson from Manifesting Mastery that will help you too. Use it as a template, to begin.

BONUS GIFT: Session 66 – Manifesting Mastery


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


My Sales have DOUBLED! (And this is ONLY the Beginning!)

Hi TT & V,

My little crystal shop on Etsy was doing a few hundred a month in business while it was new in May 2019.  In November it started to increase a bit and in December I got a bump up from Christmas sales.  

My shop is 9 months old now and I decided that it would be great to double my sales income.  It felt natural to step into this state and I started living it as it had already happened.  It’s day 28 in Manifesting Mastery.  It’s also January which is a slow time for the retail world.

It’s the end of the month and my sales are through the roof.  My income has doubled!  I doubled what I made in December!  

I felt it and it’s real.  I also know this is just the beginning.

Thanks so much!

Connie – Day 28 in Manifesting Mastery

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  1. anu says:

    A lovely post!!! 🙂

  2. zarah says:

    wow,…, I was pondering how to word an email asking exactly the same question last night!

    I did the MM with you last year, really good to get this reminder.

    The difficulty for me in constructing this scene is that I have no intention for there to be an end to it all, ie I don’t see myself as getting old for example and reminiscing about the good old times/ looking at photo albums etc whilst the grandchildren sit on my lap…Over the past 2 years I have reborn myself continuously, overcome MS, regained my physique from when I was 20 years younger (instead of SIZE 12 I now shop for clothes in the kids section age 12) my body is virtually pain free, I love my light feeling, dancing with joy and yep, I am a proud grandma already, too…

    So, my heartfelt wish is to share what I have learnt so far on my journey, to give others the opportunity to acquire the practical skills needed and to impart my knowledge about food = energy = life. how do I best pick a scene that implies I have managed to bring say a project into my local community that provides such a space, serving amazing organic vegan food whilst educating people and leading them to make empowering choices that will serve them and the environment….as you can see this may all be a tall order, I’m following Neville brother’s example so far, there is a particular distinctive building here, I walk by it every day and have the feeling that this is where I am cooking/teaching/inspiring…nevermind I have zero funds yet, also I guess doing a FIR session around getting say a write up in the local newspaper, the grand opening, that is all just ego feeding stuff, so I shy away from that.

    I am keenly aware that it is not my job to figure out the how but as long as we are stuck in this 3rd dimension I do know there is the implication of doing what comes naturally without forcing it…see Neville’s story about the opera tickets.

    when reading Neville’s teachings it does lead me to think in and of stages, his telling of specifics illustrates a bigger point, yet I do seem to get stuck by picking a specific goal at the time…I have a huge vision,tons of creativity, skills, passion and ideas so where do I go to?

    Feeling very much like that little mustard seed, how can I release its potential?

    Really looking forward to your reply, thanks for all you do

  3. R says:

    TT & V, you’ve crawled into my head yet again!

    this is precisely what i’ve been practicing over & over lately b4 doing a session. deciding what is the EXACT SCENE that i want to live in while i am doing FIR. i play around until i get the right, natural feeling when i think about the scene and what’s happening in it. deciding on the smells i will smell, the collaspe to a point that will occur. i do this ALL b4 going in. then i feel away. it is a fantastic practice to master before FIR. it makes every easy-peasey & fun.

    Thanx Maria for sharing – this is a rock solid gold nugget. uber important for success!
    Happy New Year & blessings all. xoxo R 🙂

  4. Divine Soul says:

    Reposting with corrected type errors:P

    You seem to answer all the questions i have in my mind :)) n they say oneness… No better proof TT… Looks like this is what i might have been doing partially… Maybe coz i dont know how is to look like being married ? n a cherished wife, so maybe i dont expand my imagination there yet…. Any inputs are welcome…
    Love n light, S

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi DS,

    If your friends or family or total strangers looked at you and felt….

    “Look how happy she is…. they are…..”

    How would you feel?

    Let’s begin there!

    TT and V

  6. ‘Out of the blue’, I received an e.mail two days ago from my step brother out west. And because we were busy here, taking care of my recently deceased mother’s business and estate affairs, (she passed on, aged 95 in NYC with us caring for her)..we forgot, momentarily about DAD. My parents were long divorced; Dad died six months ago in Tucson. So, my stepbrother wrote to remind me that one of Dad’s properties had been sold, right around the time he passed: but everybody was distracted, sad, busy with funeral arrangements, etc. And what wth everything going on back East (more than one bridge of incident, right!!) there just wasn’t room for one more thing on the plate. He wanted to tell me though – that a check was being processed, and barring any delays, we would each be receiving, something like $50,000 (!!) Whoa.. So, I did a feel it real: It is in an unspecified time in the future. I am in my new home down South. We have just stuffed ourselves with barbecue, and people are sitting around, joyfully chatting and digging our terrific house. They are asking us how we managed to obtain such an incredible home, because they know we ‘got it for a song’..And I laugh happily, then tell them about ‘that fifty grand awhile back… “that came outa nowhere””….