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What Exactly Should I Imagine? – Free Neville Goddard

how to manifest loveHi Mr. Twenty Twenty,

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

I purchased the Feel it Real Power Pack and the Love Action pack a few days ago and I absolutely love them both.

I would like to use Neville’s methods to manifest something very specific back into my life: getting back together with my ex, whom I haven’t had any contact with in over 4 months.

I am a little bit conflicted…

…about what my feel it real session should be about and I would really appreciate your help.

I have read various success stories…

…from people that imagine receiving a letter or email from someone they haven’t heard from, with the content reflecting what they would like to see. If I imagine receiving an email from him, that would imply that he has reached out to me and we are in contact again. Should I start with that?

I also have a friend’s wedding to attend in less than a month…

…and I would really like to attend the wedding with him. Should I instead imagine attending the friend’s wedding with him? Or do I go further than that, and just imagine us being together as a happily married couple, which would be the ultimate end state.

How do I prioritize and what should I focus my session on?

Any insights or guidance would be much much appreciated! Thanks for all the great work! Have an awesome week!  – Sharon

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for asking, and thank you for the compliments on your on the Power Packs.  We really appreciate both.

Let’s dive into your questions.

  • First, what scene should you imagine? (Should you begin with an email or go straight to being married?)
  • And second, should you imagine being at your friend’s wedding with him in less than a month?

First, let’s eliminate what will ALWAYS BLOCK your blessing.

Most of the time when we are doing coaching sessions, we notice that when there is a specific date held in mind – this creates the feeling of pressure.

Since Neville taught that FEELING is the secret…

…odds are you will discover feeling pressure will just manifest pressure.

So we would suggest not focusing on him being at your friend’s wedding – if it brings up ANY pressure at all when you think about it or Feel It Real.

TODAY’S TAKEAWAY:  What can YOU imagine – without FEELING PRESSURE?

“What can you IMAGINE – that feels lovely?”

PONDER that, apply it everywhere in life….

But for THIS WISH…..

Let’s dive into which scene should you be imagining…

…getting an email or being married.

If you were in one of the group calls with us, we would EXPLORE, “do you want an email or do you want to be married?”

Just shoot for what you REALLY want. An email would imply he has emailed you – that’s it.

But imagining the feeling of being a loving and loved wife – that’s probably more on target with what you really want.

POWER POINT: Don’t IMAGINE Stepping Stones.

Getting an email is a POSSIBLE stepping stone – to the end. It could be part of a bridge of incident that leads to your wish, or maybe not.  Don’t imagine the stepping stones, because then they become stumbling blocks.

POWER POINT #2: Stepping Stones become STUMBLING Blocks!

Defining that your relationship BEGINS with an email…

…sort of prevents it from happening in the countless other ways that it naturally and easily could.

Do what Neville suggested instead.  Instead of imagining the email that gets you back in touch with him – imagine something that IMPLIES YOU are already HAPPILY married, already the loving wife, already happy and fulfilled.

Let this BE all about YOU!

“When you know exactly what you want, construct in your mind s eye a single, simple event which implies fulfillment of your desire, an event where in self predominates. ” – Neville Goddard

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And remember as you dive deeper to relax, to enjoy the process and to FULLY Follow The Formula.

As you’ve noticed, you’ve got rock solid gold in those Power Packs, enjoy having fun using them.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Wanting a wonderful loving marriage is great, but deciding your "ex" should be your spouse is pure manipulation. Even witchcraft warns about this sort of thing.

    We don't decide what others should want so we can be happy. Let your imagination come up with the "perfect" spouse for you and stop deciding the destiny of others. Your "ex" may be better off staying your "ex."

  2. Dee says:

    Wow! This is very timely. Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria. I have been using my most recent Feel it Real sessions for something very similar and also struggling with what scene to imagine. I’ve kind of been going back and forth between imagining receiving a text to just being happily married. I thought imagining the text felt more possible, but never considered that focusing on it rather than what I really want could be limiting other possibilities for reconnecting.

    By the way I find it interesting that each time I listen to Neville’s recordings, even ones of heard before, I always hear something new that I somehow missed before.

    Thanks so much for this site.

  3. Milla says:

    Listen to Neville’s lecture “Awakened imagination”. 🙂 People are actors in your movie.. if he is an “ex” she manipulated him in the first place to become “ex”. Its a very funny game when you dive in fully in these teachings! 🙂

  4. R.L. Black says:

    Exactly! Just what I was about to say. 🙂

  5. Daisy Boo says:


  6. Linda Bolden says:

    Before my Beloved entered my life, I spoke to him through my writing and sometimes verbally. Crazy? Not at all. It's been 2 years. Then I wrote that I'd complete my first book by my birthday, and with my Beloved's help, I did just that!!!!

  7. lisa says:

    These subtleties make so much sense, as I sit with the distinction so clearly shown. YES – EMAIL… is a limited step that my limited mind can imagine….versus the far greater practice of expanding my imagination to the true thing desired – the ideal – and not limiting my imagination to how it gets here.
    I love this. I am experiencing in my own life the beginning of real tangible expression of the bigger things/events/finances/joy I have been imagining… and while I delight, and I do – I am also careful to not latch onto that expression as “the way” the thing is now coming. I see it as another delightful expression towards the whole.
    And therein begins my living truly on the journey to, enjoying the journey (each day/moment/occasion)in itself.
    It is all starting to feel-so-real all the time.

  8. lisa says:

    Oh yes, I could not agree more. And if we really let it be fun to us, as we are amused and aware – life itself is just more and more of a fun game. I will go and re-listened to the lecture – thanks for the reminder.

  9. requin says:

    Neville himself wanted a specific woman, and he got her via his power of imagination. So I think it’s perfectly ok to desire a specific person. We cannot “make” someone do something against their will. If we imagine that person happy w/ us in a final outcome, how they got there, and when, is not up to us and does not constitute manipulation, imo. If we picture and believe them happy together w/ us, they will be happy.

    On the other hand Neville also says that he has counseled many people not to ask for a specific person because they often end up w/ someone else (married) than the one they thought they ‘must have’. So from what I’ve read/heard so far from Neville, he sort of contradicts himself on this issue. Therefore, I believe either way is ok. To ask for a specific person or to leave it open. Just my opinion from what I’ve learned from Neville so far. This could change as I continue to study Neville, but for now, if the master himself wanted one particular woman, why can’t I (or anyone) want one particular man?

  10. requin says:

    Same here, re: should I imagine a text on the way to the final outcome, or simply the final outcome. This posting is useful and I will think about it. I’ve actually been visualizing both–the final outcome, and a text coming in saying he misses me (or somesuch). Maybe I should leave out the latter and just wait for the final outcome…

  11. requin says:

    Great comments lisa. “email is a limited step that my limited mind can imagine.” Indeed..very true. Good insight.

  12. Ida Regena says:

    Mr. TT and V, thank you for this clear explanation as to what should be focused on. Blessings.

  13. David Bruce says:

    I believe we should always shoot for the final desired outcome, not the details. Is that the text or email? Is it being married to this person? Or actually is it simply to be happy? I have often experienced the successful outcome of a desire and found that it did not produce the happiness I really sought. You might well get that email, but it might not make you happy. Or you might successfully “catch” this person and end up quite unhappy as a result. God the “I AM” is much wiser and will produce circumstances that will make us happy if that’s what we will imagine. More generalized wishes such as happiness are often more productive in real terms than more specific goals such as you have mentioned. I believe in setting happiness as my goal and leaving the details to God, the I AM.

  14. David Bruce says:

    We usually think we know what we want, and that getting what we want will bring us lasting happiness. But this is not often substantiated by actual experience. One thing is certain – we want to be happy. Chasing desires is a fools game. We want this and we want that, – wealth, luv, fame, etc, ad nauseum. Anyone who has lived a few years and is honest with his/her self may profit by facing the fact that chasing desires often does not lead to lasting happiness. But if we will simply imagine lasting happiness and leave the details to the Great I AM who is the part of ourselves that is wise and powerful, we will more likely manifest the happiness that is actually our true desire. Seek first happiness and all the things will be added unto you.

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Ida!!

  16. PaulG - Ireland says:

    This article was reposted today and something caught my eye that has finally drove me to chime in and “Share” as many of you have been for some time. And it’s that ‘Pressure’ comment.
    I’ve been enjoying Neville(complements of Mr TT) and other metaphysical teachers for the past number of years and have had some success along the way, some desireable outcomes to situations, some amazing healings for others but I’ve never quite reached my ultimate desire/goal(that’s private for now!), and I’ve been at it for about 6 years(ya’d think I’d have learned by now, still…).
    The situation was that it was my wife’s 40th BDay and I wanted to bring her to the theatre and then back to an exclusive hotel in the city for the kids! There was a specific show on that I knew she wanted to see so I got onto the booking website to select the seats(it was Christmas time so quite busy). There were limited seats available and when I saw some suitable seats/times I then when off to see if could I arrange a babysitter to arrive early in the day so we could get to the city for the early show. When I had confirmed that I immediatly went back to the website to book the seats but they had been released and someone else got them. Gutted, I had to select two seats that were three rows apart. The show was in 10 days and I set about doing a “visualisation marathon” to imagine both of us sitting together. I came up with various scenarios that would imply us sitting with each other(some quite stupid actually!) I settled on one and left it at that. Coming up to Christmas I was annoyed with myself that I hadn’t done enough “sessions” to make it happen, but that day came and we went to the theatre. We had the tickets in hand but on arrival we had a mini argument about the situation as my wife wasn’t too thrilled that we weren’t going to be sitting beside each other…while I was saying ” sur, isn’t it great that we’ll see the show and talk afterwards – all the while having these conversations in my head saying, “Neville or someone better pull through here for me or I’m throwing in the towel on this stuff”. So we went over to the floor manager for our tier level and he said that the best he could do was see if someone doesn’t turn up and let us know at intermission time. “Blast!” I said to myself as we entered the seating area. We sadly took our seats (three rows apart) and waved goodbye at each other. She was down in front of me in the more expensive seats while I was up in an empty row soon to be filled with strangers. Within minutes a guy came to sit to my left. I thought, “great, couldn’t it have at least been an attractive girl?!”. Anyway, he said, “Hi, Thanks for the seat”. I said “you’re welcome…but what do you mean by thanks for the seat?” He explained that he was at the boxoffice hoping to get a late ticket to the show and one was handed in due to someone not being able to show up and he though it belonged to me. I said it didn’t belong to me and asked him if he was alone, which we was. I then said to him, questioningly, ” well, it wouldn’t really matter where you sit if you’re on your own, does it?” He said “No”, so I asked him it he’d like a further upgrade to the expensive seats if he’d walk down and tap my wife on the shoulder explaining that a seat swap was in order. In the meantime more folk filled my row and I asked a gentleman beside me if it was their ticket/ seat that was given up and he said, “yes it was”. I said to him that I hope the person that gave up the seat was ok to which he replied, “that just something came up and all is fine”. Now, That was one of teh things that I had explored in my sessions (making sure to say “for the benign benefit of all involved”) My wife arrived and sat to my left EXACTLY and I’d seen it in my imagination. After the intermission on our way back to our seats I overheard the floor manager instructing a stewart to find the people in row H52 as he’s located seats for us. I knew this to be our seats and went over to him to save him interrupting the show explaining what occurred to which he said he’d never heard of such luck… “one in a million” he said.
    So, Even though I was under time pressure and cross with myself at the same time that I hadn’t put enough work into it, it all worked out with precision.
    After that I really thought I could do anything now…but alas I’m still working on my dream. I hope this inspires folk to keep on going because every seed has it’s time and won’t be late. Thanks Mr TT and Vic as it was your website that put me on to Neville 7 years ago.

  17. Veena says:

    I am also trying from last one year to get my dream becoming reality of my life. I believe every word that Neville had said but somewhere out of fear I panic. I have this dream of getting married to Love of my life early next year may be till March…Doing my feel it real sessions but then after some point in time i feel nothing is happening then I get disheartened. tell me what should i do.

  18. E says:

    Wow Twenty-Twenty! This was an amazing post and perfect timing in my life. I’m so happy for this and all the comments the others have left as well. Extremely insightful. Good day!

  19. valvacious says:

    I agree with David. We all want the Abundant Life(great health,great wealth,great love and a great job)
    These things bring us Happiness.

    There is no loss in Divine Mind. So ask for your Divine mate.

  20. Nat says:

    Thanks PaulG for your very inspirational share. The details of how it all comes together is very instructive, food for the spirit. And yes, every seed has its time and won’t be late.

  21. Dennis says:

    I agree with you, Neville does teach to stay away from specific people or dates but he also teaches to listen to your intuition. Everyone has that inner knowing, only you know if what you’re wanting is the right thing for you or possible. You also can’t override someone’s free will to choose their own life, if the ex doesn’t want them back then no amount of manifesting will make it happen so you’re not really removing someones choice.

  22. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Dennis,

    We always ask…

    “Would you want someone – imagining like that – about you?” (In the example of Manifesting THAT man / woman.)

    I love having seminars that are full of people who HONESTLY want to be there. So that’s what I imagine. And that’s what i get.

    What I don’t do is make it have to be YOU, or any particular person. Imagine going to a seminar, where the teacher teaches, how to make other people DO YOUR BIDDING, and WANT YOU STUFF, even if they didn’t to begin with. Many people are trying to Manifest like that. It’s not effective, and it’s not LOVING.

    We just share what we know works, and what produces minimal problems, and what follows the Golden Rule.

    We keep noticing patterns, in Neville’s teachings, and in our experience, and in the experience of the thousands of people who email us, with both their successes, and their frustrations. Making it “about them”, when “them” isn’t on the same page, seems to always result in disaster. Making it about YOU (the kind of relationship you want)(having a full seminar) – – (both without any focus on a particular person being the one or doing something to make it happen), has a massive success record. And really, it’s all about “you” anyway. It’ always is.


    TT and V

  23. Jim says:

    I got my ex back using one single scene: him putting a wedding ring around my finger. It took me 4 months to feel it real, but I did it and now our relationship is better than before.

  24. Cindy in NYC says:

    Also, even though it only can be seen from retro-distance and the perspective of time – you can look back and see the LOSS or BREAKUP or LACK OF SUCCESS in a relationship with someone: as a ‘bridge of incident’. Over which you must travel, in order to gain the real goal – whatever is right/best, most life enhancing for you. The person I had a flirtation with and was so smitten, (“The Sexy Guy Who Looked Like Steve Mc Queen”) just prior to meeting the amazing man who is now my husband of eight contented years simply would not respond. I was heavily invested in ‘trying to get Steve Mc Queen Guy to desire me’..and using every means possible, including vast amounts energy, imaginary obsessing, but in a really unproductive way. I was not acquainted with the Neville work back then, but as a dedicated ‘feel it realer’ now in 2016..I deeply understand that our use of the imagination can work for us, or against us. And the bridges of incident that took me from there, to here. “Wanting someone back” may in fact be wrong for a person. Maybe instead, desiring the best for yourself, in terms of a loving connection..? Well, I am not saying reconciliation with a former love is ALWAYS unwise. What I DO mean is: imagining the love partner who is right for you..(not necessarily reconnecting with the person you lost) and feeling that as real creates all the energy to manifest, making it real in the physical!

  25. Cindy in NYC says:

    Well, here is Neville’s ‘bad penny turning up again” :-)). No, I’m kidding, this time I shine, as always. I was working on submitting a story for an ongoing, very popular book series here in the U.S. The deadline for submission was 30 April. Something got in the way of my using the original subject matter, the one intended – ok, call it a creative disagreement, but I like BRIDGE OF INCIDENT. So, I sat down, and having been thinking this over, picked up my pen one more. The words came tumbling out: no writer’s block whatever…new subject, new ideas. I wrote each paragraph on a separate file card, began to shuffle them like a poker deck, and the sequence emerged: the way the piece would unfold and logically develop. I said what I wanted to say, expressed it just so…easily met the word limit. I tallied the words in the finished piece…added up on my trusty mini calculator, coming in at 50 words shy of the guideline. Still on track. As we say in NYC, ‘easy breezy”…Then, e.mailing it off to my editor, I did a feel it real. NB: Part of the publishing agreement – if they USE your story, a small box of complimentary copies of the future book, as part of an author’s compensation. So, my feel it real includes sitting here with a small knife, slicing open the box, taking out the books, digging the arm glow of success, running my hands over the smooth paper, relishing the idea that MY STORY is inside. Then, thinking about which of my colleagues will get a copy, signed by me!! And, groove-some congratulatory conversations, knuckle bumps, laughing and beaucoup smiles, asking me how I did it!!!

  26. SM says:

    So would you imagine or actually wear it?