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What are your conversations creating in your life? – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

The kinds of conversations you have inside your head – may be one of the most powerful creators of your reality.   So this weekend, we invite you to EXPERIMENT WILDLY with what we call CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS.

how_to_feel_it_real_for_money“When people ask me about my success, I must say, that I believe it is because I have never made ‘making money’ my goal: ‘My goal is the wise, productive use of money’.  

– This man’s inner conversations are based on the premise that he already has money, his constant inner question: the proper use of it. The inner conversations of the man struggling to ‘get’ money only prove his lack of money.” – Neville Goddard

Here are 3 simple examples you can use this weekend to take control of your imagination:

  • STOP having arguments in your head with family members.  Have you noticed how much attacking and defending goes on in the typical family?  End that in yours now.  Begin Creating Conversations in your head that are fun, loving, and peaceful – with those you love.  (Start with just ONE family member, take 5 minutes to enter into that state akin to sleep – and have the most wonderful conversation with them – Feel It Real.)
  • START having Congratulatory Conversations inside your head – with people you admire – having them congratulate you DAILY on your success.  (Scolding conversations suck, yet – those are the ones that most people have most of the time inside their heads – with their bosses and mentors.  End that habit now, and open the floodgates to your blessings.)
  • CONTINUE an ongoing conversation INSIDE YOUR MIND with a much older, wiser, and awakened YOU.   Listen to the advice they give to you.   (Most of the time, the ELDER ME tells me to take it easier, be more open, share more of the good stuff, because life is a precious gift, because life is what we are.)

If you want to dive deeper into how I used INNER CONVERSATIONS to free my mind from PTSD, go follow the link below.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


PTSD FREE – How to gain Complete Control of your imagination – The six kinds of inner conversations.


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25 Comments on "What are your conversations creating in your life? – Free Neville Goddard"

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  1. OMG Each of the 3 things is a "Topic" in and of itself….#3 Converation with older and wiser self – priceless. Life is a precious gift. Glad I stopped in here back whenever – so much good stuff!

  2. Thank you Mary Ann. It is a blessing to have you here. Have a wonderful day and let us know how you enjoy "The Experiment".

  3. It would be nice if you could pen a book on Neville's techniques.

  4. Sribhakti says:

    Kindness is what you are offering. A man known by his kindness is already immortal.
    Thank you very much

  5. Phil says:

    I’ve been seriously looking into hypnotherapy
    Sessions to help impress some important thoughts on my subconscious.
    What are you thoughts and or advice on this matter. It ain’t cheap so I hope it works.
    Thanks ,
    Phil boyd

  6. Daisy Boo says:

    Yes, this was a solid rock gold, easy to grasp thanks

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Phil,

    If I believed in hypnotherapy – I’d be doing it here mate.

    We have TONS of very affordable programs, like Manifesting Mastery for a reason.

    And none of them involve hypnotherapy.

    Blessings mate!

    TT and V

  8. Nat says:

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  9. love it Twenty,….going to make a note of these and practice….surely it can help with my family situation 🙂


  10. lm says:

    Simple response, clear. Right on –
    I would welcome a conversation about the distinction between manipulating, suppressing and controlling thoughts…and Neville’s poetic description of the male and female (conscious) impressing the (subconscious)and then expressing the experiential, the evidence.

  11. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  12. lisa says:

    AGREED! TWENTY! What do you say,…… Neville Goddard, Wayne Dyer and TWenty TWenty walk into a bar…

  13. lisa says:

    Twenty, This morning – although you produced this product way after writing this piece – I was listening to the Anxiety Eliminator… bonus. (The Anxiety Eliminator – HIGHLY recommended)
    Anyway – about the chatter and the comments going in our heads. Amazing, It was not new-news…or a new thought….but your approach.
    Specifically, you said someone called and said their body hurts everywhere, all the time…
    and you countered that with “what part of your body hurts the least, right now”
    And that was a home run for me. The tool and immediate ability to take the action that moved me from one thought to a more deliberately chose thought.
    love this
    love you

  14. Nathalie Grant says:

    Great reminder. It is more difficult and painful to imagine. all bills paid back coming from. a state of lack. But thinking about the wise and productive use of my money softens it so much… thank you

    from a state

  15. Greg Hopkins says:

    I've only been here a short time. I have experienced Neville's teaching only through books and I have not really given it the time it deserves. When I read Neville's words the strike me on several levels. Mr. Twenty Twenty, I am very impressed with what I have found on your web site. You have renewed my interest in Neville Goddard, and the possibilities of improving my life and those around me. Thanks very much!

  16. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Greg!

    Great to have you here mate.

    Let’s keep rocking and rolling.


    TT and V

  17. valvacious says:

    Yes, you need to write a book explaining his techniques. I have read many books by Neville. Unfortunately, he dosen’t explain his techniques as well as you do Mr. 20/20. It is like you are here breaking the message down from Neville in simple language.

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious,

    Well, we’ve written 3 books, over 800 articles, made a dozen or more products and courses….

    That should do. 🙂

    Blessings to you!

  19. Lisa says:

    THis is, simply, fantastic. I have received this email lesson a few times over the course of time I have know you, and EACH time it evokes the desire to respond, thank you for your clarity on these things that you turn into perfectly accessible lessons for my life. Thank you over and over.

  20. Stacy says:

    Love this article so much! Changing my inner conversations changed everything for me. 🙂

  21. Paula says:

    Love number 3 especially. I actually used to do this, but when I started following Neville, I wasn’t sure if it flowed with Neville’s teachings or not, so I kind of stopped. But I’m happy to start these conversations again! 🙂

  22. yulanda says:

    Thats been part of my problem, having those negative conversations with people in my head. I am observing and working on revision. Thanks for another great article.

  23. Cindy in NYC says:

    Because I am home caring our 94 year old mother who has dementia, she will often say or do something cruel and hurtful. Even though I understand she does ‘not mean it”..I use the tools of revision and imaginary conversations, and it keeps me from reacting, influenced by any toxic energy – even unintentional from our mother, who is often disoriented. The other day I was changing and bathing her. After I did her hair, and dressed her in fresh clothing she looked up and said, “How did you get to be so wonderful?” I smiled at her, and that conversation has become the seed for others, imagined and congratulatory. I revisit these in my Feel It Reals, whenever I am fatigued by the very real demands of caregiving. This has been golden, and I urge others, perhaps similarly stressed by family demands, who may be studying Neville’s work: try this in your own situations. It is an unusual approach to what he taught. All the same – I sense Neville would be pleased I was able to use this, in a ‘sleeves rolled up way’, almost daily when tending to mother – trust me, it sometimes gets tough! Thanks, Twen..

  24. yulanda says:

    Thank you for sharing. I too have a family member that i care for…i will try this.

  25. lisa marie says:

    Indeed! A way I have worked through real dialogues and changes within my self – is a Conversation to the younger self…. Not so much asking the question as you propose – which I now do!; when I was younger and much more…let’s say troubled and busy inside my head… I found a way to react to my-self as a young girl. When I would feel…oh insecure or scared etc… I would imagine what I would say to a 5 year old (from where that feeling was coming..somewhere in those young days, without the tedious task of finding the exact moment)

    In other words – I would comfort the little girl, and tell her her only job at that age, at that moment (in my drastic case) was to stay alive for the next moment. Of course you were scared – now, turn this way..and Look at Who You Have Become because you made that choice to be. Your Job is Done. I got you now…
    it is another way to bring great peace.

    And then…. that lesson is just no longer needed.

    Love everything you and Neville suggest we do and try for our lives, Twenty!
    I am better for your presence in my life.