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Week In Review – Magic or Miracles Edition

Hey mate,

This week, we started out with how to stop playing with magic and start living a life full of miracles with Magic or Miracles – Part 1 – Where Neville shared why we are NEVER supposed to focus on influencing an individual to make something happen, and where the most powerful point to put our focus actually is.

Using BOTH your manifesting minds – Magic or Miracles – Part 2 – In this lesson, Neville focuses on the two powers of mind that we need to use while manifesting. Mixing them together, or leaving one of them out will really “cramp your style”. Enjoy!

And we finished the week identifying The ONLY Power That Can Stop Your Blessings – There are only two ways this power can stop your blessings, do you remember what they are? – Read Magic or Miracles – Part 3

And to help a reader who wrote us, we posted “How To Put ANYTHING Behind You Now – Neville Goddard style“. A great collection of articles you might want to bookmark, or share with a friend.

Look for even more articles this week, coming from your requests. And remember, you are greater than ANY state, because YOU ARE THE OPERANT POWER.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: If this series has been helpful for you, or if you have had any questions about how to have the most effective Feel It Real sessions, then click here and check out this: The New Neville Goddard Feel It Real Power Pack

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  1. Ed says:

    Hello Mr.2020,

    I would like to thank you and commend you for the great job you’re doing in really trying to help people to understand how to use Neville Goddard teaching to manifest the life they want to live, Thank you very much.

    I’m also writing to ask you if you can expound on a lecture of Neville’s called The Dreamer the copy that I have is not a very good copy and it is very hard to understand what is being said. But Neville spoke of his father hearing him for the first time in 1949, he agrees with Neville on everything but the closing of the eyes. His father tell him that he should tell the people not to close the eyes completely, but to partially close the eyes or something to that effect and he also tells Neville the reason why I’m sorry but the copy that i have is not very good and hard to understand. If you could please clear this up for me and can tell me what Neville’s father meant by not closing the eyes completely and the sufficient of it?

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ed,

    We know that lecture well, and you bring up a very important point, that we share in the Neville Goddard Feel It Real Power Pack.

    It is important to “still the body” so that the most effective brainwave bands become more active, those are the ones associated with healing and the ones associated with creativity. They become more active when in a meditative state. (On the other hand, the “figure it all out” brainwaves are more active when we are moving around in a normal way, and that is why when we try to do a session while being active – it just isn’t the same – and people often start trying to imagine HOW to make it happen).

    We share in the package why Neville says to do your sessions seated, which is the same reason why a “almost closed” eye position works so well. Because for the undisciplined / less experienced – sitting in an easy chair (instead of laying in bed) or using the “semi closed” eye position (compared to fully closed eyes), prevents you from going into a total dream like state (which often happens when you are laying down), where you can drift off and lose focus.

    Hope that helps mate,


    TT and V

    PS: We’ve noticed that Neville doesn’t mention the eyes semi closed often, and suspect that many people might have problems doing a session that way. If you find that you can, then excellent. If the eyes semi closed is a challenge (which it seems to be for many we have trained) then just do your sessions seated comfortably.