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Week In Review – Freedom Edition

Hey mate,

This past week we have a few really cool success stories to share with you, along with the Neville Goddard week in review. But first, we thank you for being part of the most amazing Neville Goddard group in the world. We love your emails, shares and stories, they bless us and the other readers. Let’s dive into the week in review.

We explored what to do if you have worried in the past, and are now worried that you might manifest something bad. Here is our quick personal story, the very day we released that article, we manifested Victoria stuck and stranded, our car not starting. The day before we replaced the battery, which was several years old, because we were concerned about getting stuck on the road.  The next day we wrote the article, and she went in to the city, and when she got in the car to come home – the car didn’t start.  As we were considering what to do in the physcial world to fix it, we also held in mind the car starting easily.  We used our imaginations to put to rest the old worry – that manifested, and then put it in a more noble state – where the car started, just as we share in the article. And a few minutes later she tried, the car started easily. Read the original article here: “I Am Worried I Might…”

THE #1 QUESTION was the focus of our next article, where Neville shared that there are only two ways to experience a state.   The secret here is that states often come in pairs.  Poverty / Wealth. Sickness / Health. One member of the pair you experience the world from, the other member of the pair you are a spectator of. For example, if you experience the world FROM a state of poverty or lack, you can only be a spectator of the state of wealth.   The key is to change which one of the paired states you are experiencing the world from.   Get the details in this article:  Neville’s Big Question

And finally, we explored WHAT’S MISSING from your sessions, with Lisa – a community member and reader. When you read her letter, and notice how we explored it – odds are you might find you have been doing something similar if you’ve been stuck. Read: What’s Missing From Your Feel It Real Sessions.

And one more success story. This one is a neat one. Saturday morning we got an email from a lovely lady who purchased some of our Neville Goddard recordings. She had a question she needed help with. The problem was, she had a Mac computer, and since we don’t have one – it would be several days before we could get into the city and find out the answer to her request. I (Mr TT) experienced in my imagination, having the answer for her, felt it real, and then went on with my day. About an hour later, Victoria and I were out picking up a writing desk we bought on Ebay, and the couple we bought it from had a Mac computer, sitting right next to it. I asked them how to do, what our new purchaser needed, and they cheerfully showed us how to do it. We manifested the answer the same day, just by being clear about it, feeling it real, and letting it go.

How many miracles can you manifest a day? Countless. They can be “negative miracles” like the car not starting. They can be miracles where we move the situation into a more noble state – like taking a moment and feeling the car starting – like it did. They can be something simple, like getting an answer for someone who wants to be blessed by the Neville Goddard recordings.

Use your wonderful human imagination, not just to create countless miracles in your life, but to discover exactly how amazing you are. Do it now, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Mo says:

    You share great articles and stories. I wish more people would comment. Thank you for writing from your experiences.

    – Mo –

  2. sandi says:

    I wish that I could manifest but it does not seem to work for me. I enjoy reading about others who have great success with this method. I know that i should change the i wish to i can but it still does not work for me. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Sandi,

    Saying that “it does not work for me” makes it PRESENT, right now. You are manifesting NOT being able to do it. That is how fast this works.

    If you think it hasn’t worked for you , then say “I think it hasn’t worked for me”. That let’s it be in the past, which allows you to have room to revise or to imagine that it does work for you. Odds are, it does work for you, but probably in areas that you haven’t realized yet.

    We watch people all the time, people who actively say they disbelieve in what we teach – we watch them manifest “good and bad”, based on what they focus on, talk about and feel. And if we point it out to them, they still don’t get it.

    Keep playing Sandi, and put your limits into your past, and soon we will be writing about your stories shared with us!

    TT and V

  4. sandi says:

    I never thought of it in that way. I will Keeping playing and will be back to leave my story 🙂