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SECRET STUFF: Want to know how EASY this REALLY IS?

“Many a man is a failure today because no one ever believed he could be otherwise. So I say to you: if you believe that there is only one being and only one cross, you will lift the cross from a seeming other.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Want to know how EASY this REALLY is?

Go take a walk. And while you are out and about, just take a few moments and IMAGINE LOVINGLY  – use the tools – for those you are drawn to.

That homeless guy, imagining lovingly for him is easy, I can stop for a moment – enjoy somebody being HAPPY for him doing so well…  and guess what.  Twenty minutes later on my way past him again, I notice he’s got more money in his hat, and a sandwich, sweet.

He’s willing to accept that much so far, I imagine him accepting heaps more, just for fun.

That jogger who’s looking like she needs her second wind, it’s easy to imagine lovingly for her too. I remember what breaking my old running records was like, and i remember what I felt like after having a good run become a great run.  (Notice – we are exploring – exactly what we are teaching…. )

“If you really believe me you will not pass anyone without doing something to lift his burden. Taking up his cross, you will represent him to yourself as you would like to see him; and to the degree that you are self-persuaded, he will become it, even though he may never know what you did.” – Neville Goddard

For some reason now, I’m feeling a goodie stretch come on.

Maybe it’s time for a run…..

That young teenage couple, walking, holding hands…. They are easy to imagine lovingly for too. So is the guy who’s having car problems, and that stressed out guy working at the 711.  (Which tools from the toolbox – could I use?  That’s such fun!)

“As you pray for your friends you will discover your own captivity is lifted; your cross becomes lighter and lighter until finally you are light itself.” – Neville Goddard

THAT’S how easy it can be – for you to imagine – for anyone – including you.

And if you do that once a day, not only will your new daily walk bless your body, you will bless and be blessed in ways you can’t possibly figure out.

Imagine…. that….


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